Episode 117 – Chatting with Taylor – A 14 Year Old’s Take on Empathy

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Gang’s all here in the “More Love Media Center”, live with Scott, Erin, Rebecca, and Rebecca’s 15 year old daughter Taylor. The girls show off their new tattoos, a promise they made to each other if they got 1,000 listeners, and showcase Rebecca’s Pochahontis outfit. Then in conversations with Taylor we get to see the effects of Rebecca’s parenting on at least one of her children. Sawyer on the other hand… well, you be the judge.

0:00:09 – Speaker 1
Hey, it’s me, Erin. Thanks for joining us on the More Love podcast. Do not tell Rebecca, but this podcast is about empathy. She likes people to think she’s dead inside, but the truth is she’s a big time feeler who has truly helped me uncover that empathy is my superpower. Here she comes.
0:00:29 – Speaker 2
Hey Bestie, hi love. What are you doing?
0:00:32 – Speaker 1
Oh, just getting ready to host a podcast. A podcast About what Life? Our life as best friends who are more like sisters.
0:00:42 – Speaker 2
Yay, I love us and I can’t wait to share our stories with the world.
0:00:45 – Speaker 1
Especially the ones that involve us pushing each other right To be our most authentic selves.
0:00:51 – Speaker 2
Oh man, okay, Gang’s all here, gang is all here Literally. Literally right in the room.
0:01:00 – Speaker 1
How many people can you fit into a 800 square foot room? This?
0:01:06 – Speaker 2
is like some people live in this.
0:01:08 – Speaker 1
Well, like a tiny house, oh well, remember how you told me your whole family could live in a tiny house. We could Really happy, could we? I think so. See, I think so.
0:01:16 – Speaker 2
Even my own daughter said that how about the other day, when you were sleeping on my couch because it was so quiet in my house and you go? You know, is your home always like this?
0:01:23 – Speaker 3
And I say yeah, I know we’re just so independent We’d like doing.
0:01:27 – Speaker 1
I know I was on my phone and I was looking at something and I really turned the volume down because I wanted it to not be loud. And then Taylor just gets up and goes in her room. She doesn’t say anything like turn that beast down. She’s like I’ll just remove myself from the situation because I don’t want to hear what you’re listening to. She went in her room. That’s a good parenting. I almost followed her. And then Sawyer’s sitting over here. She’s got her earphones on. She’s doing whatever. She want to know how to spell the word sage Right.
I’m like what are you doing? She’s like nothing, nothing. That’s her new favorite color. Okay, that’s what I know. That’s what she told me.
0:02:02 – Speaker 2
So, like the whole family, I got to take a nap on the couch for like an hour and a half by myself, right, at one point, because we were supposed to be working on a project but I got derailed on other projects in my office. And then Taylor comes in. She’s like, uh, erin’s sleeping on the couch. I go, great, I need some more time. Yeah, right, she’s not bothering me.
0:02:20 – Speaker 1
Yeah, oh my gosh. So gangs all here today. We have fit Scott not in the bubble today. No, he might be in the bubble, but he sure as shit is right there.
0:02:32 – Speaker 2
We could. We could reach our hand out there. He is now involved in the hippie voodoo shit I know.
0:02:37 – Speaker 1
I know I actually really like this, scott. I’m wondering if we could make this a permanent fixture. Probably not. Come on.
0:02:43 – Speaker 4
Probably not.
0:02:44 – Speaker 1
Come on. And then we also have Taylor here today. Let me turn that on for Taylor. Nanoni, it’s a little bright. It’s a little bright.
0:02:54 – Speaker 4
Oh, look at that, watch this one, watch this one, come on, that’s scary For those of you on the podcast who are listening, just so you know what’s going on.
0:03:07 – Speaker 3
0:03:07 – Speaker 4
Erin has appropriated my headlamp that I was using to fish cables through the ceiling and she is going buck wild.
0:03:14 – Speaker 2
You’re like a literal walking. You know the rags they have at, you know what I’m talking about at, like concerts that have the flashing lights. You’re like I’m one of those, yeah, right now. But you’re like walking, talking, yeah, yeah.
0:03:29 – Speaker 4
I just need a t-shirt that says event staff.
0:03:32 – Speaker 2
Yes, I know.
0:03:33 – Speaker 1
Like security. I don’t know who thought it was to leave this on my desk. That’s because you know I’m wearing this right. This is my welcome Taylor. Welcome Taylor. Yeah, I know. So we’re all in here today. Why are we all in here, Scott?
0:03:50 – Speaker 4
We’re all in here because we’re doing some renovations to the studio. So this is, this is this is the more love media center and we’re going back to the Rockbox area. We’re we’re putting in a new ceiling and we’re redoing the other podcast in the studio that you guys started out in.
0:04:07 – Speaker 2
0:04:08 – Speaker 4
We’re doing that, we’re redoing that one and, yeah, crossing our fingers by investing a lot of money in ourselves.
0:04:15 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, you know what, if you can’t invest money in yourselves, who can you invest money in?
0:04:19 – Speaker 4
you know, Probably real estate would be a good idea.
0:04:23 – Speaker 1
I mean, we’re we’re over 1500 listeners, so single-handedly here soon we will just own the world run this studio with you, right, so right Along with the Dunkin Donuts.
0:04:35 – Speaker 4
You guys want to be partners, is that? Is that what I’m hearing? Oh yeah, we could use an influx of capital.
0:04:41 – Speaker 1
Okay, well, first we got to secure Dunkin Donuts and then after that, I think, and we could at least make $30 or something a month or something. To start, maybe I don’t know how this works, we don’t. We didn’t get that far. No, we were just like, let’s be two ridiculous besties on a show talking about empathy, which really is crazy, voodoo shit that no one gives us about. But I tell you what? This is the coolest thing. So last night I had dinner with friends from when I was at Geneseo. So, past that number, you did. Yes, it was so good, so good to see them.
First thing that happens is we sit down and Julene X City is like I love your podcast, stop it. And then everyone like joined in and was like, oh my God, we love the podcast so much. And then this one’s like, oh my God, one time she said this. And then this person’s like what podcast? I didn’t know she had a podcast. And then this one was like, just, she’s got this podcast. I see those clips online. You mean, it’s an actual full podcast, not just the clips. Right, this whole thing, it was so awesome. So then I hand out the stickers. Of course you don’t, right, yeah, right, how many of those stickers you got left? All of them, the whole amount. Because you have never handed out a sticker that sounds, right on cue, absolutely perfect. They’re made happy voodoo shit bag.
0:05:58 – Speaker 2
But I’m not surprised?
0:06:00 – Speaker 1
I’m not surprised, and so I’m passing them out to my friends at the table and the waitress comes over. Oh, you got there, and I said, oh. And then Deb next to me is like well, she has a podcast and she’s like what’s your podcast about? I’m like it’s supposed to be about empathy, because I can’t lie to her.
0:06:17 – Speaker 3
It’s supposed to be about empathy, sometimes for 10 minutes in the midst of an hour long podcast, barely, barely Because your mom’s cackling like a witch over there the whole time.
0:06:27 – Speaker 1
So basically I hand her the sticker and she’s like I’m going to listen to this while I’m cleaning my house. We got to do it. We got a new one. We got a new one. We got a new one. I was going to go table to table the table at Longhorn, I mean that doesn’t surprise me.
0:06:41 – Speaker 2
I am not surprised, in fact, I’m pretty sure you’re like do you have an emergency PA system around here. I’d really like to make an announcement and when I’m not.
0:06:49 – Speaker 1
when I’m with my son, he does it for me because we’ll be your family, like at a place, and who’d be like my mom’s famous that’s my favorite part about little kids.
0:06:57 – Speaker 2
They think because you’re on the YouTube, yeah, you’re 100% famous. I still think it. I still think it.
0:07:03 – Speaker 3
You think your mom’s famous. Oh yeah, I think you guys are going to blow up. You do, yes, I do. I tell everyone in my school about you guys, you do. Do you want some stickers? Your?
0:07:12 – Speaker 1
mom has some. She’s not handing out, actually. Yeah, I’ll take some. Okay, I’ll give them to you. Okay, it might change our demographic a bit.
0:07:19 – Speaker 3
Our new demographic is now.
0:07:21 – Speaker 1
You know what girls between the age of 15 and 18,.
0:07:24 – Speaker 2
They need us. They need us the most, do they? Yes, yeah, that’s why Taylor’s here today, because we need to talk about this generation and how they need some. Because you’re worried.
0:07:35 – Speaker 1
Very worried, yeah, yeah. So first, before we get to that, I have two things to say. First of all, I wore this shirt for you today. It has your birthday.
0:07:44 – Speaker 2
I was going to say to you oh, what are you trying to pretend you’re born in 1980? No, you are, though I got this, I got this for you.
0:07:53 – Speaker 1
It’s a crop top. I got this, so I got this for you because I wanted your birthday out of shirt. It’s wrong. Second, why don’t? I’m 82.
0:08:05 – Speaker 2
I’m 81 too. This is real close to your birthday.
0:08:10 – Speaker 1
And then why don’t you tell the fans what happened?
0:08:14 – Speaker 2
Oh, because we made a promise. Now, when we make a promise, we are all in, absolutely so don’t dare us to do anything. I know, I know, don’t threaten us with a good time Because we do it, you know any of that. But we committed to the viewers that if we had 100, or 100,.
0:08:33 – Speaker 3
Oh, we’d tell.
0:08:35 – Speaker 2
If we had a thousand downloads, we would get tattoos and we did them and we did it.
