Episode 107 – “Not a Beep-Beep, Just a Beep” – People Are Listening to Us!

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Lots of people (more than Rebecca, Erin, and Erin’s mom) are listening to The More Love Podcast and the girls are in shock! After processing the feedback, comments, love, and support they received post-launch they show off their new merch (thanks to Kelli-up-the-street from a not-yet-created-business she will call Imperfect By Kelli) and openly discuss Rebecca’s unique “experience” with service providers.

0:00:09 – Speaker 1
Hey, it’s me, Erin. Thanks for joining us on the More Love podcast. Do not tell Rebecca, but this podcast is about empathy. She likes people to think she’s dead inside, but the truth is she’s a big time feeler who has truly helped me uncover that empathy is my superpower. Here she comes.
0:00:28 – Speaker 2
Hey, Bestie, Hi love.
0:00:30 – Speaker 1
What are you doing? Oh, just getting ready to host a podcast. A podcast About what Life? Our life as best friends who are more like sisters. I love us and I can’t wait to share our stories with the world, Especially the ones that involve us pushing each other right To be our most authentic selves.
0:00:50 – Speaker 2
Oh man, okay. So I gotta tell you something.
0:01:00 – Speaker 1
What? There’s people listening to us what?
0:01:04 – Speaker 2
Yeah, oh, you mean like none in the room. No, you mean on the internets, no, on the airwaves.
0:01:13 – Speaker 1
I know, okay, so I am noticing again. My hands are getting sweaty.
0:01:19 – Speaker 2
We had to put the fan on today. I know the fan is on.
0:01:23 – Speaker 1
Okay, so before people were listening to us, we just came in here.
0:01:27 – Speaker 2
It was, it felt, very safe.
0:01:29 – Speaker 1
Two idiots, I know. Talking into the, into the microphone, okay. And then all of a sudden, we did a launch.
0:01:37 – Speaker 2
Which you nailed, by the way. Thank you, you nailed it. I helped. Zero. Yeah, not even looked at a picture, not even commented on a zero. In fact, I was surprised the entire time Like who’s she hire? Yeah, it was you. Wow, that is such a compliment.
0:01:53 – Speaker 1
I mean, you’re always doing my job, so what else is it? It was me, it is true. And then all I do is just tag you Right, right, I’m like I don’t know, maybe she’ll like it, or maybe she’ll share it, or maybe someone will see it. I did see that you upgraded your profile picture to an all time photo of us. Oh, sure did. So that was a stuff.
0:02:14 – Speaker 2
That’s when we looked real good. I know we looked so good, I know, but we had to try on multiple costumes because your tits are so big, I know they would not fit I know, I know I couldn’t be, and they barely.
0:02:27 – Speaker 1
And now everybody has to go order to show the picture. We are. I had to be the maid, you had to be the maid.
0:02:32 – Speaker 2
Yeah, and I mean you insisted on the money. Yeah, insisted on the money. I know what did you have in your hand. I can’t remember. I’m going to have to pull it up, yeah, but we did that. That was right after I got married and we went to Canada on an adventure and decided to do the old time photo. Old time photo how to do it.
0:02:50 – Speaker 1
One of my favorite parts about that picture is we just cut the boys out. Sure did they’re on either side of us and I was like no one cares about them. Pretty sure they’re on either side Gone See ya, they probably look stupid, I know, I know.
0:03:05 – Speaker 2
We look like them anyway, whatever.
0:03:08 – Speaker 1
It was our trip.
0:03:08 – Speaker 2
Yeah, that’s right, that was pre-kids, pre oh. We also lived for free.
0:03:13 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah.
0:03:14 – Speaker 2
We just made money, president-directors.
0:03:16 – Speaker 1
I know. We had a free, like food allowance, I know, I know we have free laundry.
0:03:21 – Speaker 2
We had a free apartment with furniture. Yeah, we, literally. And we worked 10 months. Do you realize that we were X years old before we actually worked in the summer? You know, I was married you still don’t work in the summer. I was married with a child before I worked a summer for the first time in my life and it was quite traumatic.
0:03:42 – Speaker 1
And that’s why you don’t do it anymore. That’s true, it’s true, in fact. When I say to you, hey, would you mind putting your time off on the Concern Center time off calendar, you say yeah, absolutely. Did you want just the days that I’m out of the office, or did you want my vacation days? And I said, could you help me understand the difference? There’s a big difference Between those two things. And you said yes. So you said there’s a big difference. I said, oh yeah, what is that?
0:04:09 – Speaker 2
It’s vacation means I’m actually on vacation doing stuff that I don’t want to be bothered with work things, yeah, but Friday’s during the summer that’s just busy, okay, busy.
0:04:21 – Speaker 1
But if you call me.
0:04:22 – Speaker 2
I will answer the phone. I may not be sitting at my computer, but I will answer the phone. Yeah, I will avoid meetings at all costs, but if they’re unavoidable, then I will take a meeting in your car Sure and it’s sometimes. I’m on the beach the whole time.
0:04:36 – Speaker 1
Yeah, that’s just because it’s a bad connection. It’s not good Sometimes you fake the bad connection. Oh sorry, going through a tunnel, gotta go, oh, gotta go. Listen, listen, gotta get what you can get.
0:04:48 – Speaker 2
Listen, you know you know I only make $20 a year, yeah, so I gotta you know yeah, and that number folks changes every single time.
0:04:58 – Speaker 1
Whatever it is, it’s incredibly low. Sometimes it’s 675 an hour, sometimes she says I only make $13,000 a year, and then she’s like no, that’s too much, I only make. So, no matter what it is, rebecca will tell you her, and her 16 jobs makes her nothing.
0:05:14 – Speaker 2
I also have 16 bank accounts.
0:05:17 – Speaker 1
Yes, that you pay all your bills out of. I write checks. Yes, you still write checks? Sure do, and every time I call you you’re writing a bill. Hang on, I’m paying a bill. I’m paying a bill Every time.
0:05:28 – Speaker 2
I know, listen Yep People like us People do like us. I know, even me.
0:05:36 – Speaker 1
I know they don’t like you, I know, and that’s I have to start with some quotes. What From some?
0:05:42 – Speaker 2
people. Of course I get nothing, okay.
0:05:44 – Speaker 1
No, you did, and people, your soccer moms, called you right.
0:05:47 – Speaker 2
I know my soccer moms are so great. And then I’m like, ladies, some of you may have to be on the podcast. Yeah, yeah. There’s a lot of empathy and vulnerability when it comes to the to the nine year old soccer team.
0:05:59 – Speaker 1
Except it’s not with the soccer team, it’s with the moms. That’s right, that’s right we have.
0:06:05 – Speaker 2
We go through grief cycle when it ends every year, because, A we have two weeks off where we don’t see each other. That’s a long time. Yes, Absolutely. And then B if someone leaves the team Yep, oh my God.
0:06:18 – Speaker 1
Oh, not just leave the team. What if they get?
0:06:20 – Speaker 2
caught. Oh no, not good, not good Cause. Then we got to figure out how we can talk to the kids about it.
0:06:25 – Speaker 1
You cut the mom.
0:06:26 – Speaker 2
I mean, you cut the mom.
0:06:27 – Speaker 1
You’re like sorry you brought the white claws, but now that someone else’s job right, I know.
0:06:33 – Speaker 2
Good If you know, wait until you’re all part of these groups.
0:06:37 – Speaker 1
Well, so I would like to tell you just some bad news about guests. Okay, okay. So I got some feedback. Oh, it was all overly incredible and people absolutely loved that we had Greg on the show. Oh, I love Greg.
I know right, moody creative. That’s right, moody creative 53. That’s right. So they absolutely loved Greg. And then the same people that absolutely loved Greg said maybe no more guests, they just want to hear our crazy banter. And so then I’m like I’m confused, because I have all the guests lined up, I know, and three or four people said love the guest, he was really wonderful, absolutely going to connect with him, and we didn’t get to hear enough. Aaron and Rebecca. Has anyone in our lives ever said I didn’t get to hear enough Aaron and Rebecca?
0:07:34 – Speaker 2
There is one, one time when I decided to do the 40 days of Aaron, when I, when I recounted again, I didn’t think that that would be, anybody would give it two craps, except for you. And they are story. It was just recounting stories of our crazy adventures and so I would just do a story a day and the amount of feedback we got I’m like this is just our normal lives. Yeah, you know, I’m going to have to figure out how to pull those, because somebody asked me if I could put a book together.
0:08:03 – Speaker 1
Yes, we’re going to put them on the Instagram. Oh, and the Instagram. Okay, great People need to follow us on the official podcast. You know, yes, oh, yeah, most of them are pictures.
0:08:12 – Speaker 2
I mean nothing you can guarantee. Like today, we almost got stranded on the highway because you didn’t check your gas gauge and I said you got to fill that up before we go.
