Episode 122 – Do Erin and Rebecca Ever Fight?

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Erin’s sick alter ego, “Ruth” has joined the show and she and Rebecca discuss their experience at the most “not so magical” place on earth. Let’s just say, torrential downpour, one firework, and someone passing lots of gas. That experience seemed to set the stage for the rest of their trip, as the girls share more and more stories about Rebecca’s hiked up skirt, Erin’s hippo walk, and the infamous gas station experience that you can fully enjoy on Instagram @theofficialmorelovepodcast.

0:00:12 – Speaker 1
Hey, it’s me, Erin. Thanks for joining us on the More Love podcast. Do not tell Rebecca, but this podcast is about empathy. She likes people to think she’s dead inside, but the truth is she’s a big time feeler who has truly helped me uncover that empathy is my super power. Here she comes.
0:00:31 – Speaker 2
Hey, Bestie, Hi love.
0:00:33 – Speaker 1
What are you doing? Oh, just getting ready to host a podcast. A podcast About what Life? Our life as best friends who are more like sisters. Yay, I love us and I can’t wait to share our stories with the world, Especially the ones that involve us pushing each other right To be our most authentic selves. Oh, man. Okay, it’s Rebecca and Ruth today. Who’s Ruth Me? Ruthless Ruth is my alternate name.
0:01:13 – Speaker 2
Your sexy, sexy um only fans Ruth. Ruth is the name. Welcome to the More Love podcast.
0:01:21 – Speaker 1
I’ve decided I have that fur coat that you brought in today on. That’s. That’s what I’m wearing. I am a chain smoker, yep.
0:01:30 – Speaker 2
I uh, no, but it has to be the long stick. Yeah, like gorilla deville.
0:01:35 – Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah, I drink vodka out of one of those. What do you call those? Silver?
0:01:42 – Speaker 3
The silver Um shakers no like.
0:01:45 – Speaker 2
snifter, no like, that’s not a funnel Flask, flask Like Miss Hannaigan, yes, like Miss Hannaigan from um. Yes, annie, we were just talking about Annie.
0:01:53 – Speaker 1
I drink out of a flask. Um, the only thing I eat during a day is gum Like yeah.
0:02:00 – Speaker 3
0:02:00 – Speaker 2
Cigarette yeah. Mint gum yeah. Well, you smoke menthols, yeah.
0:02:06 – Speaker 1
0:02:07 – Speaker 3
So Cools the throat.
0:02:08 – Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah, it sounds a lot worse than it is, because I’m on day four or five now and now it’s just in your throat.
0:02:16 – Speaker 2
It’s the fog.
0:02:16 – Speaker 1
No, it’s just it’s just there, but so Rebecca and Ruth are coming at you today from the More Love podcast.
0:02:23 – Speaker 2
Can we? Just? I was going to open the podcast by saying we have an ego problem. Okay, and it’s because we just got back from Florida and we had to take a car ride and I’m like let’s listen to some podcasts and, without communicating to each other, we put them on and like we’d get like 10 minutes in and I’d look at her and she’d be like that’s not it. So then we’d switch and we’d try something else and she’d be like that’s not it. And then at one point I looked at her and I said do we only like our own podcast Like it was? And then we proceeded to pick random ones and listen to her own.
0:02:55 – Speaker 1
You said, oh, this is a podcast someone recommended to me. It’s called um two drunk moms. I’m like, oh, that sounds good, that sounds like it’d be really good. So we put that one on. I swear to God, we were six minutes in and I’m like this is boring as shit.
0:03:09 – Speaker 3
It is literally two drunk moms Like these. Ladies aren’t even making any sense.
0:03:12 – Speaker 1
You can’t even tell if they’re drunk, because it was so boring eating.
0:03:14 – Speaker 2
get that far, it was pretty bad and I was like, are we just egotistical?
0:03:21 – Speaker 1
I know what is it? We just like to, we listen and then we still laugh at our own jokes at the same place that we laughed the time we were talking. Yeah, yeah. Well, I gotta tell you we’re not alone, cause I checked the numbers today. Stop it. What are we at? What?
0:03:35 – Speaker 2
did you take a guess, so when’s the last time you checked them?
0:03:38 – Speaker 1
Months. So the tattoo yeah tattoo like a little over a thousand 1400. Great guess Higher 1599. Really excellent guess, bob Barker. But higher 1831. 1916. Stop it, we’ve almost doubled 1916.
0:04:02 – Speaker 2
I mean that one of those are ours. Just another day in the car, yeah.
0:04:07 – Speaker 1
Just on the ride from one part of Florida to the other.
0:04:10 – Speaker 2
Yeah, Just a little more, almost a 2000. Wow, I’m literally mind blown. In fact, I went to soccer last night and one of the moms who still cracks up about my mouth story she says to me she ran right up to me. She’s like I gotta tell you a story. I said what she goes. I was at the store and I got into the car and I pulled down my my rear of remair and I saw I had mascara all over the top of my eyes and she goes.
0:04:36 – Speaker 1
I had a moment, I went right back to you and I died laughing and she goes.
0:04:39 – Speaker 2
no one person said anything I said you know, nobody said. I said, and she goes. At least it wasn’t as bad as you?
0:04:46 – Speaker 1
Yeah, I didn’t have the lip stain all over my lip.