0:08:40 – Speaker 3
We did it Two days ago.
0:08:42 – Speaker 2
Yeah, I know we hit. How many was it like within six weeks? Oh yeah, within six weeks we had over a thousand and therefore we I mean we’re all in, and then we were like uh-oh, yeah, gotta do it.
0:08:52 – Speaker 1
We shouldn’t have started with the tattoo Right. Maybe it should have been like go get a latte Right, right, or you know like go make a funny video.
0:09:01 – Speaker 3
No, we’re all in.
0:09:02 – Speaker 2
We’re all in. So we got the tats, we got the tats. We did it two days ago, yeah, and George, george, george, we love.
0:09:09 – Speaker 1
George, we do, we do, we do, we do.
0:09:10 – Speaker 2
Pink, armadillo, yep and Brockport, and so do we talk about them? Sure, okay, so I got I got my birth flower and Erin’s birth flower with a Capricorn constellation around it, because we’re both Capricorns, yep, and I had them both colored pink and I just absolutely love it.
0:09:35 – Speaker 1
I know it looks so great, it looks really dark there because he said that he used a lighter color black and just had to push harder or something like that, and so it’s also going to be like a gray much more gray, I mean, this is two days old, so um and how? How’d you do with the tattoo?
0:09:54 – Speaker 2
How’d you do? There is one time it was hurting really bad on the inside near the W, so of course Erin had to look away. No, I wasn’t looking at that she had to look away, but near the W is it wasn’t feeling too good, it was hurting a little much.
0:10:06 – Speaker 3
Maybe she heard I heard that you were being a baby. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. It’s true, you’re absolutely right.
0:10:12 – Speaker 1
I heard the truth. Yeah, I sat there even when you got home.
0:10:16 – Speaker 2
You were whining about it Still complaining it was burning.
0:10:19 – Speaker 1
It’s much better now it was. Please show the viewers how much of that tattoo was actually in the spot that was hurting. Please show them, please, please show them. Yeah, you need to show them. They need to see. Yep, oh, I’m sorry, was it those two tiny lines? That’s the part that hurt the most and it we heard about it the whole two hours. It was getting done.
0:10:40 – Speaker 2
It was incredible, but I also had a holding my arm like this, and so and I have carpal tunnel, okay, keep adding on to it.
0:10:48 – Speaker 1
What else, as he’s?
0:10:49 – Speaker 2
putting pressure on my this thing, whatever it is. I’m like that was the part that was hurting, not the tattoo. I’m like I got to stretch it out, I got to stretch it out.
0:11:00 – Speaker 1
Taylor, do you want to see what my arm looked like the whole time? Why don’t you do yours? Rebecca, do you see a similarity in how our arms were hurt? Yeah, okay, just curious, but I got the carpal tunnel. The whole time I had to talk to George because I’m like this man is going to be like make her stop Because it was too much. I sat there like yeah and I have a ton of.
I have like 10 tattoos. I know I sat there like did you even have a lollipop? Yes, I did, you did, I sure did. Do you know we paid six bucks for that bag of lollipops? We did, yeah, 587 at the CVS.
0:11:33 – Speaker 2
Oh I, they’re in the car. You want some of them. I only had one. I know I’m glad I did two, but I wrote there on the car We’ll save them for the next time. Like that’s are we?
0:11:40 – Speaker 1
clear that that’s the most unrealistic amount of money for a bag of blowpops Like twenty, like eighty seven, like twenty blowpops For twenty blowpops yeah, and then not even the good colors. If I could do that math right now, I would about how much that is per blowpop. That’s ridiculous, I know, but she always has to have a blowpop when she gets her.
0:11:57 – Speaker 2
I gotta have a lollipop. Yeah, it doesn’t matter what kind it is, it’s just I gotta have something. That’s occupying my brain.
0:12:03 – Speaker 1
Okay, what is yours? So then I already had a word the word now which, you’ll remember, was ironically on my vision board, and I did not realize it and randomly decided on the word now. And then I wanted to elongate that into something bigger, so I got these I don’t know whimsical looking flower things with some circles around it.
0:12:29 – Speaker 2
You know what’s funny Now that I’m looking at it. Remember I told you when I was looking at my birth flower there was two options and one of the options was Holly. That actually is very similar to a Holly, that one, this one, no, no no, no the weedy, the weedy looking one. And then the other one is very similar to a carnation, which is your birth flower. Yes, so kind of.
0:12:48 – Speaker 1
That’s why I got it. Is it Absolutely so?
0:12:51 – Speaker 2
kind of.
0:12:54 – Speaker 1
It’s absolutely why I got it.
0:12:55 – Speaker 2
But then your circle, I love my circle. I know Mine’s not a circle, mine’s the Capricorn.
0:13:01 – Speaker 1
So you have a circle around the word now, which sort of brings it all together. What’s also ironic is that you actually put a great deal of thought and meaning into your tattoo.
0:13:12 – Speaker 2
In fact, I designed it in Canva and everything.
0:13:14 – Speaker 1
And it’s representative of the both of us. I went on Pinterest and was like like that, like that, like that, put that together, go ahead and send that. Yeah. Now, if that’s the opposite of our personalities, usually you’re the one who’s like, oh, I’m going to get an anchor, right, it’s randomly Right. I’m like I’m sure that’s fine, just give me that thing, right. So I think that’s interesting too, and this is going to be the beginning for me of a half sleeve. Yeah, it’s awesome. So I decided when I was in there you saw, that picture looks good, right? I decided I’m going to get a half sleeve just up here, all the way around here, and then a little bit onto my hand, and then I’d like to think I’m done.
0:13:50 – Speaker 2
I was going to say she says she’s done. It doesn’t work like that. This is the problem. Everybody has said once you get one, you want more.
0:13:57 – Speaker 1
I know, yeah, I’m going to get the next thing.
0:14:01 – Speaker 3
You think I’m an ignorant savage, and you’ve been so many places I guess it must be so.
0:14:07 – Speaker 2
I can’t, but still I can’t. What I bet her?
0:14:11 – Speaker 3
Flagged One is me.
0:14:14 – Speaker 1
You’re flagged, scott Well. Youtube’s already muted it, so All right, at least get the beginning part, maybe.
0:14:22 – Speaker 4
Yeah, they’re pretty good. Those of you listening on the podcast, we’ll hear that, but the chances are that YouTube has killed that and now it’s possible that we won’t even be able to distribute this one. Well done, well done.
0:14:36 – Speaker 1
Well, let me, let me do a rendition then.
0:14:39 – Speaker 4
I can’t wait.
0:14:40 – Speaker 1
Colors of the wind. Oh hi, does the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you’ll never know I can’t, I can’t.
0:14:54 – Speaker 2
I walk out of the house and I turn to Taylor and I go. I go how many, how many seconds does she makes a comment? Yeah, does she makes a comment. And I go. What is that?
0:15:06 – Speaker 1
folks, that’s the Pocahontas song. Why? Because I’m going to take a picture and make sure it goes up on the Facebook page and the YouTube’s and everywhere, so you can see what Pocahontas, over here, is wearing today. Oh, and the shoes. Oh, you, would you? Oh, yes, she’s got the boots on too.
0:15:23 – Speaker 2
It’s cowboy boots. It’s cowboys and Indians.
0:15:26 – Speaker 3
It’s the Pocahontas and Indiana.
0:15:28 – Speaker 1
Jones. Yeah, she’s really gone all out here. We have it’s a burnt orange color. It’s a dress. We have these boots that are probably thigh highs because there’s nothing more. They’re cowboy boots, trampy than that, yeah, but she’s so short, it’ll go to her hips and it’s not okay. And then she shows up and she has this, like I don’t know what is that sweater thing?
0:15:52 – Speaker 2
It’s. She’s had three compliments at the doctor’s office.
0:15:55 – Speaker 1
I’m sure you did, because people are staring at you and don’t want it to be uncomfortable. How old was?
0:15:59 – Speaker 4
the 80 year old that gave you the compliment.
0:16:02 – Speaker 1
Please put that on. Please put that on. That’s yes. There. Now, we’re now, we’re all in.
0:16:09 – Speaker 4
She money to talk? Oh, what she.
0:16:11 – Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah, it’s true, it’s very nice. Oh, wow, could you please again show us whatever that hair clip is in the back? Oh the butterfly, really nice. Did you get that at Claire’s boutique?
0:16:24 – Speaker 2
Was it in the 75% oh?
0:16:27 – Speaker 1
really Really. Your nine year old rejected it and you thought you know what I need to put this on. You know what I need. This really rounds out my Pocahontas.
0:16:36 – Speaker 3
You should see what else she has. Like that. It’s not okay, taylor, did you see the lamp she just got oh, my gosh Even, and she wants to paint a pink. She got that. She got that Painting the heart stand.
0:16:48 – Speaker 1
She got that at some senior living center Up the street.
0:16:53 – Speaker 3
I don’t know if it was an antique shop.
0:16:54 – Speaker 1
but it was. It was some old woman who was like, oh, I’m selling this lamp and she’s like you know what? That would be really great in my bedroom.
0:17:02 – Speaker 3
That would be perfect in my bedroom. You see, I’m normally the one that goes with her to antique shopping, yeah, but I found her things that she would never find, oh yeah. Like that one thing with all the gems on. Oh yeah, I found that.
0:17:15 – Speaker 1
Yeah, well, you do find some good stuff. That’s why you can walk around with me and then we come back to her. I thought all your spoons, you did, and my rolling pins, the rolling pins, my rolling pins. You found the best ones. But then what happens? We walk back to your mother and what does she have in her hands? Siamese cat, siamese cat, perfume container. Perfume, yep, a perfume container. She’s got a Ghost Spartans toilet seat. I do not, yes, you do, I have a picture of it.