0:08:24 – Speaker 1
Even though you had already told me two minutes before that we need to stop to get gas, but I was forgotten.
0:08:29 – Speaker 2
But I mean, I would have forgotten unless I glanced over there and then I realized we could be walking. We might have to do a remote podcast. Thank God we have these things that go into the phone.
0:08:37 – Speaker 1
Remember, scott told us we have the extra extensions that go into the phone. Can you imagine that we’re doing a walking podcast? I can’t.
0:08:44 – Speaker 2
That’s that’s the next level. I know it’s not okay and we saw a groundhog.
0:08:49 – Speaker 1
Yes, we did.
0:08:50 – Speaker 2
I did, and.
0:08:50 – Speaker 1
I was very excited, I know. So, people like our stories. This it’s. It’s a little incredible.
0:08:58 – Speaker 2
Okay, so it’s overwhelming.
0:08:59 – Speaker 1
Absolutely. Guest was really great, except maybe it could just be you and Rebecca. Except we did get one guest suggestion oh, someone who does tarot readings and a psychic like a real one, yes, like a for real.
0:09:12 – Speaker 2
I feel you know what, then people will believe us, because they’re going to see what happens every time. Every time, we always go together, always, and the psychics always say to Erin oh my God, your energy, your aura, your life is going to be so successful. And then they turn to me and they’re like you on the other hand, without a doubt, without a doubt.
Yes, every single, except for the last one we went to no, she was okay, she was all about me. She was like no, she said your energy is so big and you fill up the room. I don’t think Erin gets enough attention is what she said, oh that’s yeah, and again, once again okay, it’s fine.
0:09:51 – Speaker 1
But you know I remember about that session is she said cheese, I’m seeing cheese. Did you eat cheese with someone special in your life? And I said my grandpa. And she said he’s coming through and then all of a sudden that was the takeoff session. I know it was about cheese.
0:10:15 – Speaker 2
Of course it was about cheese, but we never do them individually, so not as fun. A, we can’t remember what is said, so we can’t talk about it. It’s just smart and there’s something about our energy that just has to come together. Yeah, I know. So we should have somebody on here. I think that that would be quite entertaining. That was a guest recommendation.
0:10:30 – Speaker 1
I’m not kidding. 16 people submitted the form to be a guest on our podcast. 16 people, it hasn’t even been a week.
0:10:40 – Speaker 2
No, it’s been six days, I know I will. I do remember you texting me in the morning I think it was 802 after you pressed the go button and I had a reaction and you must have too. And then, as soon as you confirmed it, you said I have never felt so naked. Oh yeah.
0:10:57 – Speaker 1
In my life and I said, oh, I don’t struggle with vulnerability, but at 758, two minutes before the first three episodes went live, I was overcome with regret.
0:11:14 – Speaker 2
I know, I know. And then now you had been watching and editing them, so you were very familiar with the content. Again, I know nothing.
0:11:20 – Speaker 1
I don’t even know what was actually going on that day, that’s right.
0:11:23 – Speaker 2
You know you have to reign me in. So I decide, as I’m getting ready, I’m going to listen to them, and I have them on speaker in my bedroom While I’m getting ready for the day, and my daughter my older daughter comes running in. She’s like mom. What is this? This is great. I go, this is me and Aaron, she was like no. I said yes, she’s like, I’m going to share this with all my friends. She’s 13. She doesn’t even like me, yep.
0:11:47 – Speaker 1
I know, I know she doesn’t like me. She does not, and if she knew it was you, oh, she would have been like. In fact, she’s probably going to be like this is my aunt and her friend. Yeah, she’s my mom on sometimes.
0:12:00 – Speaker 2
She won’t even she won’t claim me as her mom. She’ll be like that’s her neighbor, but she, she listened to all three and she’s like this is the best I can’t. She’s like has a countdown. I love it, I know. You know who hasn’t listened to it? I’m sure do Our husbands.
0:12:17 – Speaker 1
Yep, that’s my favorite. So we come in, we are so excited. We’re like, oh my gosh, you’re, people are actually listening, Got downloads. Like people care about what we have to say. This is so amazing. And then your husband’s sitting there with a beer, Right, and we’re like Phil did did you listen to the podcast? He’s like no, not yet, I’m busy. What do you mean? We can’t listen to it right now. What do you mean? And so then I’m like it’s fine. It’s fine, Mark, I’m free. Mark, Mark got a lot of downloads and people are listening and this is so awesome. What did you think of the first three episodes? He’s like I don’t know and get to listen to it yet yeah, they always, they do throw that in.
Been busy. Was it in your plan, was it? I mean, this is kind of a big deal, right. Right, you know, like we went live and people care, and there’s our husbands. No, I’ll get to that, right, I get to that. Gotta gotta do this other thing first, whatever that is.
0:13:23 – Speaker 2
Now to be fair 80 percent of our shenanigans are not involving them.
0:13:29 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, right we, we honestly don’t care if they listen or not. They probably shouldn’t. They probably be like where did you, when did you go there? Yeah, right yeah when was that?
0:13:40 – Speaker 2
I don’t remember. Swort trip.
0:13:41 – Speaker 1
Oh busy.
0:13:43 – Speaker 2
We’re busy. Yeah, remember that time I told you we were hmm, yeah, remember that time you called me. Your flight was taking off at 10 am. Yeah, you called me at 7 45. And said I can’t go alone, you need to come with me. And I’m like, what am I going to do? I have two children. And you’re like, figure it out, as you purchased a plane ticket for me and I had to call my husband and say, babe, aaron’s partner bailed on her. Yep, yep, it was so true.
0:14:13 – Speaker 1
And she can’t go alone. The partner was still going, he was still going.
0:14:17 – Speaker 2
He was still going. He was still going. And then I called my mom and I’m like Mom, you gotta drive your four hours to take care of my kids. Aaron’s an alert. She’s in a big problem, it’s not good Gotta go.
0:14:27 – Speaker 1
And you threw some stuff in a bag, sure did. And there we went to the airport. I think what I said to you was I can’t go to the airport by myself. That’s our airport, I know, I know, I know, and you sure did come through.
0:14:40 – Speaker 2
Okay, that’s what you do. You called in the troops and called them in and, frankly, if nobody showed up, they would have been fine on their own. Yeah, the kids, they’re fine, yeah, right.
0:14:48 – Speaker 1
She’s 13. She’s fine, she’s fine.
0:14:50 – Speaker 2
They can, basically they can handle four days, basically graduating Right. Yeah, I mean, it was only in January. Right and your husband it does a lot of plows in the evenings.
0:14:58 – Speaker 1
It’s fine so it’s fine, but it worked out. It worked out great, as it always does. We had the best time. I’m pretty sure you said how much is the ticket? And I said you don’t want to know how much a ticket is two hours before you’re supposed to be at the airport, but it doesn’t matter.
0:15:13 – Speaker 2
Get in the car. I also think you followed it up with. I’m not sure where we’re going.
0:15:17 – Speaker 1
Yeah, could you just let me know where?
0:15:19 – Speaker 2
to book the ticket for.
0:15:20 – Speaker 1
I probably just said you booked the ticket and you probably did. I probably said you do it Because I book all of your flights.
0:15:25 – Speaker 2
Yeah, but yeah, that was the one and only time you were going to go without me, and now that’s not an option.
0:15:29 – Speaker 1
No, I don’t like it. I didn’t like that I didn’t feel good we also identified at that time that we were codependent and that it was OK because I’m a mental health professional and so as long as we can name it, then it’s fine.
0:15:41 – Speaker 2
Right up to the fact that I was technically not allowed in that conference. Yes, and I walked right in Without my name tag, walked right in Following you, that’s right. And we sat down and two people came up to you and was like where’s her name tag? And you said she doesn’t have one. So then I’m pretty sure the manager of the whole thing basically came over with a credit card machine. Fred, fred, he came over with a credit card machine and said if you want to have her in here, it’s going to be what like 625 bucks or something.
Yeah, and you say what did I say? Now I’m sitting I don’t want to be seen Like I’m not working the table, I’m not selling anything, I’m doing nothing. I’m basically under the tablecloth Right and I hear Erin say she’s my emotional support friend and we’re not paying for this. It’s not going to happen and she’s going to stay right here. Yeah, and that’s the way it’s going to be. And he looked at you like I can’t fight that he didn’t know. It was a mental health conference. Yep, he didn’t know.
0:16:46 – Speaker 1
He was like okay, and did we pay? We sure did not, Sure did not.
0:16:50 – Speaker 2
He did say fine, I’ll let her stay, but she can’t eat any of the food.
0:16:54 – Speaker 1
Yes, and she said she can’t talk to anyone. Oh, I’m not enough to worry about that, she doesn’t want to talk to anyone anyway. Not allowed to talk to anybody.
0:17:00 – Speaker 2
And then his intern, yes, his intern.
0:17:03 – Speaker 1
His watching every time that bagel buffet went out. He sure did.