0:04:49 – Speaker 2
I know, but to this day people still talk about it. Yeah, you know, we also had another interesting thing happen.
0:04:57 – Speaker 1
I mean, where do we even start, cause we have a lot of interesting things that happened. I figured you would have opened with that video. Well, so we came. So last week’s video was dumpster fire Right, I’m pretty sure that’s how I started the the description as well. Erin’s life is a dumpster fire. Her energy is off. Good luck with this podcast.
0:05:20 – Speaker 3
That’s one of us.
0:05:21 – Speaker 1
So, and then I got sick, which is fine, which is fine. And so now, now we’re back, life is starting to come out of the grave a little bit, is it, or?
0:05:32 – Speaker 2
are we just?
0:05:33 – Speaker 1
moving forward. I don’t know, I’m not really sure, but you know, even our Florida trip was bad.
0:05:39 – Speaker 2
Oh yeah, it was a tropical storm.
0:05:41 – Speaker 1
Yeah, the whole time, the whole time. We’re so excited about going to Florida and crap, we had to buy sweaters, not good.
0:05:49 – Speaker 2
We had to buy sweaters and we were so excited to go to Disney World to see the Mickey’s Christmas party. And we get there and it’s torrential downpour, so we’re like, oh well, just wear the ponchos, ponchos. Everything’s canceled, yeah, except for the fireworks. But then when the fireworks go out, wait, which one Wait?
0:06:06 – Speaker 1
before the fireworks show oh, the first one ever after we have the frozen ever after, I swear to God, it has never rained that hard ever, even in the rainforest. It was so crazy. So so wait, wait wait, wait, wait. You have your glasses on the glasses you got your Mickey ears on and I say you got to pull those down like this, Like a visor. You got to pull them down like a visor because you can’t see because, there’s so much rain on your glasses, someone sitting next to you farting.
There’s someone standing there and I keep looking at you being like is this person just going to pass gas the whole time? It was so bad, come on, it’s miserable. It’s miserable, come on, we don’t need that too, and I have a cold and it’s still bad, right. And then they about the show. So then they’re like welcome everyone to Elsa Ever After, or whatever the heck they say. Right, I am not exaggerating. I am not exaggerating. I was standing there. It is downpour.
Rebecca looks ridiculous with her Viserable Mickey ears like this, I can barely see. I got my yellow poncho on. There’s a family next to us that has their kids all covered up in a stroller. They’re like this was a lot of money to spend to be a complete washout. This woman’s passing gas is just going to set the stage for you. It is not okay. And then they’re like bringing it all in for this awesome show that we’re all excited about. I can’t even tell you what happened. It was a one firework, the way it was eight seconds long. Yeah, one firework went off like this fake, like ice, came over, gone. It came over the castle and then it was gone. And then it said thank you so much for coming to the show and we, everyone around us, just looks at each other with this family with the covered kids. It’s just pissed off, right, I look at you. I’m like that was it.
0:08:19 – Speaker 2
That was it. That was it. And then the road was flooding, yeah, and the workers were sweeping the water.
0:08:25 – Speaker 1
Yes, and I said if anyone hands me a damn squeegee mop in the middle of this torrential downpour, I’m going to say I’m all done. That is stupid. I’m not doing that. I’m not going to do that. I’ll come out when it stops raining. I do it right in the midst of the. I’m not going to be pushing the rain in the midst of the rain. Where, where.
0:08:49 – Speaker 2
Where In?
0:08:49 – Speaker 1
the grass. That is the epitome of just looking busy Like you didn’t have anything else to do. Yep.
0:08:55 – Speaker 2
So then I’m like well, I can’t see anything, I have to go buy a hat, because I had to put the Mickey ear visors weren’t working, so I bought a hat to cover, so now I could at least see.
0:09:05 – Speaker 1
And you, guys know what happened. When she went to buy that hat though right Number one, she picked up one hat and then she shoved it in my face and said Ew, smell this. It’s like a cow farm. I don’t understand Smells like that. Why, Really, why does that smell like a jockstrap? It’s a hat.
0:09:29 – Speaker 2
Oh no, it was the only Christmas Mickey one.
0:09:33 – Speaker 1
She puts that one back, she picks up another one. What does she have to do? Look at the price, right $38. $38. I’m like, listen, no one cares?
0:09:47 – Speaker 2
I know, get the fricking hat. I know no one cares, I did.
0:09:51 – Speaker 1
I did so she got the hat. I had to hear about that hat 10 more times.
0:09:54 – Speaker 3
I said I have to wear it. What can?
0:09:55 – Speaker 1
I do with it after. Do you think I can return it?
0:09:57 – Speaker 2
You know I can’t send it back to Amazon this time I know, and I wore it all weekend and Sawyer’s not wearing it today to school? Yeah, because we got to get that money. I was surprised to go have it on today because she wore it to school, otherwise I wouldn’t.
0:10:09 – Speaker 1
Yeah, otherwise it’d be here. So we’re like, okay, you know, and I think I started when I got there and you were like this really is, is this going to be fun? And I said it’s about that attitude, wait a minute.
0:10:19 – Speaker 2
Yeah, you did start that, but wait, go back to the hat. So then I buy the hat and I go to the cashier and I say maybe I have four bags. And she’s like you mean like bags. You put the hat in. I said, yeah, I need four of them. She’s like okay. And then I put them on my feet like boots.