0:17:42 – Speaker 3
She’s wearing some ridiculous hat and the antsy plates that you can’t even put in the microwave, absolutely.
0:17:48 – Speaker 1
She has to have those plates which I got. To be honest with you, I love those plates. We did not realize that they had gold on them and wouldn’t go in the microwave.
0:17:54 – Speaker 2
The other day, when I was texting you with all the fun finds, I did find a wedding veil that I wore around for a little while.
0:18:00 – Speaker 1
Good yeah, but I didn’t. That sounds about right. Yeah yeah, she’ll find some random like. I don’t know tube band statue that she needs to have some new salt and pepper shakers that.
0:18:13 – Speaker 3
Yeah, what was that one thing you wanted to buy for dad? It like went on the wall. It was either like an animal or something. Oh yeah, I find the skins.
0:18:22 – Speaker 2
I do find a lot of skins. I did pet a dead mink for a while and had little claws.
0:18:27 – Speaker 4
Good, I mean like pelt.
0:18:29 – Speaker 3
I thought she maybe take a picture and she’s like look at the paws. Oh yeah, I know, I know, look at the paws.
0:18:35 – Speaker 1
Touch its paws, taylor, touch its paws. Yeah, no, yeah, and you’re like I can’t. Where’s Aunt Erin? I?
0:18:41 – Speaker 2
0:18:43 – Speaker 1
And we’re walking around finding cool stuff and there’s your mom, just a hot disaster mess. I can’t help it. Do you think that YouTube’s going to flag my singing? Probably Because it was so close to the original. I think so.
0:18:59 – Speaker 4
I think Disney’s already on the horn, oh really.
0:19:03 – Speaker 1
There’s some sponsorship right there. That’s true. That’s true. That’s all I had to do. So, thanks for wearing that outfit today, because it really gave me some great inspiration. Oh yes, really, I really loved that. So, all right, those are all my things. All my things I wanted to talk about today.
0:19:21 – Speaker 2
All right, well, we got to set the intentions we got to set our intention.
0:19:23 – Speaker 1
And what’s this? Again an amethyst. Yes, you got my amethyst today. Oh my gosh. Look at all three of us in the screen. Not anymore, not anymore. Scott was like shut that down, Shut that down, look at that.
0:19:34 – Speaker 2
Okay, listen. Okay, you picked, or Taylor picked this one.
0:19:37 – Speaker 1
I can hear that in the microphone. I can hear that roller ball Yep. It’s.
0:19:42 – Speaker 2
ASMR. That’s so funny. So I said that the other day we were driving to soccer and she’s like mom ASMR. I’m like how do you know what that is? I can’t. Carter knows it too.
0:19:50 – Speaker 1
I know it’s weird.
0:19:52 – Speaker 3
It’s because they watch people eating, like the jelly fruits. Ew, do you know what those are? No, what does that mean? It’s like they’re in a plastic covering and then they chew on it and either sprays out or no?
0:20:03 – Speaker 1
No, that’s not okay. I don’t like anything about that, nope.
0:20:08 – Speaker 3
Can’t put it on the.
0:20:09 – Speaker 1
W’s, I don’t know about this. No, no, w’s, I don’t know Is it good?
0:20:13 – Speaker 3
I don’t think it’s good. I don’t think it’s good. Wow, it smells like baby powder. It smells like baby powder here. Give it to Scott. When you put it on your W’s, I did, I have to. Taylor, that’s not bad, thank you, okay, that means you don’t need it.
0:20:30 – Speaker 2
It’s good you guys give it to Scott. Oh, I think it smells great. Here you go, scott. It smells like baby powder, oh yeah, scott, you’re now part of the hippie leadership.
0:20:38 – Speaker 1
So we’re clear If I am not careful, my boob is about to fall out of the base of my look at look at how close we are.
0:20:50 – Speaker 2
The thing you got your across my heart, brian. I know that’s right, that kind of show, I know, yeah, she’s good. She’s performing a chop of fellas later. Speaking of speaking of this does remind me for when my kids were little, when they were babies. It does why it feels like a dump. It feels like a dump. It feels like a dump. It feels like a dump. It feels like a dump it feels like a dump it does why it smells like a diaper.
0:21:13 – Speaker 4
It smells like hot garbage.
0:21:17 – Speaker 3
I can’t pinpoint it. I don’t know. It smells like baby powder.
0:21:20 – Speaker 4
Yeah, I agree with you. It has a baby powder kind of smell. I like that.
0:21:23 – Speaker 3
Doesn’t it? I do like the baby powder scent.
0:21:26 – Speaker 2
But going back to the stripper chop of fellas. What stripper. I said you were just stripping.
0:21:32 – Speaker 1
Oh, I’m sorry, I thought there was a stripper at chop of fellas and I’m like I don’t remember that part.
0:21:36 – Speaker 2
It was no, but that’s going to be you. Oh yeah, but Kelly, up the street, our merch producer made a comment because you asked our fans what we should talk about and she mentioned that we should reenact the timeline. And speaking of the timeline and strippers every time Erin and I make a big choice in our life, specifically leaving a job, we always go to the tally home. Yeah, we never go inside.
0:22:04 – Speaker 3
No, we always go to the tally home.
0:22:06 – Speaker 4
Wait, hold on, we’re going to go in Rewind, rewind. You go to a strip bar and hang out in the parking lot.
0:22:12 – Speaker 1
Yes, yes, and we take photos? No, but listen, this is what happens. We pull in, we’re like this is the time.
0:22:17 – Speaker 3
We’re going to go in. This is the time we’re going in. We’re going in. I’m ready to see it.
0:22:20 – Speaker 1
I’m ready to see it right. And then I’m like well, let’s just take a picture real quick in the parking lot before we go in, right? Right Then we take a picture, it’s always a selfie with Kelly Ho in the background.
0:22:29 – Speaker 4
But you don’t go in Never. That’s like all those people that pretend to be a church.
0:22:35 – Speaker 2
Yeah, yeah, I mean getting down with Jesus.
0:22:38 – Speaker 1
All right, that’s good, that’s right, that’s right, yeah, so we’ve never really been in there.
0:22:44 – Speaker 2
No, but we definitely have multiple pictures of us. We like to go to the tally home. You can see our age progression.
0:22:49 – Speaker 1
I know this last time wasn’t good. It wasn’t. It wasn’t. We need the boat pass. How many of those pictures did we take before? I was like how do we get it to look like the one from 20 years ago? I know.
0:23:00 – Speaker 3
Oh, it’s the perfection face filter. Oh, excuse me, is that a snapchat filter? It’s like TikTok and Snapchat. Oh, thank you Okay. I didn’t know, it’s good or there’s a, you really need that A baby filter too. Oh, baby filter A baby filter.
0:23:17 – Speaker 1
That’s all we need, oh yeah, it’s infantile.
0:23:19 – Speaker 2
Listen, we need to embrace who we are.
0:23:23 – Speaker 3
That you’re returning 42 in December.
0:23:25 – Speaker 1
Yes, she is Taylor. God bless you.
0:23:27 – Speaker 4
God bless you. You’re 42.
0:23:30 – Speaker 1
In fact put us down every single day in between December 27th and.
0:23:36 – Speaker 3
January 11th, I’m counting down Because we are coming in to do the show every single day that week, because I’m older than you, because I’m not missing an opportunity to remind people that you’re older and then you’re going to sing happy birthday and be like she’s 42 and not 41. Absolutely.
0:23:51 – Speaker 1
Well, you know, when I come over to your house, I always get myself 41 candle, and then I get her a 42 candle.
0:23:55 – Speaker 3
I think I still have that 39 birthday balloon that you have. Yeah, I got that. Oh, that was next level.
0:24:00 – Speaker 1
For myself. I know that was not good. Was that the fire alarm? Did you hear that? Probably.
0:24:06 – Speaker 4
I did hear that, but I have no idea what it was. Oh God, that’s fine. There’s no fire alarm in here so don’t worry about it.
0:24:11 – Speaker 2
Oh okay, All right, no yeah, you did hear that though.
0:24:14 – Speaker 1
Your incense are taken down. The taken on the shop.
0:24:16 – Speaker 2
That’s already gone, so that’s fine. No, nothing’s worse than when we went to Mexico for our 30th birthdays and you forced me to wear a shirt that said greater than 30 and yours said less than 30. Nothing’s more specific than that. Mine said old and yours said older and you bought it three times too small.
0:24:38 – Speaker 1
0:24:39 – Speaker 3
So it was like wow, if we went back and really looked at the size the American flag pants.
0:24:45 – Speaker 1
Oh, yes, yep, that was two years ago. Two years ago. Those were skin tight. They sure were. Oh, and the mermaid Absolutely. The mermaid was a good year as well. You had just mermaid glitter everywhere. I don’t think people know that. So for your birthday I always show up with a gigantic bag full of the most ridiculous outerwear you can imagine. One year it was American flag pants, one year it was mermaid stuff, one year it was A grumpy cat t-shirt. Cats, the theme was cats, and so sometimes there’s still has the cat, but whole lanyard.
0:25:20 – Speaker 2
Yes, she does, yeah.
0:25:21 – Speaker 1
That was a good one. Was that last year? No, I think that might have been last year. No, I think it was a couple years ago. So I go and I do all of the shopping. It’s right after Christmas, so good sales happen. I get all of the things and then have to take your picture every single place we go. Oh yeah, we’re going out in public everywhere, absolutely. We go out all day long.