0:17:06 – Speaker 2
And he looked at me and he gave me the bombastic side eye. That’s right. And he said I know what he was thinking. Yeah, she better not take any of that food. Him and his bright green shirt Yep.
0:17:17 – Speaker 1
Shirted His neon shirt Yep Mm-hmm.
0:17:20 – Speaker 2
He also knew who I was because I emailed him constantly. Yeah, prior to this conference, because I wasn’t going, I needed to make sure you had all the things. Yeah, I was very aware, right, so they shouldn’t have been surprised when I showed up.
0:17:29 – Speaker 1
No, Well, they were, they were and they were surprised.
0:17:33 – Speaker 2
We took care of that. We sure did.
0:17:34 – Speaker 1
They were real surprised, real surprised. Yep, that’s the time. Empathy out the window, that’s right.
That’s right I just, it doesn’t make any sense. She’s literally going to sit next to me, show me things on the TikTok, right? Ask me a whole bunch of questions. No one ever wants to answer, right? Not talk to anyone, right? Maybe she’ll go get me a coffee? Mm-hmm, I’m not paying $625 for her to sit in a chair next to me. Nope, fred, it’s not going to happen. Sorry, and, to Fred’s credit, he did chuckle a little, he did. I think he was a little like wow, okay, and I think he appreciated that level of assertiveness, mm-hmm. And so then you sat there the entire time for free, for free.
0:18:11 – Speaker 2
And we didn’t take advantage of the situation, because we went to another conference that he was hosting three months later and we paid. We did Mm-hmm, are you sure? Well, I don’t think so. Yeah, four registrations came with the sponsorship. Oh, so just kind of worked out.
0:18:25 – Speaker 1
We paid for the sponsorship. That’s what.
0:18:26 – Speaker 2
I’m saying, yeah, right, right, but we wanted to pay it.
0:18:29 – Speaker 1
No, no, reimburse that please.
0:18:32 – Speaker 2
Right, and now I sign those emails to Fred and Juan, yeah.
0:18:38 – Speaker 1
Aaron’s emotional support friend.
0:18:41 – Speaker 2
Every time Mm-hmm Ugh.
0:18:44 – Speaker 1
Yeah, so I didn’t want to freak you out that people are listening to us, but they are listening to us. I wanted to read you some quotes. Okay, okay, I can’t with how adorable you guys are. I’m like 10 minutes in and already hooked. Stop it, I know, I know. Well, look at you, I’m not just blowing smoke. The podcast’s really good. That’s from a skeptic right there, wow yeah. That’s someone who was probably like this ain’t going to be it, yeah.
0:19:12 – Speaker 2
You know, well, we were. I mean, honestly, god, I thought it’d be three people. I know who were those three people Me, you and your mom, that’s right. That’s all. I’m like we’re going to get three downloads, that’s going great. I was going to feel really good about that. And then you texted me and you’re like I don’t, I think you, I couldn’t believe it. I’m like this is this is crazy.
0:19:29 – Speaker 1
I know you want to talk about vulnerability and then you get the comments. I know People are commenting. I know it says love the podcast. It is so great, scott, you’re going to like this one. You guys sound so professional.
0:19:46 – Speaker 2
It was, it was. It’s not only the equipment. Boom, it’s that course you made us take.
0:19:49 – Speaker 1
Boom it is it’s the course, but it’s also the equipment. Oh, this is legit. So you take these two gales, I know, and you make us sound like we have been doing this for years. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. My voice has never sounded better. It’s great.
0:20:04 – Speaker 2
I know, In fact, when we have our morning conversations are you a little bit sad. It’s not in a microphone.
0:20:10 – Speaker 1
Yeah, I know, I know. I knew you were going to say that, I know.
0:20:11 – Speaker 2
You’re going to have to start coming in here and doing your morning conversations in the studio. I know it’s true, I mean we talk about good, we talk about this. This is what we talk about.
0:20:18 – Speaker 1
Did you see? Scott was in that little bubble. Oh no, I missed it on the YouTube. I was staring at you. Scott, come back, Scott. Oh my God, Scott. You look like you are looking out of an airplane window or you are in a submarine. Oh my God, I love it. I love it. I cannot. That’s hilarious. Oh my God, Scott.
0:20:38 – Speaker 2
Anna has pink around it, I know.
0:20:40 – Speaker 1
We absolutely love it.
0:20:41 – Speaker 2
You’re welcome, thank you. This is my favorite part of the week.
0:20:43 – Speaker 1
Thank you so much. I know this is my favorite part of the week.
0:20:46 – Speaker 2
I couldn’t wait to get here.
0:20:47 – Speaker 1
I have more comments. Ok, they are so sweet, funny and relatable. Oh, I can’t go into that one yet. Stop that one. I got to talk about that one. That one had all the things. What do you mean?
0:20:57 – Speaker 2
OK, Am I going to cry?
0:20:58 – Speaker 1
I can’t talk about it. I can’t talk about that one. That one had all the things we’re going to go there in a minute but, like my friends reached out from high school, we got those 16 random people that wanted to be on the podcast. Laura left us the best voice message I know. I know if you could do that. I know I didn’t know you could do that. All of a sudden we’re listening to a voice message on a Facebook messenger crying, crying.
0:21:24 – Speaker 2
I was like nobody talks to me like this. I know this is the nice. I can’t. It’s so nice, it’s so overwhelming. So this is us saying thank you.
0:21:33 – Speaker 1
We are sorry, we won’t have any more guests, maybe a sporadically.
0:21:39 – Speaker 2
We will. We have to sprinkle in some guests, yeah.
0:21:42 – Speaker 1
But apparently the listeners have spoken. They want just us to keep talking, which is crazy.
0:21:52 – Speaker 2
So we can do that all day long, we can do it.
0:21:54 – Speaker 1
Absolutely. Yeah, right Now, it’s a daily show for eight hours. That’s right. That’s right. Join in Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Ok, I’m ready to read you this one now. All the feelings about this one. Ok, this one went on a ride. So we’ve already decided it is 7.58. I am ready to push, go. I start to get the stomach cramps, the cramps, the gurgles, right. I am like, oh no.
0:22:17 – Speaker 2
I don’t. The squirts are coming. This is not good.
0:22:23 – Speaker 1
And not good, I’m like is everything in place? Is it not Everything? Ok, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no.
0:22:32 – Speaker 2
No, and that wasn’t your husband.
0:22:34 – Speaker 1
It was you it wasn’t. It wasn’t. Yeah, it wasn’t not OK. So very nervous, of course. I call you and I’m like it’s happening, ok, it’s, we’re out there. I hope you didn’t say anything. That is a problem, I mean because it’s out there, I know. Ok, yeah, so vulnerability is this essence of doing something that you absolutely love to do and is just authentic to you, and then putting yourself out there knowing that any part of the universe can interact with what you’ve just put out there, or have an opinion.
Yes, like a better or for worse, right Right Right. There could be a bunch of haters, and now I’m sure there will be.
I am curious because you said you also felt vulnerability, mm-hmm, because for me, as an empath, the vulnerability came from not wanting anyone to feel left out, not wanting to say something that discluded someone and not wanting to say anything that someone would have a really strong adverse reaction to, because, as an empath, you want to be rather vanilla Right. You want to be rather neutral, so that whatever is coming your way is a projection of what that energy is Well, and it’s never your intention to hurt anybody, never, never there. Never. I mean, it’s the opposite, oh right, and when I do, oh my gosh, it’s not good.
0:24:03 – Speaker 2
Well, I feel the same way. I just not going to tell you that.
0:24:06 – Speaker 1
Okay, so that was my question yes, you felt vulnerability, but was it around the same thing?
0:24:11 – Speaker 2
Not at first, until you said it. And then I’m like, okay, that is part of it, okay. But at first I was like, well, a, I didn’t think anybody was going to listen to it, yeah, right. And then, b, I was thinking it’s out there, it’s a concept of I’m very cautious of what I post on Facebook or put in writing, right, you can’t ever take it back. It exists now. And that’s a little bit of the scary part. At the end of the day, it comes back to the fact that I never want to offend anybody. I want to be able. I don’t like talking behind people’s backs. Whatever I say, I got to be able to say it to their face. Yeah, so you know, because I don’t ever want to offend anybody, that’s never the goal Ever. Even if I don’t like you, I don’t want to offend you. That’s terrible. Yes, so I just wouldn’t have articulated it like that. Hmm, interesting.
0:25:05 – Speaker 1
So here we are pushing the button right and then I’m on Kelly up the streets page Love Kelly up the street Right and her friend Shelley writes a comment.