0:10:38 – Speaker 1
I look like a pirate, like like you were six years old, going out in the snow. You put the boots on and then you put your army boots that you had on over those.
0:10:48 – Speaker 2
Put the boots on.
0:10:50 – Speaker 1
And why didn’t I even bother?
0:10:52 – Speaker 2
Because you were wearing Uggs and they were already soaked there, yeah, so it was a squish squish, squish, squish.
0:10:57 – Speaker 1
The whole time. You know they’re still not dry. Of course not. It’s three days ago.
0:11:01 – Speaker 2
I still have dry. I still have my bag of clothes in yeah, in the wet and damp and you know what clothes I’m talking about?
0:11:08 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, yeah, I sure do, I sure do.
0:11:11 – Speaker 2
Those are still in the bag. Yeah, you should probably just throw those out.
0:11:14 – Speaker 3
I’m kind of interested in what clothes those are. I bet you are.
0:11:16 – Speaker 2
I bet you are. I bet you are. This actually was pre pre Disney world. Pre Disney world. It’s not okay. Are you telling that?
0:11:28 – Speaker 1
story which one?
0:11:31 – Speaker 2
About the clothes in the bag. Go ahead, I don’t want to.
0:11:35 – Speaker 3
You don’t have to.
0:11:37 – Speaker 2
Scott, you gave him the video, Did you, did she?
0:11:44 – Speaker 3
No, there’s no video.
0:11:45 – Speaker 1
You’re lying. I’m not 100% talking about that, is it time?
0:11:49 – Speaker 2
You gave him the video. I can’t.
0:11:53 – Speaker 1
0:11:54 – Speaker 3
0:11:57 – Speaker 1
Turn it off. Listen. Let’s just say that Disney was not the most magical place on Earth when we were there. No, it wasn’t.
0:12:08 – Speaker 2
And we smiled the whole time.
0:12:10 – Speaker 1
We had to then get to the fireworks show, which was by far the worst fireworks show that Disney has ever put on. Ever. Something was wrong with the projectors. Nothing was projecting on the castle, the thing was just gray.
0:12:22 – Speaker 2
The entire time it was just coming down. It was like whew, whew.
0:12:26 – Speaker 1
It looked like a total smog everywhere. It was terrible.
0:12:31 – Speaker 2
It was so bad it didn’t help that the night before the murder mystery we chose to watch was the amusement park ride that caught on fire and killed a bunch of kids. Not okay, and every time we were in one of those types of rides I’m like, oh god it felt horrible.
0:12:48 – Speaker 1
I know it felt horrible. That was a bad choice. I also forgot that she made me watch that. Then, of course, she’s falling asleep. That’s not even my cold.
0:13:00 – Speaker 3
That’s Rebecca that is how Rebecca snores. She’s asleep apnea, she’s got her hand up like that Did you guys just go to the two of you?
0:13:09 – Speaker 1
Yeah, that was a weird trip. I know that the stories make it sound like there was a lot of people there to have this much fun. But yeah, it was just us.
0:13:18 – Speaker 3
You went to Magic Kingdom, the two of you.
0:13:20 – Speaker 1
Yeah, so much better without kids. We’re off, we’re going back in February. We’re going back because it was such a washout. It was such a washout that we got a free hopper pass. They gave everybody who was there that night.
0:13:34 – Speaker 3
It was so bad, we got a rain check.
0:13:36 – Speaker 1
Yeah, but that never happened. I know Disney never does that. It has to be.
0:13:42 – Speaker 2
And even if we didn’t get a free ticket, we’d still be going. Oh, yeah, yeah, but I think it’s our third time now. We were at Disney by ourselves.
0:13:48 – Speaker 1
Yeah, and we were like, oh, we’re going to our last time, just like if you’ve been on such and such a ride, and I’m like the only time I ever go on rides is when I’m here with you. So did we go on it or no? Oh my God, tell them about what happened with the stupid Peter Pan ride.
0:14:01 – Speaker 3
Oh God the Peter.
0:14:02 – Speaker 1
Pan or the.
0:14:03 – Speaker 3
Monster’s Eek.
0:14:04 – Speaker 2
The Peter. Pan or the Monster’s Eek. What happened to Peter Pan?
0:14:07 – Speaker 3
Okay, I’ll tell you what happened to Peter Pan Was it like a nine year long ride, a line, and then the ride was crap.
0:14:13 – Speaker 1
No, because no one wanted to be there, because it was so terrible, there was no line, so it said 40 minutes and Rebecca’s like I don’t know, I don’t really want to wait this long whatever I swear to God, it was seven minutes long.
If that we get in line right. And then we go and we sit down. I don’t even know. We go and we sit down in the little ship that you have to drive and all of a sudden this woman comes over who works for the ride, and she doesn’t say anything, she just I’m going to do it and you say it in case people aren’t watching us.
0:14:45 – Speaker 2
So we’re sitting, we don’t do it yet. So Erin sits down first and she’s like, thinking to herself I’ve never been on this ride, I’m wondering what it’s going to be like. And I sit down and I’m like, okay, here we go. And as the ship bar closes, the woman comes over and she takes her fingers and does this little sprinkle, sprinkle, says nothing, she’s sprinkling the bar and I’m looking at Erin and I go. What is happening?