0:25:42 – Speaker 3
We do a ton of different antique shops Sometimes we stop to do wine, but it’s nothing different than her just going. I know Because she look at her, I know that she’s cowboy Indian today.
0:25:52 – Speaker 1
I know she spoke a harness today and she probably wears something very similar. That’s something I would buy her to wear to be funny for her birthday.
0:26:00 – Speaker 3
And the cowboy hat with the little feathers sticking out yeah, she just wore it on her own today.
0:26:06 – Speaker 2
Do you remember the one time I was pregnant and we went to WWE and you bought sticker eyeliner oh, yeah and yeah, it was the most hideous and sticker eyeliner it was literally like stickers.
0:26:22 – Speaker 3
Yeah, and we wore that Were you like pregnant, like big belly bump? No, it was with Sawyer.
0:26:29 – Speaker 1
I don’t know what that means, Taylor.
0:26:30 – Speaker 3
No, I mean like no, like no.
0:26:32 – Speaker 1
I don’t know what she means, because when you’re like, were you big belly bump? Like like, how far along were you? She’s like, no, it was with Sawyer. Like she never got big with Sawyer.
0:26:42 – Speaker 3
I know what she’s saying right now. You would have bought like, or conserved, her belly to look like she has abs.
0:26:48 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, but she did like a steroid ab. Thing. Yeah, that would have been good, so that would have been funny Missed opportunity. Why don’t you go get knocked up again, ruin my little work? Yeah, no.
0:26:59 – Speaker 2
No, there we go. There we go, maybe if.
0:27:02 – Speaker 1
I wear that shirt. You will come live with me If that happens? Oh, I will.
0:27:06 – Speaker 3
Oh, it’s not. I told you I’m not staying.
0:27:10 – Speaker 1
No, I wouldn’t either.
0:27:11 – Speaker 3
We’re not having any work.
0:27:13 – Speaker 1
You and I’ll just go to the anti-trap and I’ll buy you stuff for your birthday and whatever. Like she’s out. I’m not doing that, oh my God.
0:27:20 – Speaker 2
All right? Well, ok, let’s go back to the hippie. Ok, all right, all right.
0:27:24 – Speaker 1
So we’re doing.
0:27:26 – Speaker 2
We’re doing the bliss oil. Yeah, so clearly you don’t have enough bliss in your life because you think it smells like crap. It’s not great. I think it’s great. Oh, I love it. I absolutely love it. This is the crown chakra. This is the seventh chakra in the chakra. Hi, you’re Rocky. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Ok, so it’s a source of spiritual connection with the divine energy that creates the universe. Once it’s fully opened, it will provide your awareness and connection to our higher selves. Mm, hmm, clearly you need some more self actualization.
0:28:02 – Speaker 1
You need some more self. I do lack in that category.
0:28:05 – Speaker 2
You need to sit with yourself a little more. You need to really, you know, look inward, yeah, and yeah, maybe be a little more of your true self, yeah, right.
0:28:12 – Speaker 3
You know struggle with that. Maybe you should come over more, because that’s how.
0:28:17 – Speaker 1
Yeah, I know, because that’s when I am my truest self sleeping on the couch. Yes, it really is who I want to be in all aspects of my life. Ok, and now I’m going to have Taylor pick me one of these cards.
0:28:32 – Speaker 3
Yeah, no, the other.
0:28:33 – Speaker 1
Taylor, could you come over here? Oh, what is that? I don’t know. Is it OK?
0:28:42 – Speaker 4
Oh, somebody’s feeding back.
0:28:44 – Speaker 1
Is it me?
0:28:45 – Speaker 4
It’s where whichever one of us deaf people has the headphone turned way up.
0:28:51 – Speaker 3
Oh, it might be. Oh, it’s probably me. My headphones are.
0:28:54 – Speaker 4
Are they really loud? Yeah, tell you, should have told me.
0:28:58 – Speaker 1
Oh, taylor’s headphones are really loud. Oh, ok, I am moving forward. Oh, I know that each step I take, every step I take, Every move I make.
0:29:15 – Speaker 4
You guys really don’t want this episode Every single day, every night, I pray, I’ll be watching you. All right, taylor beatbox. She’s like what’s that?
0:29:28 – Speaker 3
That song is actually on the scary TikToks I watch.
0:29:32 – Speaker 1
Really yeah. What’s scary about it?
0:29:34 – Speaker 3
No, it’s because they’re watching like this thing.
0:29:36 – Speaker 4
It’s pretty scary actually.
0:29:38 – Speaker 3
What Like a stalker who? No, it’s not like stalker, it’s like predictable. It’s this this one girl I watch. I don’t know her username, but her her videos are like relatable things. Can we be real clear?
0:29:51 – Speaker 2
you’re not allowed to watch the TikToks.
0:29:53 – Speaker 3
I know they’re just, it’s fine.
0:29:55 – Speaker 1
Oh OK, listen to me we’re just going to do a PowerPoint on it. Totally Don’t worry about it.
0:30:00 – Speaker 2
You’re, you’re, you’re, aaron, you’re she watches it on my phone.
0:30:05 – Speaker 1
It’s fine. I let her watch it. It’s fine.
0:30:08 – Speaker 2
No, you know what it was.
0:30:10 – Speaker 1
0:30:11 – Speaker 2
She asked me if she could get the Pinterest, which I thought was just crap.
0:30:14 – Speaker 1
It doesn’t work anymore. It’s not like. It’s more than just crap.
0:30:18 – Speaker 2
Yep, you can watch the TikTok on the Pinterest. What, thank you.
0:30:22 – Speaker 4
That’s how I discovered she was Watching the door thing. Go on there like what is that all about?
0:30:26 – Speaker 3
Get mom to let me have interest, don’t be talking to my room, Scott.
0:30:30 – Speaker 1
don’t be talking about the backdoor on this podcast.
0:30:33 – Speaker 3
I didn’t figure that out until I got it.
0:30:36 – Speaker 2
I didn’t figure that out, so I got you watching the TikTok on Snapchat.
0:30:40 – Speaker 3
What’s the Snapchat story? Oh, OK.
0:30:43 – Speaker 1
Oh my God, look at her face. Look at her face. She’s over it. It’s totally fine we got that.
0:30:47 – Speaker 2
Did you not do the PowerPoint presentation on Snapchat?
0:30:51 – Speaker 3
Yeah, I did. I wrote a thousand word essay thing. No, you did a PowerPoint presentation.
0:30:56 – Speaker 1
We didn’t know at that time that the TikTok was a part of the Snapchat. I didn’t even know that either we’re going to write in the dendym.
0:31:03 – Speaker 3
See how much it’s fine.
0:31:04 – Speaker 1
It’s fine Face and crush, she has it, we got this, I got this. It’s totally fine, all right, I know that each step I take you singing.
0:31:13 – Speaker 2
I know You’re singing, I know I was like I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it Toward.
0:31:16 – Speaker 1
One dream creates momentum for the next. Hmm, I am moving forward. I know that each step I take toward one dream creates momentum for the next. Okay, that’s a great intention. Good one.
0:31:29 – Speaker 2
Good one, taylor. It’s a very, very good one. All right, which is also interesting, because why you already picked it? I did.
0:31:35 – Speaker 1
What’s that guy? What’s that guy doing?
0:31:36 – Speaker 2
This is the king of pentacles Sitting under a tree? He is Actually. Nope, he’s sitting in a tree. He carved himself a. I’m like a mole, really. He carved himself a throne.
0:31:48 – Speaker 1
Oh, you see, Yep, yeah, yep, okay, you got that. I can’t make funny you anymore, because because last time when I read it it was really difficult to read I broke this off, I broke this. Oh, it’s not okay, I got to put it down. Oh, no, I can’t Okay.
0:32:06 – Speaker 2
All right, the king of pentacles. The king of pentacles sits comfortably in his throne, carved from the giant fallen tree. The book he once carried to guide him now rests under his arm of a reminder, as a reminder of his journey. As a leader, he is grounded, self-assured and present. The king of pentacles invites you to make practical decisions based on your collective life experience and lessons. Above all, do what is best for your long-term well-being rather than acting from a place of impulse or passion. The king of pentacles is reserved in nature and asks you to ground yourself before taking action. Make responsible, proven choices that will benefit your future self and those connected to you. This card can be a message to make firm decisions based on your beliefs. You may need to install some boundaries in your life, and the king of pentacles assures you that you have the strength and wisdom to do this. The king of pentacles may embody part of you or another person in your life, and it will depend on your reading what makes sense for you.
0:33:03 – Speaker 3
Oh great.
0:33:05 – Speaker 1
0:33:06 – Speaker 2
But I think this is really interesting, specifically because Taylor’s here, and I think that that we’re eventually going to be talking about this with her is how to be a teenage girl in today’s society, and Taylor, you’re not a normal teenage girl, that’s why I love her so much. To me she is no, she is not.
0:33:29 – Speaker 1
So let me just set the stage of who Taylor is. So from a very early age.
0:33:35 – Speaker 2
Taylor has been. Oh, you mean when you were the first person on the world to hold her?
0:33:38 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, yeah, we call that energy transfer. Ok, that’s what happened. You even held her before I did. Just so we’re clear, correct. So I held her first.
Also, I know I love to talk about this, but the time that you had butted me in the nose that was great. I don’t know what you were upset about at that time, but that was. You probably told her she couldn’t do something. Most anger I’ve ever felt for a child One time oh, it was right on the bridge of my nose.