0:25:18 – Speaker 2
0:25:18 – Speaker 1
Okay, this is a comment I wanted to tell you. I have to take you on the ride of this comment. Okay. Okay, because if this is not pure empathy, vulnerability, all of it, I don’t know what is. Okay. Okay, they are so sweet, funny and relatable, but I think they mixed up the labels they gave each other. We’ll definitely keep listening. So my first reaction is oh no, what does that mean? Right, my first reaction is I’m dead inside. I’m dead. What did I say? What did I say to make people think I was dead inside? Right? Then this interesting imposter syndrome piece comes in. That’s like people can’t see you for who you are. You aren’t expressing yourself well enough. This is just another opportunity for you to not be seen. Right, people think that you’re faking it, that you’re not really this person.
0:26:15 – Speaker 2
All this stuff starts to come up for me, and what’s funny is we read this separately, but then we came together to talk about this.
Cause I had a reaction too, but it certainly wasn’t that, and so your reaction was what my reaction was like oh my God, somebody does see that I do love the world. I never even thought about you. I just assumed we didn’t get the labels mixed up. Yeah, thanks, that. I was just not embracing, because I know who you are. You are all of the things right. So for me it was never a question on whether you were dead inside police, which leads to my second reaction, which was oh, rebecca’s being seen, okay.
0:26:54 – Speaker 1
so my first reaction is oh no, I’m dead inside. This isn’t okay. What does that mean? Oh my God, what am I rejecting? Very? Next reaction I’m giving Rebecca the stage. Finally, finally, people can see how amazing she is and that she is all of these things that people do not know. And I’m like this is what happens when you’re in an empathy sisterhood, that you can help other people take the stage.
0:27:22 – Speaker 2
Then I rode that wave for a little while you did I was like yes, which is why you felt so. When Laura gave her voice message, that’s why you felt that way, because she literally said I hated Rebecca. The moment I met her, she said that right in her voice message.
She said Rebecca I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I hated you and we worked together. And it’s that concept of if you can’t get past my rough and gruff kind of outwardly demeanor, you’ll never get to the core, which I keep very guarded. But what did Laura say at the end? She said our coworker, who really liked you, encouraged me to give it more and more chances and as we developed our relationship she’s like I looked at you as a mentor and I learned so much. And I don’t get messages like that.
0:28:13 – Speaker 1
So that was very.
0:28:14 – Speaker 2
It brought me to my knees the ugly cry, like your 40th birthday montage to me, but it validated. I don’t wanna be anybody else. I don’t wanna be anything else, and people can take it or leave it, but the people who do allow me to come in, I promise you Yep yep, and so I had those reactions.
0:28:38 – Speaker 1
And then my third reaction it might’ve been my eighth, cause I can’t remember the ones and they’re just, they were going so fast. But my third reaction was it’s okay to be whoever you are, even if other people don’t see you in the same light.
0:28:54 – Speaker 2
0:28:55 – Speaker 1
So I went into this place of are you strong enough as a person to know who you are? Then I immediately think of you and I’m like would Rebecca agree with this comment? Does Rebecca know who you are? Do your closest friends know who you are? And if the answer is no, why do we allow any of that to absorb into our energy and rock our world a little bit, right? So then I got on my feminist rock and I was like it’s fine, I am who I am, no matter what, right? So okay, here we are, we’re on the little thing here, right, we’re going up, we’re going down, we’re going up, we’re going down.
0:29:41 – Speaker 2
And just so everybody understands this isn’t in a matter of 20 seconds. This is. She’s got to process it for hours.
0:29:48 – Speaker 1
When was the comment? Six days ago. I’m still processing it, right now on the show Yep, yep, yep. So she says I think Rebecca is the lover and I’m like she is a lover, she is a lover. Then there’s a part of me that’s like me too though I know, but me too.
But I am not dead inside. I’m a lover too, right? So then I get to feel all the feels associated with. What does it feel like to not be seen in the light that you’re projecting in? Is that okay? And do you feel comfortable in that particular place? What does it mean if you want to be included in being seen in that particular way, right? So I did what all people do in that situation and I thought I’m so thankful she’s listening and I’m so thankful that she comments in such a way that allows for this level of reflection. So I heard it, I heard it, I heard it all over the place because I loved it. I came full circle you sure did. I was in a place of what I thought was pure acceptance, excitement for you, and I’m strong enough to hold on to any feelings that I have about potentially being unseen.
0:31:04 – Speaker 2
0:31:05 – Speaker 1
I thought that was it. It’s not Okay okay, all right.
0:31:09 – Speaker 2
Have we talked about this? No, okay. I was like we were there here it is. See, we got to go a little deeper A little deeper, a little bit lower, okay, so we’ll probably talk about it again on the way home. I know In the car, I know.
0:31:22 – Speaker 1
So I go to Kelly up the streets Facebook page because I have to find this interaction, because I know that I want to talk to you about it today on the show, and I see for the first time another comment Stop, from Shelly Stop. And it’s been there this entire time, but I didn’t know. I didn’t see it. I didn’t know it was there. Had I not gone back to her Facebook page, I wouldn’t have seen it was there. Are you ready for me to read it? Okay, guys, I don’t think I’ve heard it. You don’t know it. Oh, okay. And yes, erin, you are the lover too. You both are, but the way you express it is held for the other until they are ready to step into it. Truly, the heart of a beautiful relationship is when we can mirror in this way. I can’t wait to hear more. Y’all are doing some beautiful work.
0:32:17 – Speaker 2
Do you want to touch my leg? Right now? I’m getting teary-eyed. Yes, guys, that’s exactly how I took it. I can’t. You are that person.
0:32:25 – Speaker 1
I resolved when I read that course, I hearted it, hearted it, hearted it. Right, I did all the hearts. There’s probably like one of those celebration tears, things coming out you know whatever.
So what I think is fascinating about this is that I have convinced myself from a resolution standpoint as this super sensitive, empathic person that I was okay and I was right. So let’s be real clear. I wasn’t going to start losing sleep over it, whatever, but it was that I had told myself it’s okay. As long as Rebecca is seen, I love that she’s seen in a positive light. If I’m not seen in the way that I think I am, that’s okay. But then when that peaceful resolution happened at the end, that was a surprise that I didn’t know. This peace and calm came over my body and it wasn’t about what exactly was written. It was I’m being seen for the person I know I am.
0:33:30 – Speaker 2
That’s my core, how you identify.
0:33:31 – Speaker 1
Yes, that is vulnerability, sure is. And when you dare to put yourself out there in your truest, authentic self, you are truly giving people the opportunity to fully love you. And I don’t think we think about that enough. We think of the rejection.
0:33:53 – Speaker 2
We think of the fear, Of course look at your first reaction.
0:33:56 – Speaker 1
We think of the oh my gosh, how am I ever going to be righted in who I am? But the amount of love that has been shown to us. People are writing congratulations. People are like this thing is going places. I’ve had people from high school reach out and say I always thought that you were an incredible person, and now the rest of the world gets to see it.
0:34:21 – Speaker 2
Well, I’ve said that to you forever. I said we’re done putting your face in an office. We’re done putting you here.
0:34:27 – Speaker 1
You have said that forever.
0:34:28 – Speaker 2
I’ve said that forever. I’m like people. The world needs to know you and we need to do something Stop it.
0:34:35 – Speaker 1
You know, that’s how I feel.
0:34:36 – Speaker 2
How do I tell you all the time You’re going to be the Harvard graduating class keynote speaker? How many of you have times? Have I told you that I know?
0:34:47 – Speaker 1
I know, for years I know. But when you put yourself out there in the world and constantly are worried that the depth of how you need to be seen is not always taken care of, then that’s where the vulnerability comes in. And people had reached out and said I too don’t always feel seen.
I feel like a more complex and a more empathic and a more caring person than people really recognize. And, at the end of the day, is that what we’re just trying to do? Are we just trying to have someone pay witness to who we are as a human, because that level of existence shows that it matters, that why we’re here matters.
0:35:30 – Speaker 2
So funny you say this. John Roman Use this example with his dad’s group all the time. What example. He says human beings want to be witnessed and he tells this story. I’m gonna get it wrong because I’m not supposed to be listening. I’m supposed to be doing work in the back.
0:35:48 – Speaker 1
You’re the creepy girl with your hand, the creepy girl with your ear, at the door With the dads.
0:35:52 – Speaker 2
And he tells the story and I want to say it was a military in the middle of combat and these military people, I don’t know what arm of the government, branch of the government, but they knew they were gonna die and so they have, like this bro code and they will say we witness you, like out loud, we witness you, and it’s so powerful.
0:36:22 – Speaker 1
Wow. They know that they’re going to perish Right and in that moment, it’s their way of making sure that they see that.
0:36:30 – Speaker 2
And I believe that that’s just like this thread, I mean cause that’s like a brotherhood, right yeah, the military, but he specifically uses the word witness. And you just said that, yep, that’s all people want is to be witnessed.
0:36:46 – Speaker 1
But they want to be witnessed and it’s not always necessarily. You’re such a perfect example of this so you can present as a certain way in the world and that’s how you expect to be witnessed and that exterior is how you want to be witnessed, or that’s exteriors, what you’re comfortable witnessing. Then I come along and I’m like digging down here, we go right All down the holes and the crooks and the crannies and then you get to actually be witnessed for the entirety of who you are.