I’ve been on this ride a thousand times I’ve been on this ride. A thousand times I’ve been on this ride. A thousand times I’ve been on this ride a thousand times and she’s fake sprinkling.
0:15:14 – Speaker 1
And she’s fake sprinkling the pixie dust. But, then, we look at each other and Rebecca goes. You know she made that shut up. She wasn’t told to do that. You know, she just did that by herself, right? So then when we went to go get off the ride, I’m like do you think that this man’s going to pixie dust the thing? No, that man had no, he didn’t care. He’s like watch your step, watch your step. He doesn’t care. He does not care, he does not care.
0:15:43 – Speaker 2
But it does not care. Yeah, not a woman. And so then I say sprinkling, why isn’t there real glitter?
0:15:49 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, she’s like well, how come they didn’t take the real glitter? I said do you want to know how fast that woman would be fired if she had?
0:15:55 – Speaker 3
a hand full of real. Spread the devil’s dandruff everywhere.
0:15:57 – Speaker 1
Yeah, exactly Every single time.
0:16:00 – Speaker 2
Remember when you pushed the little kid out of the way to try to pull up the sword.
0:16:06 – Speaker 1
The sword and the stone, yep, whatever. It was my turn next. She came right in out of left field, yeah, and then I gave her a look, and then her mom must have noticed, because her mom said, oh, adriana, I think this woman was next, and I’m like, oh no, oh okay. I said no, it’s fine, she’s fine, because what am I going to say? I know.
0:16:31 – Speaker 2
We’re going to be like yeah, I actually was next.
0:16:33 – Speaker 1
I’m sorry, I’m waiting here you six, wait your turn.
0:16:36 – Speaker 3
Lucky I didn’t step on you 41.
0:16:37 – Speaker 1
I got to see if I can pull this thing out. You couldn’t. No, I knew I could, that’s why I did it with one finger and you’re like oh my God, oh, you didn’t even try. I said it’s a freaking scam. This is scam. No one can pull it out.
0:16:53 – Speaker 3
King Arthur can.
0:16:55 – Speaker 1
This is what happens when we go to Disney.
0:16:57 – Speaker 2
She also cries on the baby roller coasters.
0:16:59 – Speaker 1
Because I don’t like that stuff. I don’t like it. Rebecca’s like it’s going to tower of terror. I said we’re not doing anything that has the word terror in it. We’ll go inside the rock and roll your coach.
0:17:11 – Speaker 3
You want to go on Tron.
0:17:13 – Speaker 1
I’m like no, I actually don’t want anything to do with that. How about the people mover that?
0:17:17 – Speaker 2
sounds more like Even you’re like I can’t do this.
0:17:20 – Speaker 1
Well, the people got a little too much at one point because it was dark in there and I’m like if this thing starts to go down, I swear.
0:17:29 – Speaker 3
Oh, so what you two should do, they’re all ears. You could start it. Go fund me so that you can hire a video crew to come with you for one of these things, because, oh my God, everybody would watch this 100%.
0:17:47 – Speaker 1
I mean jokes on you, scott. You’re the videographer.
0:17:49 – Speaker 2
Yeah right, what are you doing on February? What are you doing on February?
0:17:52 – Speaker 3
This is what you do, right. So the good thing about that is, if you pay, my way, I’ll do it for free.
0:17:56 – Speaker 2
Great yeah great we got a free ticket to go to Disney. That’s great.
0:18:00 – Speaker 1
Yeah, I got it. We talked about that on the time, because we already got a free one.
0:18:04 – Speaker 3
You can pay me in Disney churros.
0:18:06 – Speaker 2
Okay, yeah, I mean, we talk about this all the time. The amount of that we cannot make. You can’t make up what happens to us? No, and you’re at least savvy enough to pull out your phone most of the time. Yeah, but you cannot make up, no, at one point at the conference. First of all, I make us wear matching outfits, and I did not do a good job on the first outfit, so she doesn’t.
0:18:30 – Speaker 1
She did, if you’re flying Concern Center Air, because we looked like stewardesses.
0:18:35 – Speaker 2
It was bad, which we get a picture, but so I never tell her what we’re going to wear, because she’s very particular about the clothes. So I just buy them and then, when she’s in the shower, I lay out the outfit on the bed.
0:18:46 – Speaker 3
Oh my god.
0:18:47 – Speaker 2
And I say just put this on. And so this was a peach pencil skirt with a blouse Like a tight pencil skirt.
0:18:57 – Speaker 1
This pencil skirt is sausage material. It’s sausage, it is incredible.
0:19:01 – Speaker 2
And then it’s this blouse, kind of like what I’m wearing, but it’s got this big bow right here and so we would tie it. It’s white and we would tie it, and then I go will she put it on first? Because it takes me very long to get ready and I’m like oh god, that’s very assertive, she puts it on.
0:19:16 – Speaker 1
No, I put it on and she’s looking at me and I say, please, please, remember to put your mask on first. Thank you for flying Concern Center Air. And she’s dying. She’s like this is just not OK. So I can’t wait for you to put this stupid thing on. So of course we have to wear it yeah all day. We have to wear it.
0:19:37 – Speaker 2
So we’re walking over to the convention center and we have to push this big suitcase that we call Big Bertha, because it’s got all our supplies in it and she has both hands and it’s heavy on these carpets. I’m carrying the coffees. The most important job. She’s pushing Big Bertha, but she’s faster than me so she’s hunched over pushing it and I go do your sexy walk, like in front of us, like this open area. And I just yell do your sexy walk. So what do I do? She did I do the sexy walk, except it’s not. It’s like, it’s like a belasa after.