One time you were sitting in your little car seat thing at the very top of the stairs while we were painting cupboards and you were inconsolable. You cried to the point where I turned to your mom and said I think she has a disability. There is something not OK. Why is she not stopping crying? Now your mom, who didn’t care and wanted to make sure we kept painting because she cared about the cupboards, was basically like she’ll stop eventually. You were out of control and I remember thinking at that time that’s some persistence, because she just does not stop, and that has really set the stage for who Taylor is the rest of her life. Taylor is the kind of kid that you. She’s going to tell you how she’s feeling about something she’s going to have. I actually did that today. You did yeah About your mom’s outfit, or?
0:35:10 – Speaker 3
something else. No, it was with my friend. It was with my friend actually.
0:35:13 – Speaker 1
OK, what did you say?
0:35:15 – Speaker 3
So I was telling her because Halloween’s coming up, yeah, and she picked her Halloween costume already and her closest friend, which is not me, but we’re like a trio, but she’s, it’s always been like that with me. I’ve always had a trio, but I’m not the closest one. Ok, so like she has her other friend and they wanted to be those face and Freddy Krueger.
0:35:39 – Speaker 2
0:35:40 – Speaker 3
0:35:40 – Speaker 2
Ghost face yeah.
0:35:43 – Speaker 1
Just put your listening ears on. Please Just put your listening ears on. Anyways, I told her this morning.
0:35:48 – Speaker 3
Because last night I was looking throughout Pinterest trying to find a costume that matched with those two characters.
0:35:55 – Speaker 1
Because you wanted to be a part of it?
0:35:57 – Speaker 3
Yeah, so I told her this morning or last night. I was like, hey, so, and so I cannot seem to find a costume that I like with your two costumes. And I told her I just want to let you know how I’m feeling so you can hear my opinion and I can hear yours Love it. So she messaged me back this morning before school, which I didn’t go to this morning. Mom of the year, mom of the year. And she was like, yeah, I hear you. Ok, so the other friend I don’t think didn’t want to be Freddie Kruder.
0:36:37 – Speaker 1
OK, freddie Kruder yeah.
0:36:40 – Speaker 3
But she really wanted to be Ghost Face. So she was like, yeah, I guess I can see what we can do to all feel included OK.
0:36:49 – Speaker 1
Yeah, and had you not said something then you would have been a care bear, and they’re over here being something else.
0:36:56 – Speaker 3
Yeah Right, if she said something else, I would probably would have been oh, I’m just going to stay home, I’m just going to stay home and trick or treat with my family.
0:37:05 – Speaker 1
Yeah, but do you think that’s normal for someone your age who is feeling like mm. I’m just not able to fit in with what you’re doing to say something they wouldn’t, and what would they do?
0:37:18 – Speaker 3
instead, they would just brush it off and just go with the flow. But that’s not me. I will let you know If I’m not comfortable with something. I will say something, Yep.
0:37:26 – Speaker 1
And she’s always been like that. I don’t know if she has always been like that, hasn’t she? It’s been incredible. It doesn’t matter how old she was. She would constantly let you know. I don’t like this, I don’t like that, I don’t like how this feels. I don’t want this to happen. It’s crazy.
0:37:44 – Speaker 3
I also feel I’m not shy. Because like you’ve never been shy. Whenever I’m with a group of friends, like at a soccer tournament, for instance, my one friend was like my mom gave me money to go get food, but I’m too scared to order. So I had to order for her Yep and I’m like, I’m pretty sure you probably said I can hear what you’re saying.
0:38:06 – Speaker 2
However, you’re going to have to function as an adult at some point she is my daughter, right. I was like I know that was exactly what she said. It was true.
0:38:17 – Speaker 1
And then I would be like I’ll go get it free if you also buy me some french fries, right, right right, but I’m pretty sure she’s a.
0:38:22 – Speaker 2
I’ll do it, but you’re going to have to deal at some point. I did.
0:38:25 – Speaker 3
I did. I was like you know, you got to learn someday to order for yourself. She’s like, yeah, I know, but just like not right now.
0:38:34 – Speaker 1
Oh right.
0:38:35 – Speaker 3
Right, right. Keep pushing inside and it’s never going to work Right.
0:38:39 – Speaker 1
So why do you think you are this way? Um, and why, and why is it your mom?
0:38:47 – Speaker 3
Um, what I see the both of you doing. Oh my God, I love it Say more about that, oh, yay. What I see the both of you doing, because I know my mom is very extrovert. She likes being extra, especially, sure, does. No, do you not see your outfit today? Yep, pink, pink crocs. My dad is also. He doesn’t like being told he’s wrong. Yep, for sure, oh yeah. And he doesn’t like he wants to please other people but at the same time he wants to, you know, yeah, yeah.
0:39:22 – Speaker 1
And then what about me?
0:39:24 – Speaker 3
0:39:27 – Speaker 1
What’s my, what’s my purr?
0:39:30 – Speaker 3
I just love you. I do too, Ted. Um, I look up to you a lot because I see you as an entrepreneur. Stop it.
0:39:37 – Speaker 2
No, I’m going to be crying in 10 seconds. I can’t Stop it.
0:39:42 – Speaker 3
Um, I just looked up to you a lot, both of you actually. Oh, stop it.
0:39:47 – Speaker 2
I told you. She said to me not that long ago I just hope I find my aunt Erin. Oh, I did. I did say that All I want is to find my, my aunt Erin.
0:40:00 – Speaker 1
Oh, she’s out there, I know. If she’s not, she’s me, I’ll be it, just be it. Oh my God, god. But too, it’s just such an easy kid to be around because she’s everything that you hope that your child is going to be and do. And then she just does it, and even if she does something that’s like off or that has to be talked about, she’s able to self reflect on it and talk about it. She’ll come to you first and be like I just want to let you know I did this thing and it probably wasn’t okay, but this is why I did it.
0:40:30 – Speaker 3
And like I feel like I’m also different from everyone else because I’m actually comfortable to talk with my mom, cause, like all my friends, they’re like I can’t talk to my mom about these things. And I’m like but you can’t talk to me because I don’t know exactly what you’re going through. Cause I’m also the same age as you. Right Limited experience so like I also trust my mom a lot more than my dad, because I know my dad is selfish and he’s like he doesn’t care anything about himself.
0:40:56 – Speaker 1
And so he’s going to give input based on what he doesn’t care.
0:41:00 – Speaker 3
That’s why yeah, because I know my mom.
0:41:03 – Speaker 1
She does have empathy for me, because she cares a lot and you do feel that you feel that from her oh she’s not you, I’m talking to Taylor oh you feel that?
0:41:13 – Speaker 3
empathy from her.
0:41:15 – Speaker 1
You do. How do you know that she?
0:41:16 – Speaker 3
cares Because she checks up on me. She lets me know that if, if I see her not being okay, like if she’s in her room, I’ll maybe um, sometimes I’ll go in with her, Like the other day I was watching her show with her and I’ll check. I’ll check up in her office with her. I’ll do all these things. Yep, Help her out in the kitchen.
0:41:41 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah.
0:41:42 – Speaker 2
I’m also um. Bring me the cat and show me the paws.
0:41:45 – Speaker 3
Yes, yes, that’s true, and I also whenever my dad’s like instigating or like oh. Philip no never I turn my side on my mom Like I like to make fun of her like you do oh yeah, for sure. Well, whenever my, whenever my dad is like, he’s like I heard too much and she’s not in a good place. Yeah, I like say, dad, you need to stop.
0:42:09 – Speaker 2
We’re the same Go in the other room.
0:42:11 – Speaker 1
Right, we’re the same. The energy transfer we are absolutely the same. I know I make fun of her all day, but don’t you come make fun of her, I will knock you down.
0:42:21 – Speaker 3
Right. And then I’m also different with my friends little kids and adults. Like adults, I feel um like around strangers or like work and stuff. With you guys, um, I’m more like you are level, and when I’m around my friends I’m more goofy and silly and I’m relatable, not inappropriate. No, but with little kids, cause I’m the oldest cousin. Um, I’m also silly and goose me there, but I also like to be a role model and a leader, to show them when you’re my age, you should be acting like this, not like that, yeah.
0:43:00 – Speaker 1
I 100% agree with 100% of that. That is exactly who you are.
0:43:05 – Speaker 3
And I also, like there’s so much to talk about right now, but like I can’t choose because, um, I’m now in high school and from the last year, eighth grade, moving to middle school um, it wasn’t that hard, or, yeah, um, it wasn’t that hard for me, but when it was COVID it, I was from fifth grade to sixth grade.
That was really hard because elementary school they don’t care about grades. And then middle school my mom was on me because I didn’t. She knew I didn’t do anything cause like I didn’t put it for first. And she was like one night she checked school tool cause that’s what all grades are. Oh my God, I remember this. And she wrote down everything, highlighted everything, and she’s like Taylor, you need to redo these tests, you need to fix these assignments. And ever since then I’ve been on myself about grades. I know I’m really bad to the point where I get anxious if I have anything below a 90.
0:44:04 – Speaker 1
Thank you. And what do I say? Nobody cares.
0:44:08 – Speaker 2
I dare, I care, I care Let her go.
0:44:10 – Speaker 1
My kid comes home, he got a 2 out of 10 on his spelling test. I’m like way to go, buddy, that’s fantastic.
0:44:16 – Speaker 2
You probably turned on ASMR videos and said here, why don’t you?