0:37:16 – Speaker 2
Well, you’re helping me self-explore. It’s a self-explored journey that you’re so. It’s that idea of you’re so open and such a soft place to land that it’s easier to be vulnerable with you, because you don’t make anybody feel awkward, weird. What they say is stupid. Well, you do make me feel stupid sometimes.
0:37:41 – Speaker 1
Maybe not for other people, but I do do that to you, not in serious moments Right. Oh my God, could you imagine You’re like in the midst of like something really serious?
0:37:49 – Speaker 2
I’m like that was stupid. Well, an example is when I admitted to you that I had a visualization. It was one of my harder days and I was sitting in the couch and we were on the phone and I had a visualization and I said I’m gonna explain this picture to you and I swear to God, if you laugh I’m gonna lose my mind. And I said it’s the cover of the Simple Life TV show where Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are holding the pitchforks. And you said absolutely. And then you not only did you verify that, but then you like, went into more detail.
0:38:21 – Speaker 1
Yeah, I told you which one you were, I know.
0:38:23 – Speaker 2
I told you which one I was, I know, yeah. And then you said we’re very clear which path we’re picking. Right, yeah, see, right, absolutely.
0:38:30 – Speaker 1
You could have easily been like really yeah. Right, I’m pretty sure in the following week. I was like so about the picture? Now that we’re in a space where we can talk about it, right, right.
0:38:41 – Speaker 2
Yeah, but that’s the whole point. If I knew that deep down I couldn’t say that to you, because I was feeling a certain way in that moment and I wanted to express that, but you weren’t gonna hear it in the way I was hoping you to hear it, then I would hold back and we wouldn’t be able to have that depth. And I think that women do that all the time, Because for I don’t know if competition’s the right word I don’t think all women compete with each other.
0:39:04 – Speaker 1
I don’t think women’s emotional needs and ability to be seen is ever held properly, so of course we are not ready to just thrust that into the world Right. I think that often, as women were what is the word Like not? We’re disappointed in the level of depth and ability for someone to be able to go there with us.
And that hurts. It hurts over and, over and over again. A lot of my life had been spent feeling like I am this kind of person and just not having people be able to really see the depth of that. My closest friends, the people that I would really let in, are my closest friends because they’re able to see that and feel that and be that. But when that group is six to 10 people deep and the rest of your experience with everyone else in the world is a shallow representation, that’s hard.
0:40:15 – Speaker 2
But yeah, it’s very true, and then add in just development in general, like hormones and all the things, and not everybody’s on the same schedule.
0:40:30 – Speaker 1
I don’t know what else to call it.
0:40:32 – Speaker 2
Speaking of hormones, this fan feels great today, I know.
0:40:35 – Speaker 1
I know I’m actually still sweaty. I know it’s really nice and I kind of wish it was pointed on me consistently, but then you’re gonna start sweating over there Also in a side. Did you notice that you have 18 bottles of water?
0:40:48 – Speaker 2
over there and I don’t have any. Oh, would you like something? What?
0:40:51 – Speaker 1
happened to your water, scott? I didn’t get any today. Do you want one? And is my mouth dry? It is, you don’t drink water, I mean do I Well please pass some water across the table to Aaron.
0:41:02 – Speaker 2
Thank you very much, with my compliments and apologies. It’s fine and you know what I mean.
0:41:06 – Speaker 1
I have to drink constantly, but I swear to God, you’re swimming.
0:41:09 – Speaker 2
You’re in a swimming pool over there and my mouth is very dry. I know I’m very dehydrated.
0:41:13 – Speaker 1
I’m like, how’s your water?
0:41:14 – Speaker 2
I’m surprised you didn’t bring your bougie IV drip in here while we’re on the phone. On the phone.
0:41:19 – Speaker 1
On the phone. I mean next time On the phone at Dunkin’ Donuts. Yes, I do love a good IV drip. Jasmine at Drip Spa Also my idea. Yeah, I could have put Jasmine at Drip Spa under the shit we love on the website. Yes, wwwthemorelofpodcastcom. How was that Scott?
0:41:40 – Speaker 2
That was fantastic.
0:41:41 – Speaker 1
Thank you very much. Getting better, getting a lot better. So anyway, to wrap that up, I wanna say I guarantee you Shelly was just on a ride. If she’s listening to us she’s like that’s not what I meant. Oh my gosh, did I offend her? I didn’t realize, oh my gosh. And then now we have this beautiful resolution. And the other thing that I learned from this is that if that comment that was made there, you know which was really like the sweetest, kindest comment, the whole thing took me on a six day bender. I know I can’t read the comments anymore. Nope, we all done. We’re all done. Turn it off. Turn it off, doot doot, doot, doot.
0:42:18 – Speaker 2
We all done. Yeah, okay, Imagine someone who hates us. I know it will not be good. It’s not good I can’t.
0:42:23 – Speaker 1
No, I know, I know I need to talk about it for a year. I know.
0:42:27 – Speaker 2
So You’ll shut it down, you shut it all down.
0:42:30 – Speaker 1
That is. This is the beginning and the end of the reading of the comments. So you can say the nicest things about us or the worst things about us, and I will not know, Because my psyche can’t handle it. I know.
0:42:41 – Speaker 2
I know.
0:42:42 – Speaker 1
Yeah, so there’s that. I also realized today that we didn’t set an intention.
0:42:48 – Speaker 2
I know.
0:42:50 – Speaker 1
And that feels off, I know. So you do yours first. We should do that now you do your affirmation first, I have mine ready to go.
0:42:56 – Speaker 2
Okay, oh, you do I do. Why? Because when I was shuffling it it jumped out and fell on the floor, and so I was like, okay we have to go with this one. It was it needed to be in here.
0:43:06 – Speaker 1
It did, it did.
0:43:07 – Speaker 2
Okay, let me see. So, while you’re doing that, I’m gonna look up, I’m gonna get it ready to go. Okay, here it is Okay.
0:43:14 – Speaker 1
Got it Okay, ready.
0:43:19 – Speaker 2
Yes, I am.
0:43:20 – Speaker 1
This is my dreamer’s deck, my 40 affirmations for pursuing your dreams. I love it. I am going where it feels right. I know that my deepest desires are the pathways toward my dreams Stop it every time.
0:43:39 – Speaker 2
Stop it. I’m even wearing my hippie pants today.
0:43:42 – Speaker 1
I know I’m pretty positive. When you walked in my house, my husband did a double take because he was both confused and excited about your pants?
0:43:52 – Speaker 2
They have slits.
0:43:54 – Speaker 1
They look like genie pants. They are genie pants and they have slits from the ankle all the way up to the hip.
0:44:00 – Speaker 2
That’s right. I am wearing biker shorts. Are you wearing shorts underneath?
0:44:03 – Speaker 1
Cause it just looks like an extension of your shirt. Right Is your underwear, or they’re biker pants. They’re biker pants, okay yeah.
0:44:09 – Speaker 2
All right, that’s good. But just so we’re clear, I’m fully prepared on the right home. You casually say to me cause you were judgy, judgy, but you kept your mouth shut. I know, cause I’m very we’re very clear.
0:44:19 – Speaker 1
On the way home You’re gonna say could you just order me some of this? I know, Can you show me those online?
0:44:24 – Speaker 2
I’m very aware, especially cause you said nothing. I know that means extra judge, I know, but deep down you want them so fricking bad. I’m surprised you didn’t make me. In fact, I’ll probably have to take them off here so you can just try them on real quick.
0:44:36 – Speaker 1
I haven’t crossed over into the have to have them so bad. I’m still feeling the way I felt when I first met you which is just complete intrigue. I’m like how are those pants on? What happens when she washes those pants? You know, I have all the questions.
0:44:51 – Speaker 2
and then I did wonder for a long time if you were wearing pants and I think that’s also well, yeah, like something other than your shirt tucked into your pants, cause there’s a 50% chance I’d be wearing zero. I know.
0:45:02 – Speaker 1
I know, which is 100% true, so I wasn’t really sure what we were working with there.
0:45:09 – Speaker 2
Because the only reason you know that now is cause one time we were on an airplane and I was wearing a maxi skirt and you had just taught me how to use a tampon correctly, correct and how old were we?
This was like three weeks ago, I know in the 40s, and I went into the bathroom on the airplane before takeoff and tried to get one of my old tampons to work. It was one of the ones that were, you know, travel size or whatever and you have to expand it and I broke it and I thought, oh God, and the woman. And then this is the woman.
0:45:40 – Speaker 1
She’s knocking on the door. She’s like ma’am, you gotta get out. Ma’am, ma’am, we’re taking off, you need to get off.