0:20:11 – Speaker 1
I want you to imagine. I want you to imagine me hunched over.
0:20:19 – Speaker 2
Like this in my office Good.
0:20:22 – Speaker 1
Everyone got me on camera here and then I went boo boo boo. I did this on the side.
0:20:28 – Speaker 2
Shake your butt and then lift your heel.
0:20:31 – Speaker 1
That wasn’t enough. So you then said lift that leg, lift that leg.
0:20:35 – Speaker 2
And then I’m going like this Push in the thick, lift that leg, push in the thick Lift that leg, move that foot, and I’m wearing spanks under my skirt because I have thunder thighs and can’t just wear the skirt by itself, and so, as I’m walking, the skirt’s riding up, riding right up. And I yell to her how does she’s doing the sexy walk?
0:20:57 – Speaker 1
As I’m doing the sexy walk pushing Big Bertha In the middle of the convention center, she says we think we’re alone in the hall because we’re late. She says I gotta imagine this.
Two coffee cups at her hand. Her skirt is halfway up her thunder thighs and she goes this skirt’s halfway up my butthole. That’s exactly what she said, without skipping a beat. This man we did not know was behind us goes. No, it’s not. You look great and we snap around real quick. And I look at her and this guy’s got beaming. He is beaming. I just got done doing the hippo walk. It was incredible and I just lost it.
0:21:44 – Speaker 3
And wait, you were at a convention center, oh yeah, this is the conference, this is our work.
0:21:49 – Speaker 1
Representing the company here, just representing the company in our stewardess outfits. Wow, in the stewardess outfits. Yes, everyone knew it. She says this skirt is halfway up my butthole. She said butthole. She didn’t just say up my butt, no, of course. I said butthole. And the man, without skipping a beat no, it’s not, you look great. And then doesn’t he see us.
0:22:14 – Speaker 3
He sees us on our table so many times at the conference.
0:22:16 – Speaker 1
And he just kept pointing at Rebecca and being like how’s that skirt going? How’s that skirt going?
0:22:20 – Speaker 3
How’s your butthole?
0:22:21 – Speaker 1
How’s your butt?
0:22:22 – Speaker 2
I can. Oh my god, he died, and then she, so she’s on the board.
0:22:26 – Speaker 3
That make it even worse.
0:22:27 – Speaker 1
I’m on the board. She’s on the board. I’m on the board Institution.
0:22:30 – Speaker 2
And so at her table, not only do we have to wear these lanyards with their name on them, she has to wear a clip on name tag and I’m like, oh no.
0:22:38 – Speaker 1
You want to talk about stewardess? I got one of these name tags right here on my actual, like stewardess outfit. I put that thing on, I go to the bathroom, I come right out and I said absolutely not, no you got to wear the lanyard and then she had to go do a presentation and to give a presentation.
And who’s there front row center? Who’s there front row center? Rebecca Twinzy, yep, twinzy. So I start the presentation. Thank you so much for coming to energy management. My name is Erin and I’ll be your flight attendant this morning, freaking, dying.
0:23:10 – Speaker 2
Not OK, dying yeah. The next day we wear mint green cowboy outfits, with cowboy.
0:23:16 – Speaker 1
Cowboy, pink cowboy boots Sure, did.
0:23:19 – Speaker 3
Everybody can’t. Why are there no pictures of all this? Oh?
0:23:21 – Speaker 1
they’re pictures, scott, come in your way.
0:23:23 – Speaker 3
We got pictures that’s going to be added in post. Oh sure, Sure.
0:23:27 – Speaker 2
I’m telling you we can’t make the stuff up and genuinely we don’t do it to be funny.
0:23:33 – Speaker 1
Nope, just normal, just normal.
0:23:35 – Speaker 3
Just normal.
0:23:37 – Speaker 2
And because it was raining so bad, there was an H&M next door, we had to go by matching sweaters. Yeah, because we had to keep the theme, because it was very cold in there we want people to talk about us. That works. Wear the stewardess outfit.
0:23:50 – Speaker 1
It works all right. I’m not so sure they’re saying what we want them to say. That’s true.
0:23:54 – Speaker 2
But everybody knows who we are. Everybody. I love it.
0:23:57 – Speaker 1
So that happens, and then you’re ready for this. Scott, I need you to buckle in, for this story?
0:24:04 – Speaker 2
Oh, he really doesn’t know. You did not give him the video. Are you lying? I can’t with your face, I can’t.
0:24:11 – Speaker 1
So I don’t even know where to start this one. This one is next level. We went to, we were in the car, yeah, and we were on our way back to return the rental car Right, because not only did we fly for 8,000 hours that morning. But then Rebecca had the great idea that we need to drive two and a half hours one way to a whole different part of Florida. Experienced that for 30 minutes, Back in the car for two and a half hours and come back.
0:24:49 – Speaker 2
And come home and then drop off the rental car, and that was when we discovered our ego with the podcast.
0:24:55 – Speaker 1
That’s when we were listening to the podcast, and so we were so intently listening to the podcast.
0:24:59 – Speaker 3
Thanks for establishing the timeline. I appreciate that, yes.