0:44:20 – Speaker 1
enjoy yourself. I’m like you got two right. Had you ever seen those words before? He’s like no, yeah, all week long, just practice. He’s like, but I only got two. I’m like, well, that’s two more than zero, isn’t it? I can’t Right, I can’t be positive over here. And then you’re over here like I wrote this down and when you’re going to do it and what time it’s going to be done.
0:44:40 – Speaker 3
I don’t care if you’ve got a 9.7 out of 10. I know You’re getting that 10 out of 10.
0:44:44 – Speaker 2
I know it’s but you. She got a zero once in gym. I go excuse me, I know.
0:44:49 – Speaker 3
What is this? When I hurt my foot, she’s not, I don’t know. You can’t take zero, you have to get. We have to go to the doctors. Yeah, have to.
0:44:56 – Speaker 1
We can’t, but you are interpreting that as her caring about you. Yes, do you think that’s also normal for kids your age? No, I don’t either.
0:45:05 – Speaker 3
I think it’s anything but normal. I agree Because, again, with all my other friends, their parents do not care and I’m like, oh, but at school, when I get a grade back, I’m like I should have when I got an 85 out of 100, I’m like I should have worked harder. And they’re like you’re lucky, you got an 85. I got a 42. And what I say in my mind 22 is better than zero, isn’t it what I say in my mind? I’m like how, how do you want bad grades in?
0:45:36 – Speaker 1
school. Now are you upset you got an 85 because you wanted to do better. Or are you at all fearful that your mom’s going to be like why did you get an 85? No, you’re not, mm-mm, that’s good news. I know the mental health professional over here is a big fan of the fact that she’s self-motivated to make these decisions. But that’s the whole point. No, but I keep that.
0:45:57 – Speaker 3
I had to teach her to be that way. I keep that in the back of my mind because I know my mom expects me to be the best I can be and I work myself to that point. What if her best?
0:46:06 – Speaker 1
is an 85?, that’s great Is it?
0:46:08 – Speaker 2
She has to be able to say to me I put all the effort and energy into what was necessary and this was the best I can do. That’s great, is it? But I know her well enough to know I can get higher than 95. What to do? Skim, skim, that studies. She did you. Ok. If you think that’s a good enough effort, then you know what You’re a mediocre person. Good for you. That’s what you say too. Apps, the frickin’ minute You’re not even no, she doesn’t mince words.
No, if you want to be mediocre, that’s fine. She’ll say you can live with that. That’s incredible, absolutely. I’m not joking. Anything we say on this podcast, it’s 100% real.
0:46:48 – Speaker 3
No, because I take her words of wisdom, because her words are quotes and stuff for me, because if you don’t put the work in, you will not be successful.
0:46:59 – Speaker 1
Let’s talk about your sister for a minute. Ah.
0:47:02 – Speaker 3
Um. Mm-hmm yeah do you think she’s?
0:47:05 – Speaker 1
I think that’s almost some of this. Is she from the same gene pool? No, no, really interesting. How do you think your sister’s going to do when it comes to her grades?
0:47:14 – Speaker 3
Well, you guys all thought that I was going to be the bad child.
0:47:18 – Speaker 1
Oh, we absolutely did.
0:47:19 – Speaker 3
But it turns out to be her, just not.
0:47:23 – Speaker 2
It’s very true. She’s not going to. She’s never. Does she always?
0:47:27 – Speaker 1
strive to be her best.
0:47:30 – Speaker 3
Huh yeah, she wears pajamas to school. For God’s sake, I know, I know Not only that, but she is next level. She doesn’t care she will talk back to you Because, like yesterday, I walked into my mom’s room to grab the laundry basket.
0:47:47 – Speaker 1
Why to do your own laundry as well as the family’s laundry? No, to grab my dad’s laundry so she can do it.
0:47:54 – Speaker 3
Oh, oh, good, my sister’s in there and she’s like get out. I’m like, don’t speak to me like that. And she’s like I don’t care, Get out, I can do what I want.
0:48:01 – Speaker 1
Yeah, and what is she doing in there?
0:48:03 – Speaker 3
Watching TV. She’s eating her stupid.
0:48:05 – Speaker 4
How old is this?
0:48:06 – Speaker 1
little monster that you’re talking about. Nine, nine, oh, she is eating her waffles.
0:48:11 – Speaker 4
Needs an attitude adjustment.
0:48:12 – Speaker 3
I believe I didn’t think I was like that when I was nine.
0:48:16 – Speaker 1
No, you weren’t. After that time on the stairs where you cried your face off. You really got a lot better, ok.
0:48:22 – Speaker 2
She is like three weeks old I know, and also for soccer.
0:48:28 – Speaker 3
she does not want to put work in.
0:48:30 – Speaker 1
Oh, she doesn’t put her work in.
0:48:32 – Speaker 3
No, because she knows that she’s one of the littlest ones and that she could also be cut from the team. But would she be OK with that? Yep, yeah, she would be perfectly fine with it.
0:48:43 – Speaker 2
Probably. She’s fine, being mediocre yeah she is.
0:48:45 – Speaker 3
She is fine being mediocre, and so this is the thing about Sawyer Her highest grades are going to be 75s.
0:48:50 – Speaker 1
You say to Sawyer maybe fine, you want to be mediocre, be mediocre. And she’ll be like, ok, I will, I will be. She’ll call your bluff every single time. But Taylor takes the lesson For me.
0:49:00 – Speaker 3
On the other hand, on soccer, I’ve worked myself up to be on two teams plus an elite, elite team. I want it so bad that I just pushed myself to the point where I’m exceeding.
0:49:16 – Speaker 2
I think part of it, though, is that a lot of things come very naturally to Taylor.
0:49:22 – Speaker 1
She really doesn’t have to try a whole lot to succeed, and but what she does have to do is she has to figure out how she can it’s not dumb herself down Right, really but how she can get herself to a place where she is connecting with other kids that she’s eons ahead of. That’s right, and so it’s not like she’s socially awkward, it’s not like anything like that. She gets along with people incredibly well. But what she constantly has to do is figure out how can I fit in with this group of peers that I am 10 years ahead of. And then you’re watching them do what they’re doing and you’re just like, oh my god, this is not OK.
0:50:08 – Speaker 3
I always say that I’m born in the wrong generation. Honestly, honestly, just the people and what they do is just so different from what I was taught, and I wish everyone was taught like this, because all my friends, they’re hanging out 24 seven. They don’t do their homework, they don’t care what grades they get, they go on many vacations, they get all the name brand clothes. They do all these things and I’m like, yeah, I want to do that.
0:50:40 – Speaker 2
Wait, at the same time they used to say your mom is so strict. Oh yeah, because they would say you’ve never been to Chick-fil-A, you don’t get fast food. All the time you don’t go out to dinner. Your mom is so strict. Yeah, that’s what they’re saying.
0:50:55 – Speaker 1
Do you remember the one time we were driving down the street and Taylor’s like Erin, can we go to Chick-fil-A?
0:51:00 – Speaker 3
Oh yeah, and you got me the lemonade and you said what did you say?
0:51:03 – Speaker 1
You said absolutely not. And I said absolutely, taylor, let’s just pull in, get the extra large. So we pull in and I said what size lemonade do you want? And you said a large. Your mom’s like absolutely not. You could not have a large lemonade and you went right in, got that large lemonade.
0:51:18 – Speaker 2
You sure did. You go to Hailey’s home Every time. Every time, Just like with Sawyer, you did the same thing. Let’s go get an ice cream. And then she said can we pull over to the gas station so I can hide the evidence? Yep.
0:51:30 – Speaker 1
You’re not kidding, she bet. Did she ever tell you this story? This is not OK. So I felt really bad because we had an incident in Michaels. Yes, was it Michaels? This is what happened. You two or you three? It was the three of us. It was me, your mom and Sawyer. What?
0:51:48 – Speaker 3
was it like there.
0:51:50 – Speaker 2
I don’t know, don’t know.
0:51:51 – Speaker 3
Did I have?
0:51:52 – Speaker 2
soccer or something.
0:51:53 – Speaker 1
Probably it would have been a lot better if you were there. So all of a sudden I say I have to go to the bathroom and Sawyer decides she’s going to go with me because she has to go to the bathroom too. So I go in and I go into the stall and I drop my drawers and I go tinkle, and there’s no toilet paper. So what do I say to your sister? Hey Sawyer, could you give me some toilet paper please, because there’s no toilet paper over here. What did she do? You know what she did. She walked out of the stall that she was in and she went and stood next to the sink and said no. And I said, sawyer, hand me some toilet paper.
0:52:36 – Speaker 3
That happened at the tournament last weekend with mom and me. Yeah, but wait.
0:52:40 – Speaker 1
She gets quiet, says nothing. All of a sudden a woman walks in to the bathroom. She goes into the stall. I say ma’am, could you please hand me some toilet paper? And she said yes, absolutely. And then she wads up this ball of toilet paper, hands it to Sawyer and says why don’t you give this to your mom? Because she can hear that Sawyer is like nope, sorry about your piss problem. You don’t get any toilet paper. So Sawyer comes underneath the thing, hands it to me, all sorts of pissed off. I come out of that stall like the exorcist. I am so pissed.
0:53:21 – Speaker 2
And I’m shopping, I’m not no you’re texting me. You’re like we got problems. Oh, I said I’m all done with your child.
0:53:26 – Speaker 1
And I’m like what did she do? I am so ticked off. Right now I am a livid. I am so angry, I go out.
0:53:33 – Speaker 2
I’m thinking she found a whole bunch of merchandise in the girl’s pants.