0:45:45 – Speaker 2
And I’m like, oh God. So I put a bunch of toilet paper, I wrapped it up and stuck it in between my legs and I sat down in the seat next to her and she says Erin. She says, did you get it to work? I’m like, no, I put a bunch of toilet paper in there, so I think I have to put the tampon in while I’m sitting here in the seat.
0:46:03 – Speaker 1
And I said what?
0:46:06 – Speaker 2
And I said well, I think I have to do it here, because she took me to go sit down and I’m afraid I’m gonna bleed through this toilet paper in my grotch I said that’s not happening.
0:46:18 – Speaker 1
We are not, you’re gonna get kicked off this plane.
0:46:21 – Speaker 2
Nobody you’ll see I go, just give me your purse. Oh yeah, I know.
0:46:24 – Speaker 1
I’ll put it on my lap. I go just quickly. I’m not asking you to put it up in there. Nope, I’m not doing it, and neither are you.
0:46:31 – Speaker 2
And you’re like do you think you can get through 20 minutes when they turn off the sign? Yeah, when finally you can get up? Yeah, and I did, I waited, I did not Was it not.
0:46:40 – Speaker 1
Okay, I did not do it.
0:46:41 – Speaker 2
It was not okay, I know, but see once again, it was yep, yep, okay. So the card that jumped out is called the Eight of Pentacles. An artisan works late into the night carving shapes into stone and bringing them to life. He is dedicated to his craft and working to perfect his skills and process. Behind him on the shelves are sculptures from different phases of his life to remind him of his journey and how far he’s come. He sits indoors and works through the night, closing himself off from the outside distractions. With this level of dedication and work ethic, he will soon be the finest craftsman in the kingdom. The eight of Pentacles represents a time of hard work and improvement. Through commitment, your skills will grow. Eventually, you will achieve mastery over your craft. You are encouraged to work hard and remain focused, persistent and committed at the time. If you are in the middle of a project or situation that requires dedication, put in the effort and you will preserve. Persevere, persevere. This is so small. Never in my life you will preserve.
0:47:43 – Speaker 1
You will persevere.
0:47:45 – Speaker 2
If you are thinking about learning a new skill or trade, this card is an affirmation. This can also be a message not to get too caught up in the minutiae of a project. To sometimes make a perfectionist will delay you to the point of being stagnant. Yeah, that’s pretty right on.
0:48:01 – Speaker 1
It is pretty right on. I’m thinking of two things. The first is what would my statues look like of my past versions of where we’ve been? I don’t think we always stop and really see how far we have come.
0:48:14 – Speaker 2
I mean you do because you’re a hoarder and you keep everything from every aspect of your life Right.
0:48:19 – Speaker 1
so you think I would just like find little trinkets from different aspects of my life. You do Remember your old office, Stop it.
0:48:27 – Speaker 2
You remember your old office when you asked me to come in and help you redo it and you had a box of your stuff from prior work scenarios. And we get through decorating and you say, what about this box of stuff? I said, yeah, I put it in the dumpster. It’s getting thrown out. I know that’s what you do you collect. I mean, you’ve come a long way. I have come a long way so we don’t have to imagine what your trinkets would look like. They’re in the garage.
0:48:53 – Speaker 1
They’re in the.
0:48:54 – Speaker 2
That never made it to the dumpster.
0:48:56 – Speaker 1
Now, it’s just, they took it right out. That was the first thing I was thinking. And then the second thing I was thinking is are they talking about this podcast? I know that’s what. I was thinking Don’t get too caught up in the minutia. And then here I am. There’s literally I’m not exaggerating 12 steps that have to happen to post a podcast on our website, and I wrote the instruction sheet. Of course you did Yesterday or the day before Like you’re going to give it to me to do News.
0:49:27 – Speaker 2
It’s not happening. You’re lucky. I look at my calendar. And realize I need to be here 30 minutes ahead because it takes 30 minutes to drive here. You’re real lucky. I even make it on time, right, and today you were really on time. I even brought you lunch. I know it was really good too. Thanks, it was good, yeah, so that was the other thing that I was thinking about.
0:49:47 – Speaker 1
Maybe it’s the podcast, and, yes, we do get caught up in the minutia. And when I say we, I mean me, because you don’t have any of the passwords, you don’t know any of the sites, and here I am doing the 12 steps for the podcast.
0:50:03 – Speaker 2
Not just that but we were talking on the way here how your observation when you were previewing them is that you run the podcast, you manage it, you start it and you thought to yourself well, should I let her Do it? Yeah. And then immediately you’re like no, here I am as the empath right. You’re like oh, maybe she, I always start every podcast.
0:50:22 – Speaker 1
Do you think I should let Rebecca stop immediately? Nope, nope, not a good idea. One of us has to be on track and then you’re like, she always derails, and I gotta bring it right back in and then I said, thank God, I’m a mental health professional, I know, I know, because I’m sticking a pin in it, I know.
And then you’re like me and a wean, a wean, a wean, all over the place, and then I’m like, and back in the morning, and then I’m like, oh, I’m back in the morning, and then back to this, I know Right.
0:50:46 – Speaker 2
And then I always say, well, what I was talking about was related. You just have to connect those dots, right?
0:50:51 – Speaker 1
Yeah, so I’m trying to engage in what you’re talking about. I also have my own feelings about what you’re talking about, and I have to remember where we just were, and sometimes you have to interpret for me.
0:51:01 – Speaker 2
Yes, many times when we work together, I would say something out loud and you would always, without hesitation, follow it up with what Rebecca meant to say was Right. And then you would like make it all nicey nicey and I’d look at you and I’d be like, okay, yeah.
0:51:17 – Speaker 1
Because before that everyone was looking at you like Right, I don’t know, I’m not sure that that’s okay, right, because I just bluntly say it out there yeah, what everybody’s thinking. But then they’re appalled that I said it out loud that you dare say it.
0:51:32 – Speaker 2
Right. And so then you make it nicey, nicey. You still do it in the same vein, yeah, right.
0:51:37 – Speaker 1
So yeah, so I wanted to also tell you that, as a result of Shelly’s comments, okay, we now have some merch, I know. Thank you, shelly, thank you.
0:51:52 – Speaker 2
Shelly, Thank you.
0:51:53 – Speaker 1
Shelly and Kelly of the street. Because she made it. We love Kelly. In fact, kelly’s new company name we decided today is Imperfect by Kelly. I love it, okay, and it could not fit her any better.
0:52:08 – Speaker 2
And when we go on the road, she’s coming with us. Oh, she definitely is.
0:52:10 – Speaker 1
Yep, she is a teacher, mom and path feminist with a cricket, and you don’t, you want to watch out for those people? Yep, okay, because they rule the world, I know. And so I of course have to call Kelly and I have to process also the comments. It’s fine, it’s just you know who we are and I say I think we need some shirts and Kelly’s who you go to if you need some shirts, nails it.
So the very first thing I say is I think that my shirt should say Team Rebecca and I think Rebecca’s shirt should say Team Erin. I like that, of course you do. But then I said, no, oh, that’s not it. Okay, it’s not it. This is some behind the scenes and how the merch is made. Okay, these are real life secrets here.
0:53:01 – Speaker 2
Was it before or after you let your car run into her garage door?
0:53:07 – Speaker 1
Her husband doesn’t know about that. He listens to the podcast too, nevermind.
0:53:11 – Speaker 2
I mean, you did stop it with your arm strength.
0:53:13 – Speaker 1
And I stopped it like super woman. We’re going to show that video. I know it is on video. It’s on the ring. Cam Kelly of the street will give you that video.
0:53:21 – Speaker 2
We’ll definitely post that on the tech car We’ll talk about that.
0:53:23 – Speaker 1
It’s not okay.
0:53:25 – Speaker 2
I think she never put the car in park.
0:53:28 – Speaker 1
I forgot to put the car in park. Boom, oh, you stopped it with your arm Both of my arms and I was feeling that for days. I was feeling that for days. That is so funny, that was not okay and it was winter.
0:53:43 – Speaker 2
So what if, I like, flew under the car? That’s how you die. I know, and it was caught on the ring cam.
0:53:49 – Speaker 1
I know, that’s how I go. That’s not it. That’s not it. Running into someone’s garage, see that’s not it.
0:53:56 – Speaker 2
Once again, I derail. How are you going to bring it up? I know what were you talking about.
0:54:00 – Speaker 1
No one knows. No one knows Kelly in the shirts Imperfect by Kelly. So first it was going to be team Erin, team Rebecca, Okay. And then I thought no, because we’re not on separate teams, we’re better together. We’re the same team. We’re just different versions of the same team. So I’m like, okay, merch. Step number two is it’s okay to be an Erin and it’s okay to be a Rebecca. So the first part is going to say I’m an Erin and yours, of course, says I’m a Rebecca, but then under that it has to say hashtag team, whatever the other person’s name is Well, mine says love Erin.
Oh, it says love it doesn’t even say team Love. Yeah, okay, so merch ideas number three was Kelly, you listening that it has to be.