0:25:01 – Speaker 1
Yes, it’s very important, you’re welcome. Because we were so intently listening to the podcast that we did not pull over Also to eat, to drink when we took a potty.
0:25:13 – Speaker 2
When we were at the resort, they gave a champagne as a check-in, which we weren’t really checking in. We were just looking at the resort and she’s not drinking because she has to drive, so down the hatch.
0:25:24 – Speaker 1
I drink two Drink two, she has both of them. Two, she has both of them OK.
0:25:30 – Speaker 3
Little bottles the little bottles no glasses and champagne. Oh glasses.
0:25:33 – Speaker 1
Full on glass. Full on glass, yeah, yeah. So we have to stop and fill up with gas before we return the rental car which is the size of a clown car.
0:25:46 – Speaker 2
It’s, it’s.
0:25:46 – Speaker 3
Was it a little fiat? Was it like that?
0:25:48 – Speaker 2
It was a tiny car. I can’t remember what it was, but I mean it’s a mini.
0:25:52 – Speaker 1
Yeah, it was tiny, it’s mini, and Rebecca is the one who needs to get out and fill the car up with gas. Why? Because this car was for something associated with her work, not associated with my work, and when it’s the other way around, it’s just what we do, right? So, whichever you know, it’s your gig. You fill it up with gas, right, plus you drove.
0:26:16 – Speaker 3
So, I did.
0:26:16 – Speaker 2
I drove the whole time. I drove the whole time.
0:26:19 – Speaker 1
The least I could do is fill up the gas. So I’m sitting in the driver’s seat, you know, just stretching out, getting ready. She goes out, she’s putting the car in and taking it out. Putting the car in and taking it out. Well, it doesn’t work.
Yeah, I keep saying C cashier and I’m like, oh, so she’s like how much gas do I need to tell him that we need to put in the car, because I got to go in there, because it’s not taken the car and I don’t know how to figure out how much is left?
0:26:47 – Speaker 2
How much is?
0:26:48 – Speaker 1
left. Tell him $40. She goes $40. And I said, no, you tell him $40. It’s probably going to be closer to like 30. But you need to go over because you don’t want it to stop before it gets to that point and they’re only going to charge you for the amount that you put in. She’s like are you positive? I said I’m positive. They’re only going to charge you for amount that you put in. I go back, I take out my phone at this point because, again, I haven’t checked my phone for two and a half hours. I’m looking through some text messages. She goes around my door, which is open, and she gets up to the very next car in front of us, next to us or in front of us with the pump At this moment, thank the Lord, jesus Christ. I look up and I see her standing next to the pump. She has on a brown dress that is spaghetti strap boobs out, high knee, nice solid high knee and flat down the sides. Ok, this thing is.
0:28:00 – Speaker 2
It’s one of those skim stresses.
0:28:02 – Speaker 1
It is. You’re seeing all of Rebecca’s body shape in this dress. So I look up and I see something that I will not disclose yet, but it will come out. And this is me. I swear I’m going to enact this. Exactly what happened in this moment. I’m sitting there and I’m sitting there and looking up and I go no, Come back. Just like that. Just in that, it was like what did you say?
0:28:35 – Speaker 2
Rose from Titanic.
0:28:38 – Speaker 1
Come back, jack, come back. It was that level of exasperation. I said Because your door was still open. I said, no, come back, because I could not get it out fast enough that she’s walking toward the inside of the gas station. I can’t let her do it. I can’t let her go.
0:28:59 – Speaker 3
She had like toilet paper hanging from the back or something.
0:29:02 – Speaker 1
So you wish, you wish she did, okay, you wish, oh jeez, in this moment she immediately starts cracking up. Okay, and I was so surprised this moment because I’m the only one who knows what’s happening and she turns like this and immediately starts cracking up, which then makes me crack up because I don’t know why she’s cracking up, because she has no reason to know why she’s cracking up. So I think I do know she turns around because she knows in that moment that somewhere along the line she had peed herself and she has a spot. She has a spot that is the size of what is this? Like a water bottle.
0:29:55 – Speaker 2
The size of like the bottom of cookie.
0:29:57 – Speaker 1
The size of a chocolate chip cookie on the back of her dress and it is an absolute wet spot. So I’m saying no, come back, Because I’ve noticed that she’s wet herself and I cannot have her walking into the gas station. She turns around, walks back to the car, immediately crosses her legs and says I’m peeing, I’m peeing myself. She can’t hold it in because she’s got a problem with this anyway. You heard last time about the incontinence cup. That was it. She returned that. She returned that.
0:30:44 – Speaker 2
So that wasn’t saving us.
0:30:46 – Speaker 1
At that point she’s pissing her pants in the middle of the gas station and I have officially lost it.
0:31:04 – Speaker 2
I can’t keep it together. And then, it doesn’t stop. We are in bad territory.
0:31:09 – Speaker 3
You’re not pissing on my chair, bad territory.
0:31:11 – Speaker 1
No, it’s the car on the other end she immediately runs over to the passenger side seat and sits down in the chair.
0:31:25 – Speaker 2
With my legs on the outside of the car.
0:31:28 – Speaker 1
I can’t go into it.
0:31:30 – Speaker 2
I just can’t be like get the paper towels from the squeegee.
