Sh*t We Love

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Huzi Infinity Pillow

Loved by: Both Erin and Rebecca 

Why: Rebecca bought one first. Erin made fun of her. Rebecca made Erin try it on. Erin looked at Rebecca out of the corner of her eye and sheepishly said, “Does it come in green?” It is so comfortable and versatile. The girls wear it on every plane ride and both wear it to bed at night. Rebecca likes to wear hers sitting down, around her neck, and with her knee propped up. Erin wears hers like a Prom Queen sash. 

Referenced on Episode: 105 

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The Star Seeker Tarot Deck

Loved by: Rebecca 

Why: Rebecca believes that spirits are always guiding her. She uses these cards to dissect what is happening or has happened in her life. Erin plays along and let’s her be her.

Referenced on Every Episode


Loved by: Erin 

Why: Hydration is definitely not Erin’s superpower (we’re lucky if she drinks 8oz of water per day!) so Rebecca found her a drip IV service that comes to your house and infuses you with all sorts of hydration, vitamins, and minerals that get you back up and running quickly. Jasmine at DripsSpa is Erin’s favorite!  

Referenced on Episode: 107

Shear Pampering Spa (Chopafellaz)

Loved by: Erin 

Why: “Did I mention it was a stretch massage?!” One of the best massages Erin has ever received was in the back of the Chopafellaz barber shop in Buffalo, New York. The right lotion, the right hand size, and it was a STRETCH massage! 5/5. Angela is where it’s at!  

Referenced on Episode: 108

Imperfect By Kelli - Merch!

Loved by: Everyone 

Why:  If you want to claim yourself as an “Erin” or a “Rebecca” or just want to show your love for The More Love podcast, our merch is here for you!

Referenced on Episode: 107

GROK Your World Conversation Cards

Loved by: Both Erin and Rebecca 

Why:  These are the cards that were used by Colt Briner of Scrappy AF Solutions when he was a guest on More Love Episode 14. If you listened to that episode you’re reallllll clear how these cards should be used to support discovery, naming feelings, and diving deeper. 

Referenced on Episode: 114

7 Chakra Essential Oil Blend Roll-Ons

Loved by: Rebecca 

Why:  Because she’s a witch.

Referenced on Every. Single. Episode

Hood Cottage Cheese with Pineapple

Loved by: Scott 

Why:  Because he was so sad when Friendship brand cottage cheese with pineapple was discontinued and he never thought he would find a replacement. 

Referenced on Episode: 211

Gem Stones

Ooooo what will we love next?

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