0:54:53 – Speaker 2
In fact, we’re going to be home in 30 minutes, so if you could have that done In fact we need a few more things.
0:55:00 – Speaker 1
So she made us these absolutely amazing shirts and if you are listening instead of watching us on the YouTube, I will describe it. So Rebecca says I’m a Rebecca in leopard print with pink Hashtag love Erin.
0:55:17 – Speaker 2
And mine says I’m an Erin Hashtag. Love Rebecca yeah.
0:55:24 – Speaker 1
So we are united on this one shirt. And then on the back it says the more love podcast. And so we are united together on this shirt, while still giving people the individuality to be able to say how they identify right, I love that, so we’re gonna sell them.
0:55:44 – Speaker 2
We have some merch now we’re gonna sell them. They’re $100 and you can spend it $100. You can send that money to my Venmo yeah.
0:55:52 – Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah, imperfect by.
0:55:54 – Speaker 2
Kelly’s gonna be real happy about that.
0:55:56 – Speaker 1
Right to my I know, yeah, she’s gonna be real happy about that. So of course, I bring this idea up to Kelly and she does absolutely what Kelly does, which is no, no, they’re not okay. I can’t promise they’re gonna be centered. Whatever I said, that’s what people love, imperfect by Kelly. They love that. It’s just you. How are they not perfect? Teacher, mom, empathic, feminist with a cricket I know that’s what she always says they are absolutely perfect.
And she’s going to nail it. So here she is, having all the anxiety about making the shirts.
0:56:31 – Speaker 2
But yeah, you still forced her to do it. What do I say?
0:56:34 – Speaker 1
We’re in this together, it’s fine, right? So then fast forward one hour and maybe 20 minutes. The mergers born. She brings me something else. You ready? Wait more things? Oh yeah, she brought me something else, are you?
0:56:52 – Speaker 2
ready. This is one of your surprises.
0:56:54 – Speaker 1
I know.
0:56:54 – Speaker 2
I can’t I know. Stop it. I heard a clang.
0:57:05 – Speaker 1
Stop it, give that to me, give that to me. She made this. I know no, she did how.
0:57:13 – Speaker 2
She did. Can you see this, oh my God? So they’re coffee cups and they say more love with, and then they have our names on it. Stop it. I know I’m showing the monitor, like the monitor can see. How about the camera?
0:57:30 – Speaker 1
Oh, I was showing the monitor too. Oh interesting.
0:57:33 – Speaker 2
We do share a brain, that’s okay.
0:57:34 – Speaker 1
That’s all right. I feel like you can see it in there, right? Oh my God, can you see this? And please look this part right here is like ripped paper. I love that Because it’s super on brand. Yeah, so Allie, who we’re now referring to as Lady A, oh yeah, no because she wants to be, but you just revealed her name.
0:57:53 – Speaker 2
Yeah, bad idea. Never again, lady A.
0:57:57 – Speaker 1
Is it gonna be really happy to have Imperfect by Kelly?
0:58:00 – Speaker 2
0:58:01 – Speaker 1
Because she’s on brand. I love it and that’s what Lady A cares about, and it is pink, and it’s pink, my favorite. So now we can pour our water in here, or whatever it is you’re drinking, and we now have these amazing cups Stop.
0:58:16 – Speaker 2
Right, I still need to know how she does this. Got some merch.
0:58:19 – Speaker 1
Got some merch you did this with a cricket, I don’t know. It was a big, long process. There was a lot of stuff. She called it. I’m gonna say she called it the incinerator. That’s not it, but like he’s like in her room, almost like a kiln no, it’s, I don’t know. When she brought it over, the cup was still hot. Yeah, they have.
0:58:39 – Speaker 2
Crickets have that attachment or something. I have a cricket here, scott. You’re on cricket. I have no idea how to use it. You cricket, not a clue.
0:58:46 – Speaker 1
Do you wanna meet with Imperfect by Kelly? Is she giving cricket classes? I mean, I mean sure.
0:58:52 – Speaker 2
Yeah, we bought one like two and a half years ago and I tried to use it and I can’t.
0:58:58 – Speaker 1
Well, okay, did you? You bought it for Rockfax? Yeah, okay, we were gonna make shirts and we’re gonna make mugs and things like that.
0:59:05 – Speaker 2
Oh, we’re gonna send you an invoice when I was gonna buy one.
0:59:08 – Speaker 1
I know, and I declined it. So, scott, just use Imperfect by Kelly, she’ll make all your stuff for you.
0:59:16 – Speaker 2
Well, yeah, in fact, just give her your, just give her your cricket, I’ll take the cricket.
0:59:21 – Speaker 1
She’s got it If I give you the machine Yep.
0:59:23 – Speaker 2
Well, you do all the things.
0:59:24 – Speaker 1
Oh, she’ll do all the things, yeah she’s incredible. I love this. That’s so nice, isn’t that awesome. I might have one more thing. Stop, I know this one is not made by Imperfect, by Kelly. What is it?
0:59:36 – Speaker 2
I’m dying, hang on.
0:59:43 – Speaker 1
Stickers. I love that these stickers are. Can people get these?
0:59:52 – Speaker 2
What do you mean? Like what if our fans want?
0:59:54 – Speaker 1
one. No, we hand these out. Oh, I mean, we hand these out. These are high quality stickers that say the More Love podcast. There’s a little QR code on there where they can download us, and then it has all the places where you can get the podcast. And then, do you see, at the bottom is our cute little signatures. Did you ever realize how similar our signatures were until right now? I didn’t Kind of like the time on the podcast where you’re like did you realize that our last names begin with?
1:00:24 – Speaker 2
H, I didn’t and it was so random I didn’t. But you know what I do. Know that you are the person who, when you sign your name on those credit card machines, always think to yourself I nailed it Absolutely. I know you do. I know it.
1:00:38 – Speaker 1
If you are perfect, I’m clearing it out and doing it again. I know, I know Everybody else just goes squiggle, squiggle, squiggle. Sometimes I wait a couple seconds to see if the woman behind the counter is going to be like. That’s a beautiful signature. I know that about you. I also would like you to know, as a left handed person, that the writing utensil is usually on the right. Oh, super annoying.
1:01:00 – Speaker 2
1:01:00 – Speaker 1
Super annoying. Just one of the problems that us lefties have to go through all the time, and do I still nail the signature Every time? Well, according to you. Right, yeah, it’s true. So we have these stickers. Now, the plan with these stickers is that you’re going to have some, I’m going to have some, okay, and as we see an opportunity to tell people about the podcast, when I’m working, the corner.
Yes, that’s a perfect time. I’m sure that’s the clientele. Are you guys going to add a sticker to my door? The door has tons of stickers. It does. You didn’t see that.
1:01:31 – Speaker 2
We need to put a whole. The front door has like a hundred stickers on it. Do you hear?
1:01:33 – Speaker 1
me, do you hear me? We’re going to put a whole door wrap on it.
1:01:36 – Speaker 2
That’s right. It’s still a whole thing. We’re taking up the whole door. I’m very clear. You came up with a door wrap. I was just going to put them individually on top of all of them, you’re going to have to order more stickers because we’ve taken up the whole door. But you went right to the door wrap, oh yeah.
1:01:49 – Speaker 1
Absolutely. He said oh, there’s stickers on the door. I said I don’t care, Not anymore.
1:01:53 – Speaker 2
In fact, ours are going right here, the more love.
1:01:55 – Speaker 1
Yeah, in fact, they’re all over the studio now they’re right over the lens.
Right over your own logo so anytime anyone were like, oh my gosh, I have a podcast, for instance. I’ll tell you a very quick story. When I was in Buffalo this past weekend, I scheduled a massage Shaka, I know I love it. In fact, renee was the one who found the spot and she’s always like I take you to the best places, right, Because it’s usually just shady town. It was like cannot, ok. So we laugh when we’re going in there and we’re like we don’t really know where we’re going. Right, hands down, best massage I’ve ever had in my life. Really, angela, angela, ok, yes, I have pictures of Angela and I OK, ok, I think that’s not weird. Angela from Sheer Pampering Spa Studio. Ok, it is in Buffalo. It’s inside a place called Chapa Fellows, yeah, which was an incredible like barbershop it was, and Angela has a studio in there In the back Is this shade.
1:02:57 – Speaker 2
This is shade all over it. The woman it was the best.
1:03:03 – Speaker 1
I need to just tell you about it. No, I don’t think her hands are the perfect size. I think that she uses I don’t know the right lotion and she does a stretch massage.
1:03:16 – Speaker 2
I bet she does. I bet she does in the Chapa Fellows back room. I bet she does.
1:03:24 – Speaker 1
There’s a lot of things happening it was one of those massages that if your boob pops out halfway through.
1:03:30 – Speaker 2
you don’t care, she’s not used to working on women.
1:03:34 – Speaker 1
What do you mean?