0:31:34 – Speaker 1
She wants them from the squeegee. What do I do in this moment? Take out your phone, I turn on the camera. I turn on the camera. I got the whole thing on video, minus the part where I say, what, go back. We missed that part. After that point, we officially have the whole thing on camera. We have, from the point where you’re sitting there bending over in the passenger seat. We have the part where she’s peed so much it’s now come through on the front of her dress. We have the part where I have to go and try and get the paper towels and there are none. We have the part where I say to her you need to stand up and turn around. She stands up and turns around. The whole back of her dress is complete wet spots Not good. I have to go in to the gas station. I have to get a roll of paper towels.
0:32:36 – Speaker 2
I got a case for the gas.
0:32:40 – Speaker 1
I got some snacks while I was in there. You got it.
0:32:43 – Speaker 2
You got it. I was hungry. While you’re pumping the gas, I’m trying to squeeze out of my sausage dress in between two gigantic suitcases, because they don’t fit in the trunk In the back seat of the car.
0:32:57 – Speaker 1
There’s still people getting gas After I have already gotten you a change of clothes Again. The whole thing is on video.
0:33:05 – Speaker 2
It’s not okay.
0:33:06 – Speaker 1
I believe it is already posted on our Instagram or TikTok. It is not okay, I know.
0:33:18 – Speaker 2
After I’ve all said and done, I look at her and I’m like we can’t make this stuff up, it just happens we get back in the car.
0:33:25 – Speaker 1
I had had two mini chimichangas in the back seat left over from lunch. I hand her a plastic bag to put the clothes in. You getting it, Scott. Those are the clothes that she was talking about.
0:33:40 – Speaker 2
They’re still in my suitcase in the bag.
0:33:42 – Speaker 1
She hands me the chimichangas and says I think these are all done. She’s essentially dribbled her urine on my chimichangas.
0:33:52 – Speaker 2
On the packaging.
0:33:53 – Speaker 1
It smells like absolute farm in this car. It is so bad that I’m driving with the window down because it smells like someone with a fetish was in the back seat. It is Not okay. It’s not okay, oh God. We’re carrying on down the road. I have to turn in the car. She looks at me in all seriousness.
All seriousness and says do you think they’re going to charge me for an extra cleaning fee? Because it always comes back to that. It’s always about the money. I know it’s hilarious. I said I think you’re in the clear, I think you’re okay. We had to get out of the car, throw all of the urine, soaked paper towels I had to go out, I had to go immediately check in and take showers.
0:35:00 – Speaker 2
Holy reels, was it not okay? Not okay, I know, I know. Well, that’s what you get for down in two glasses of champagne and not taking a potty break. Not taking a potty break. It’s too late, yeah.
0:35:11 – Speaker 1
So I bet you wished you hadn’t returned that $30 urine cup to Amazon, because that would have come in a little bit handy If it worked. Well, it would have worked better than what happened there, so I’m yelling in the video.
0:35:29 – Speaker 2
Can we just go to the Walmart over there and get the pen?
0:35:32 – Speaker 1
Depends. Yeah, I gotta go get some. Depends, I guess it depends. So.
0:35:39 – Speaker 3
You know, when you guys finally get to that 20,000 download per episode mark, you can actually raffle away the trip.
0:35:46 – Speaker 1
No, not those trips. Rebecca’s P-dress no.
0:35:52 – Speaker 3
Oh well, you probably. You probably get a pretty penny for that from a fetish guy.
0:36:01 – Speaker 1
The first one on there. This is like $10, $15.
0:36:09 – Speaker 3
Girls win a vacation or win a getaway with the two of you. Just to see, just to witness.
0:36:19 – Speaker 2
The shenanigans.
0:36:20 – Speaker 3
Yeah, you know what?
0:36:23 – Speaker 1
everyone. Please contribute so that you can be on this trip with us. But just so we’re clear that shit’s rigged. Is Kelly up the street?
0:36:38 – Speaker 2
Well, please we will sponsor that for sure. This one time we went on one of my work trips together and we stayed at a donor’s house and we we had to stay in their guest room together and she goes to take a shower and she comes back through only wearing her underwear and a Power Rangers mask. I’m like where did you get that? She’s like there’s a whole thing of customs in here.
0:37:03 – Speaker 1
And then you went and took a shower and when you came back out of the shower, I was wearing a Victorian dress, laying in the bed Like this Like a fainting couch.
0:37:15 – Speaker 2
Oh my God.
0:37:20 – Speaker 1
Speaking of Kelly up the street, she bought you some things that you need. She bought you some things. She also bought me some things, which was really really nice. Well, okay, so we did.
0:37:31 – Speaker 2
we tell the story about how we had to call her when we were on one of our trips. Oh no, it was a different trip. Yeah, two weeks ago we went on a different trip and we checked to the hotel and then we went to dinner. Right, yes, yeah.
0:37:46 – Speaker 1
And then we came back and I remember that salmon you had or whatever that cod was, yeah, and you said it tasted like absolute it was weird.
0:37:52 – Speaker 2
It was. It was so loud and rolled up.
0:37:55 – Speaker 1
Very weird. Mine, on the other hand, was delicious, it was great.