0:53:36 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah right, she’s stealing stuff, whatever. So we go out, I start washing my hands. Sawyer’s sitting right there. She knows it is not OK. I said are you going to go to the bathroom? She’s like no great. So you came in here just to torment me, right? So we walk out. And then she’s like I still have to go to the bathroom.
0:53:58 – Speaker 3
I cannot, I cannot, no why don’t you go on the same stall? I wasn’t, so I can say no, you don’t get any solar paper so that you can be drip drying for a good 10 minutes.
0:54:08 – Speaker 1
So I said go into the bathroom. So she goes into the bathroom. You can tell I am not happy. I am texting your mom something fierce With she goes to the bathroom.
Oh yeah like all caps. So we go out and I look at your mother and she’s like what happened? What happened? I said I went to the bathroom and there was no toilet paper in there and your daughter refused to give me any, to the point where this other woman had to come in and hand the toilet paper to Sawyer to give to me under the door. Now your mom gets right on her broomstick and is like hmm, Wait, just so we’re clear.
0:54:40 – Speaker 2
That was my nickname in high school BR Broom Rider.
0:54:44 – Speaker 3
I thought it was buk buk, buk, buk I.
0:54:47 – Speaker 1
Both of them. So then I remove myself from the situation because I’m about to take your sister out. And what happens?
0:54:56 – Speaker 2
next I say to her excuse me, you better tell me every single thing that happened in there. And she did. She told me the exact same story and I looked at her and I’m like I am very confused. What is going on? And she goes well, I didn’t know where to get the toilet paper. And I go what do you mean? You didn’t know where to get the toilet paper? She’s like mom, it’s a really, really big role, the industrial roles and I go I don’t know what that means. And she’s like mom. She said she had no toilet paper. I didn’t know where to get it. And I said and you couldn’t communicate that? I don’t understand.
0:55:30 – Speaker 3
I bet you. Later that night you went in her room she started bawling her eyes.
0:55:33 – Speaker 1
She’s like I didn’t want to get her in the store.
0:55:35 – Speaker 2
In the store, In the paper, In the no in the store.
0:55:38 – Speaker 1
She didn’t understand. She thought that you had to take that gigantic role from the industrial and hand me the entire role.
0:55:45 – Speaker 2
She didn’t know. She just think that you could just take a bunch of different amounts.
0:55:49 – Speaker 1
Because and then this made a lot of sense when you say Sawyer, when you say, sawyer, can I have toilet paper? Sawyer goes and gets you a whole role. Right, because you’re at home. It’s not one of those gigantic ones. So you came over to me and you said all right, this is what I think is happening. And in that moment I’m like OK, here comes the empathy. Right, that’s right.
0:56:10 – Speaker 2
I’m like, oh, but she couldn’t, she’s an ineffective communicator.
0:56:14 – Speaker 1
She could not communicate effectively Like that. Yeah, we’re realizing more and more she is deaf.
0:56:19 – Speaker 3
Oh, genes are real sick and I have the looks of dad and mom, but I’m all mom, yeah, and she’s all that, yes, all that, which makes a lot of sense, because she wants to please people, but at the same time she does not care and can’t get out of her own way, right.
0:56:36 – Speaker 1
So she was unable to communicate that, which then made me fuming mad. But then I felt so bad when I was like I see she just was not able to effectively say I didn’t know how to hand you the whole role and she’s bawling, right. So fast forward. Now this is exactly who I am as a person. You say, well, why don’t you go home with Aunt Erin and I got to drop some stuff off and then I’ll meet you out there. So I’m like, ok, so it’s just Sawyer and I and I say, sawyer, you ever been to the Dairy Queen? And she’s like no, but I’ve seen it on TV. And they hang the ice cream upside down out the window. And I said, yeah, why don’t you go?
0:57:14 – Speaker 3
The ladies, you know, yeah, she doesn’t know.
0:57:17 – Speaker 1
I said they do. I said, listen, do not tell your mom, but we’re going to get ice cream on the way home. She is ecstatic. She’s like, oh my god, this is so great. So we go through the drive-thru, we both get a little mini cup, right, so it’s not like anything crazy. So she’s like are you going to tell my mom? And I said absolutely not. I said this is just don’t tell her. This is Erin.
0:57:39 – Speaker 3
And so it’s just, that’s right. One and only.
0:57:42 – Speaker 1
We are the one and only, the one and only, and it’s only because I feel bad, because I made you feel bad, right, so eat your ice cream, right. So we are driving home. It’s probably 25, 20, 25, 30 minutes on the way home. Oh, what I mean is she can’t keep a secret from mom. She cannot. She did for a decent amount of time.
0:58:00 – Speaker 3
She eventually told me she can keep a secret from everyone else but not my mom. But this is what happens.
0:58:05 – Speaker 1
I have to stop on the way and she says can you pull over at that gas station over there? I said why? She’s like, well, my mom lets me pump gas and I’m like that’s such a random thing to say I’m like well, I do need gas, you know, that’s OK.
So she’s scarfing this ice cream in the back and I said you don’t have to eat it that fast, honey. It’s OK, we still have some time till we get home. And she’s like no, I have to throw it out in the garbage here. I said why? She said because if I don’t and we throw it out in your garbage, can my mom’s going to know that we had it? Because she’s going to look through the garbage which I would not do. And I’m like, wow, she’s a sociopath.
0:58:48 – Speaker 2
I know, I know she’s an anti-antanus.
0:58:51 – Speaker 1
You see, this is leading back to murder documentary.
0:58:54 – Speaker 3
This is not OK. I called her a psychopath from day one.
0:58:58 – Speaker 1
She’s, she’s not well, she is plotting that she’s like I need to throw out the evidence.
0:59:02 – Speaker 3
So the mom doesn’t know.
0:59:04 – Speaker 1
So what do I have to do? I have to be like listen to me, rebecca, I know something happened and I can’t not talk about this, but you can’t bring it up, right? But this is what your kid did. And then, the whole way home, she jabbered, jossed her the entire way, to the point where I was like she needs to stop talking. Why is she talking so much? She told me every story you could possibly imagine, so we finally get home In detail, though.
0:59:30 – Speaker 3
Oh, yes, she does not stop, she does not know, she says something she’s like I wear. I wear a green dress today. It had flowers on it.
0:59:38 – Speaker 1
Yeah, and it was beautiful Speaking of a dress, and then she goes into a whole thing. So I say, rebecca, you need to know this about your daughter. This is next level, like, as the mental health provider in me is, like this probably isn’t great. And how long did she go without telling you about that ice cream? It was a while, at least two or three weeks. Oh, yeah.
Yeah, and finally she broke down, she did and said I need to tell you about this. And what did you say? I don’t remember. I can’t remember either.
1:00:06 – Speaker 2
I think it was probably.
1:00:09 – Speaker 1
Usually what you do is you’re like you did, but you didn’t tell me, right Right, that’s her fake surprise. So that that’s your sister. And one story yeah, she is a whole different breed.
1:00:24 – Speaker 3
It tells so much about her.
1:00:26 – Speaker 1
Yeah, she’s a whole different breed. The other quick story I’ll tell about her is the one time that I won some chips from your pantry oh my gosh, not this. And I? What did I take out? The sour cream and onion Pringles?
1:00:41 – Speaker 3
Yes and she’s like no, those are mine. Just like you can’t say.
1:00:45 – Speaker 1
Oh, you can’t have those. Those are my dads. Oh yeah, yeah. And I’m thinking of myself. I don’t think Phillip eats Pringles. But OK, Now I feel really. I’m like, it’s OK, your dad can get some more. Phillip comes upstairs. I’m like are these your Pringles? He’s like nah, I don’t eat Pringles, but your sister was just trying to get me to not eat them Because they’re hers, Because she wanted to eat them.
1:01:04 – Speaker 3
This is obsessed with sour cream.
1:01:05 – Speaker 1
She’s something else, sour cream and onion, all right.
1:01:11 – Speaker 4
So that was a hell of a ride, thank you.
1:01:13 – Speaker 2
Oh yeah, right, Well, we got a lot more. It’s not OK. And then there’s Taylor, who she’ll call me from school because she has to stay after for soccer, right? And she’ll be like um, just want to let you know that I am sitting up blah, blah, blah, because everybody else decided to walk to Wendy’s and I knew that I shouldn’t be doing that. So I’m like good girl.
1:01:38 – Speaker 1
You know, if you want across the street right.
1:01:41 – Speaker 3
Oh, speaking of Wendy’s, um, everyone is trying to convince me to go. They’re like your mom’s not here, she won’t know. I’m like I told everyone about the story on how the girl passed away because you guys were walking across in the road. Oh, and when I was in middle school, yeah, I said you’re traumatized and you don’t want me to do it, and I told them they’re like no she found my mirror book with the memorial and it has the girl on it.
1:02:02 – Speaker 2
Yeah, she. They skipped school and they went across a busy road and she didn’t look and she got nailed by a car who just took a sip.
1:02:11 – Speaker 1
Was that you, Scott Jesus?
1:02:16 – Speaker 2
I swear to God, I didn’t hear anything. I did, I did. It was pretty loud.
1:02:20 – Speaker 1
Maybe just really gulp right into the thing. I can’t.
1:02:25 – Speaker 3
Sorry, I got completely thrown off there and they’re like um, why don’t you just come to Wendy’s with us? You don’t have to get anything. And I’m like what’s the point of going? I don’t want your food, I’m not going to buy you anything, I don’t want to go in the first place, so you sit there by yourself.