1:03:39 – Speaker 2
She’s in the back at the Chapa Fellows barbershop.
1:03:42 – Speaker 1
Yeah, but she’s been doing it for seven years. Yeah, on men. Well, she nailed it for me. The table was heated, but then the air conditioning was on. Oh, and it was a stretch massage. Did I mention that part? You did it was incredible. Angela nailed it. I gave her a five-star review.
1:04:06 – Speaker 2
I think, yeah, she sounds great.
1:04:07 – Speaker 1
I think I tipped her as much as the service cost Because it was that awesome. I will go there every six weeks to go get a massage. You’re going to wait that?
1:04:18 – Speaker 2
long, maybe four.
1:04:21 – Speaker 1
Ok, guess who’s not going with you. She nailed it. I know you are absolutely not. No, you hate massages. Usually the one time you got a massage, all the guy did the whole time was play with your hair the entire time.
1:04:34 – Speaker 2
You made me go with you years ago and I was like he played with my hair the whole time.
1:04:39 – Speaker 1
It was so weird. You know what they remind me of Because you always have the most unique experiences I know, and you never know that they’re unique until you bring it up to me. So could you please tell people the story about your OBGYN?
1:04:53 – Speaker 2
Yes, You’re in that. Are we proffersing it? Nope, ok, you’re in the.
1:04:58 – Speaker 1
1:05:00 – Speaker 2
We were talking about how we don’t like when the OBGYN does the breast check Right, and how it’s real weird and I go to Erin do you like when she does this? And I do the tap, tap, tap, tap, tap with your fingers all the way around her shoulder and I go that’s a boobs simulation of what she does to mine and then you and I said no, I do not like that, but I really don’t like.
1:05:21 – Speaker 1
And then I come over to your shoulder and I take my three fingers and I just do a rub around the top of your shoulder and then the push, push, like that of the nipple I do not like.
1:05:33 – Speaker 2
It’s too soft.
1:05:36 – Speaker 1
It’s too soft caressy. I don’t like that. Like I just say too much.
1:05:41 – Speaker 2
Right. And then I say what about when she squeezes your nipple? And you swear to God, almost pissed your pants. I am sitting there with my legs crossed.
1:05:57 – Speaker 1
I said well, you said. You said what about when she, when she squeezes your nipple? You said what about when she squeezes your nipple? Don’t look at me when I’m talking about this, because I can’t, I can’t get it, I can’t get it, I can’t get it, I can’t get it, I can’t get it, I can’t get it, I can’t get it, I can’t get it together. She said. You said what about when she tweaks your nipple? That’s what they do, that’s what they do, that’s what they do. That’s what she squeezes it. I said what do you? That’s what she does All the years I’ve been here. I said what do you mean? She squeezes your nipple. It was like beepie.
1:06:45 – Speaker 2
No, not a beep, beep, just a beep.
1:06:50 – Speaker 1
What’s a one beep compared to a two whee? Then why is she squeezing her nipple? I don’t know. I don’t know.
1:06:59 – Speaker 2
I never asked. I’ve gone to her for half a day. I was 18, I was normal.
1:07:02 – Speaker 1
You have the paper, the paper vest on. She pulls it over to the one side. Hi, I’m OBG, Hi.
1:07:09 – Speaker 2
I’m OBG, it’s just you. No, I have to ask her where they go.
1:07:18 – Speaker 1
It’s just you. No, what are you going?
1:07:20 – Speaker 2
to ask her what are you?
1:07:20 – Speaker 1
going to ask her Do you tweak everyone in simple or just like I cannot? I don’t understand it. Why do you have to tweak them? I don’t know.
1:07:33 – Speaker 2
Why are you just looking for a spot For what In? That little spot I don’t know, I don’t know, it’s happening.
1:07:41 – Speaker 1
Now I’m going to Google. I wouldn’t know, I wouldn’t do that. Do not do that. That’s not it. I am crying, I have tears all down my face. So we found out literally half an hour ago your OPGN just beep, beeps your nipples.
1:07:59 – Speaker 2
No, beep, beep, just a beep. It’s just the one beep, Don’t try to come. No, it’s not a double Wait when you double beeped it. Two beeps would be too much, that’s not the one. That seems a little not medical related what’s the one. I don’t know. What’s the one? Oh my gosh, maybe she’s making sure it doesn’t excrete anything. What I don’t know?
1:08:19 – Speaker 1
So off the rails. We are off the rails. My whole face is covered in tears. I cannot.
1:08:31 – Speaker 2
Now you’re not going to show up, so you know. I got to drink some more water.
1:08:33 – Speaker 1
I’m going to go get my massage. You’re not no.
1:08:37 – Speaker 2
I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, no, I’m not, no, I’m not.
1:08:39 – Speaker 1
Who. I mean, if you’re doing that, what the heck is going to happen in the massage bar? I know it’s not okay, that’s not okay. So anyway, I was trying to give a shout out to Angela. Angela, you’re back in the back of choppa fellers, because, shoot, I mean, she nailed it. I’m not kidding.
I’m so going back and so I had one of these stickers. I would have given it to her. That’s where it was, but they were late because apparently have to sign for things now through the UPS. All right, we are at time. But of course I have one more thing that I have to just tell you super quick and then I promise we’re done. I’m starting a new thing. It’s called empathy problems. What do you mean? Like you write in? No, well, yeah, I think people should write in. I think that would be anytime people wanna chat with us. I really feel like just go to wwwthemoralovepodcastcom.
1:09:29 – Speaker 2
Scott nailed it, nailed it.
1:09:31 – Speaker 1
Thank you and you can go there and then you can just contact us on the contact form. But I’ve started something in my notebook here. My notebook says kind of busy on the outside and it’s called empathy problems, and I started writing down a list of things that I think absolutely normal people in the world do not have any problems with whatsoever, but for me it creates a tremendous amount of turmoil. So I have a whole list of them here. I’m only gonna give you one today.
1:10:00 – Speaker 2
Oh well, you get one every day, every episode. Oh okay, yes empathy problems.
1:10:03 – Speaker 1
Okay, the one that came up for me was I still use Yahoo email. So do I, yeah, yeah, I know we shouldn’t tell a lot of people that.
I know, we just told everybody, but at least it’s not AOL or Earthlink or something I know, nailnet, whatever Nailtimes. He said the thing I don’t know. So I’m in there and I get a whole bunch of emails every single morning, right, because usually the places that are emailing are these shops and they will like filter in over the course of the night and we always give that email address because that’s our junk mail, right? Yeah, well, yeah, Sure primary.
It’s my primary personal email but it’s okay because I can sort through them well enough, right? So here I am today and I’m going through and I see one come up for SiriusXM radio. Okay, I don’t have SiriusXM. I just bought a new car and I’m pretty sure, like, whatever that trial was has now expired, right? The last car I had, like two cars ago, had SiriusXM. I let it lapse because I don’t need that, right? And so I thought now is a good time to go in and unsubscribe.
1:11:16 – Speaker 2
Because it’s been a solid ride. You’ve had a solid relationship. I don’t need this.
1:11:20 – Speaker 1
I don’t need the SiriusXM email. It has no use to me, right? And of the 86 emails I get in the morning, let’s make it 85, okay. So I go in and open it up. I start reading the content, which is problem number one. Why am I reading the content? Because I feel like I have to see SiriusXM right In this email. I have to know what it is they’re talking about. And I get down to that unsubscribe button and you contemplated.
1:11:48 – Speaker 2
And I’m like I can’t do it. I thought about it.
1:11:51 – Speaker 1
You’re just gonna file it in the folder, and you want to know why.
1:11:55 – Speaker 2
I couldn’t unsubscribe.
1:11:56 – Speaker 1
Can’t wait, because when I did have SiriusXM which was forever ago, okay I listened to a station called the coffee house. I know I loved the coffee house. I loved it. It doesn’t exist anymore, okay. Not even the coffee house does not exist anymore. They don’t even have it anymore, okay.
But I can’t let go of the fact that I loved the coffee house and if it ever comes back, I might get an email about it and I’ll need to know, so does everybody understand now why you had all that shit in a box from all your offices? I know, and that’s the story of empathy problems Number one I did not cancel the SiriusXM email. I’ll get it tomorrow. I’ll delete it, like I always do, but I couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe there we are.
That’s today’s empathy problem. Yeah, if you have anything to add to the list, please contact us on the contact us page, but every episode we’re gonna talk about an empathy problem, okay.
1:13:06 – Speaker 2
That you have.
1:13:06 – Speaker 1
Yeah, thanks for being with us today. I loved that Me too. Isn’t empathy amazing?
1:13:15 – Speaker 2
Well, we’re amazing. I don’t know about all this empathy stuff.
1:13:19 – Speaker 1
That’s fine. I accept you wherever you are. Oh God, I love you. I love you too, and if you love us, please like and subscribe to More Love the power of empathy podcast, wherever you get your podcasts. See you next time.

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