Yeah, I’ll sit there by myself in the school and I’ll get my work done. She does her homework Like in gym. In gym yesterday, since I couldn’t do anything, I was sitting there on my computer doing my work and then the teacher’s like you got to read. You got to read an article about biking and then write a summary about it. I’m like what is that?
1:02:59 – Speaker 4
You should rent out. You should rent Taylor out to us other parents.
1:03:04 – Speaker 3
I was just going to say that have a good kid for a weekend.
1:03:07 – Speaker 4
See what it’s like.
1:03:08 – Speaker 3
And then all the, all my cousins and stuff that I babysit. They’re like, taylor is the best babysitter ever. She plays with us, she does everything with us.
1:03:17 – Speaker 1
I’m like oh, that’s so sweet, yeah, I’m telling you so, um, if you weren’t feeling empathy before for how your own children are, I hope you feel okay about yourself still now, cause I’m having a lot of feelings right now. I got to go home to my kid At least he’s not Sawyer, though At least he’s not.
1:03:37 – Speaker 3
Sawyer Right, he’s like in between. Sawyer is a. She’s the next level. She is next level, she’s gonna be a lot of work to grab.
1:03:43 – Speaker 1
You know who’s never allowed on the podcast Sawyer.
1:03:46 – Speaker 3
Oh, she can bag while she wants. Yeah, no, we can have a picture. We can’t even have a picture of her.
1:03:51 – Speaker 1
Too many people in here, sorry. All right, we got to start stop with an empathy problem, so please pick a number between one and 10.
1:04:01 – Speaker 2
You got it.
1:04:03 – Speaker 3
1:04:06 – Speaker 1
Okay, this is a. This is a small one, oh, okay. So when I’m on the social media, you all know how I am about my emojis Empathy problem. I can’t put the thumbs up. I have to give it a heart. The thumbs up feels like I’m not showing you enough how much I really appreciate this post.
1:04:28 – Speaker 4
It’s dismissive right.
1:04:31 – Speaker 1
Sort of Thanks In the future. Shut up Thanks.
1:04:36 – Speaker 2
No, I can relate to that.
1:04:38 – Speaker 1
We buried that hatchet, stop bringing it back up and put it in my back. Maybe some of us did.
1:04:43 – Speaker 2
Scott Next time just send him a thumbs up. Like you got it, I’ll give him this one. Okay, okay, chief.
1:04:51 – Speaker 1
Right, so yeah, so I have written down here the heart versus the thumbs up. I sometimes will put the thumbs up and then I will feel like, oh, I just feel like that was rude, I don’t feel like that was it, and I’ll go back and I’ll be like it’s not quite a heart, but I think I need to overstate it because I need to make sure that this person knows.
1:05:15 – Speaker 3
I’m with you right now. I always use the heart. I use the heart emojis for everything, because when people tell me like I’m so pretty, when I don’t feel I’m that pretty, but when they tell me I’m that pretty, I always send like three heart emojis because I want to show them.
1:05:29 – Speaker 1
But not the emoji. You know, when you’re like on Facebook, do you even use Facebook? No, no, that’s an old people website. That’s fine, that’s fine, but when you’re on social media, she’s not allowed to have that stuff.
1:05:39 – Speaker 2
Yeah, true.
1:05:41 – Speaker 1
But you know when you have to push either the thumbs up or you have to push yeah the reaction. Absolutely, it’s the reaction I’m talking about.
1:05:50 – Speaker 3
I wouldn’t send the thumbs up emoji oh okay, Now you’re over it.
1:05:58 – Speaker 1
I mean like, like, if you post something on Facebook and I’m like, oh my God, that’s really great, but it’s not a heart, but it is a thumbs up reaction.
1:06:08 – Speaker 4
I still do the heart I still got to do the heart.
1:06:11 – Speaker 1
Like I love that I can’t do the thumbs up.
1:06:13 – Speaker 4
Oh, that makes sense now.
1:06:14 – Speaker 1
Yeah, it does.
1:06:15 – Speaker 4
You thought it was the emojis Because you loved a couple of things that I was like that’s, that’s you thought it was overstated, scott, I’m not going to be rude. It was unexpected.
1:06:24 – Speaker 1
1:06:24 – Speaker 4
There’s nothing wrong with it? There’s nothing wrong with it.
1:06:26 – Speaker 2
Oh, that’s an interesting perspective.
1:06:28 – Speaker 1
Well, you were surprised that I hearted something.
1:06:30 – Speaker 4
Yeah, and I can’t remember what it was.
1:06:32 – Speaker 1
How did it make you feel Scott?
1:06:34 – Speaker 4
He just said. I just thought that that was very nice of you to say. I was like oh, Aaron, really cares.
1:06:38 – Speaker 1
Was there any part of it that felt was a little creepy? No, no, no.
1:06:41 – Speaker 3
I don’t think creepy If I think it’s nice of what you like, I know you, I know you, I was going to say it was no part of the strength.
1:06:49 – Speaker 1
Aaron likes me a lot.
1:06:51 – Speaker 3
No, no, no, not like that. That’s not what the heart emoji is used for.
1:06:55 – Speaker 4
It’s not.
1:06:56 – Speaker 3
It can be, it can be on Facebook, but I think it means it’s just showing how you appreciate that and how you like it so much.
1:07:04 – Speaker 1
Not like, like like Okay, okay, it’s not a like.
1:07:08 – Speaker 4
It’s not a like, no, it’s not a like, no there’s a picture of me saying check out my new abs and you put the hot heart that I’d be like. Well, what’s up with that? Okay?
1:07:15 – Speaker 1
1:07:15 – Speaker 2
I would never post that, so there’s lines Now that’s fair.
1:07:18 – Speaker 1
Yes, I would not heart that because I would be thinking to myself.
1:07:22 – Speaker 2
I don’t react to that, yeah you pass that one by Pass that one by Right.
1:07:26 – Speaker 1
I might, sarcastically or just in a funny way, put the emoji of the heart of the flames.
1:07:33 – Speaker 3
Oh, like the like, full on flames, right, you don’t have to know you to.
1:07:37 – Speaker 1
Yeah right, it wouldn’t just be someone random, but I’d like you to think of that the next time you push. A reaction is either the heart or it’s the care. You know the little smiley face.
1:07:46 – Speaker 4
I do a lot.
1:07:47 – Speaker 2
Yeah, yeah, yeah With this yeah.
1:07:49 – Speaker 3
I do the crying emoji a lot. Okay, like laughing, crying. Yeah, that’s like I’m dying.
1:07:55 – Speaker 1
Oh, I’m dying, yeah, yeah, that’s what. They don’t have that as a reaction. They have real crying as a reaction.
1:08:01 – Speaker 3
That’s what I use. I don’t use the crying, laughing, I use the crying because that’s now called the crying, like oh yeah, okay, it’s not the teardrop with the laughing, it’s not that anymore, oh, it’s just the crying, it’s probably maybe you should do like a little seminar on the evolution of these emojis and reactions so that us old folks can keep up and be like, because we’ll put something on people like what did you do? It’s like my mom my mom sends me the thumbs up all the time and I’m like mom.
1:08:33 – Speaker 1
Do you know how rude that is?
1:08:34 – Speaker 3
Oh, dad sends me, my dad sends me that too, and he’s also dry texture. Do you guys know what that means? No, yeah like no, no um it’s no reaction no, no um just like tell me you don’t know that. What do you mean? Light work, no reaction. What’s that?
1:08:52 – Speaker 4
Oh my never late work, no reaction.
1:08:55 – Speaker 1
You mean like no punctuation or no, it’s like it’s it’s something You’re like hey, you know, do you want to go out to dinner tonight? He’s like yeah.
1:09:05 – Speaker 3
And he’s like or at the end of a conversation he’ll be like okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, how many?
1:09:10 – Speaker 2
times wait. I got to end on one other thing. This is the other thing I say to Taylor. I’m like, if you’re not going to bother to text me appropriately with punctuation and capitalization, don’t even waste my time.
1:09:20 – Speaker 3
Period, I still she doesn’t answer my text Period.
1:09:24 – Speaker 2
That is true, that is true, and that’s that right there, that right there.
1:09:30 – Speaker 1
You’ve said many times that. You have said many, many times that you have a hard time just responding to people’s texts and then you say, except for people that I really really, you know, care about or whatever, and when she does, I don’t like read all the messages.
1:09:48 – Speaker 3
Yeah, we know, because last last time you called me 17 times in the middle of our podcast. Yeah, I didn’t mean that she didn’t read it when I said it because my D&D was on for school, because I don’t like being on my phone.
1:09:58 – Speaker 1
D&D Dungeons Dragons.
1:10:02 – Speaker 2
No, she said that to me too, and I was like I don’t know what that means, but when I send you something, it’s because I need you to know.
1:10:08 – Speaker 3
No, and she was also like also after school, like when I was on the JV team, like when I could play, yeah, I’d be like, where are you at? And she’s like same place as last time, three messages above. And she’s like do you not read? I’m like, no, I don’t. I like reading the present. Sounds like.
1:10:24 – Speaker 2
Sounds like you’re you problem. Sounds like you’re you problem. Your concerns like you need to get your shit together so you don’t look like an idiot.
1:10:31 – Speaker 1
Hey, with all the colors, the wind. I loved that. Me too Is an empathy amazing.
1:10:47 – Speaker 2
Well, we’re amazing. I don’t know about all this empathy stuff. That’s fine.
1:10:52 – Speaker 1
I accept you wherever you are. Oh God, I love you. I love you too, and if you love us, please like and subscribe to more love the power of empathy podcast. Wherever you get your podcasts. See you next time.

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