0:38:00 – Speaker 2
So we come back to the hotel room, which is a borderline shady place yeah, borderline shady and we come in and I go into the bathroom and I look and there’s the extra toilet paper roll, the extra one, not the one that’s already on the holder, the extra one sitting there with the wrapping off of it next to it, half off. Yeah, and I say to her, because of course we don’t even go to the bathroom alone. We’re so codependent. I’m like did you know you did it? No, no, I said, did you not see?
0:38:34 – Speaker 1
No, you started with you’re such an idiot. And I said why? And you said did you not see that the toilet paper is already out here? You had to open up a whole another one, right? And I said I did not take that out. And I said then who did? And I said I don’t know, I’m like, but I don’t like that.
0:38:56 – Speaker 2
You and I said no, I wouldn’t have done that, because I know it’s right here.
0:39:00 – Speaker 1
And then you were 100% convinced that I did it.
0:39:04 – Speaker 2
And then right, so then we’re not communicating because I she’s like, oh my God, oh my God, and so she’s thinking that I think there’s a ghost in the room.
0:39:14 – Speaker 1
I’m 100% convinced that she thinks spirit did it, but I don’t think that.
0:39:18 – Speaker 2
I think somebody came into the room Right. So we then move into our respective beds and I’m near the closet.
0:39:26 – Speaker 1
No, no, no, you were missing the part where you’re like I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. I got to hurry up. I got to hurry up and pee for you, so you pee real quick, and then I’m laying on my bed, your bed.
0:39:37 – Speaker 2
But I’m next to the closet, Yep, so I sit on my bed and you’re like you need to go in that closet and I’m like you need to look in that closet right now?
0:39:44 – Speaker 1
And you said absolutely not.
0:39:46 – Speaker 2
And I jumped into your bed and you jumped right on my bed with your shoes on Everything, because no way, that was too scary. I’m like I can’t go into that closet. I don’t know what’s going to be in there because I’m thinking, you’re thinking spirit which we never talked about Never talked about.
0:39:57 – Speaker 1
I’m thinking you’re thinking someone randomly came in just to unwrap the toilet paper and then left.
0:40:02 – Speaker 2
No, my husband said what you think. The maid came in and took a shit. I was like and flushed it and flushed it and she was like no, Then you. Then I finally get brave enough and I opened the doors.
0:40:12 – Speaker 1
Yep, and there was nothing. She pushes them open like with a stick. She like hurries up and pushes them open real quick.
0:40:18 – Speaker 2
Nothing was in there. Then she turns around and looks at the windows where the curtains are, and there’s like this blue scarf, blue huggy, wuggy scarf, looking thing. And she’s like what is that you need to go touch there the whole time.
0:40:30 – Speaker 1
She’s freaking out. She’s lost it, she has lost her mind.
0:40:36 – Speaker 2
I’m like I can’t, I can’t, I can’t go near there. What do you mean? I’m like we cannot stay in this hotel. We gotta go, yep. And so she calls Kelly up the street.
0:40:44 – Speaker 1
Yeah, I got Kelly up the street. I said we’re having a massive problem over here. There’s a major spiritual energy issue that’s going on and you need to calm it down.
0:40:53 – Speaker 2
And at this point I’m trying to iron our matching outfits for the next day and the iron’s not working. The iron is not working. It’s making weird noises, it’s not turning hot, all the things. So Kelly up the street gets on the phone and she’s like just so we’re clear, it’s Rebecca’s energy. And I go what do you mean? She’s like your energy is fucking with the things in the room and I’m like you mean I have like spirits on me. She’s like no, it’s just your energy. I said what? So then she starts talking about all this stuff and she’s like you need to get grounded. So the iron is still not working. I’m trying to listen to her. We discover in that moment that I wasn’t worried about spirits being in the room. I was worried about actual person. And so then we get through that. And then I go to iron the matching outfit and the iron is still not hot. And then you flicked it to go on and I promptly burned the clothes. Yep.
0:41:49 – Speaker 1
She then got a burn mark.
0:41:51 – Speaker 2
Burn mark On the right sleeve of her dress and I said we’re all done with this, we can’t do this anymore. It smelled like burnt plastic. It was horrible. So then we turned the shower on. I hung up the outfits, turned the shower on and let that run on super hot for probably 30 minutes. Dress is a great minus the burn mark. Did I wear it? 100%, 100%. Sure, dad, you can see that picture. Did I promptly return it to Amazon? 100%, absolutely this came like this I didn’t say that.
I didn’t say that, I just said it’s too small.
0:42:19 – Speaker 1
Yeah, great.
0:42:21 – Speaker 2
That’s great. Yeah, so, yeah. So we’ve learned that I need to be grounded.
0:42:25 – Speaker 1
Yeah, so Kelly of the street had to do like a mini therapy session, yeah, the whole time. I’m like we’re clear, it’s Rebecca, right, we’re clear, I’m okay. Kelly’s like you’re okay, it’s you’re okay. I’m like okay, good, good. So it was you.
0:42:40 – Speaker 2
Yes, and she said what did she say to you? She said I need to get grounded, you need to take your shoes off, yep.
0:42:45 – Speaker 1
Put your feet in the ground, yep. And you need to get grounded, yep, because your energy is causing wonky things to happen.
0:42:51 – Speaker 2
Yes, and I felt that immediately when she said it. It was like that makes so much sense, oh my gosh. Well, we weren’t going out to shady as New Jersey in that area to go outside.
0:43:00 – Speaker 3
So we had to do.
0:43:02 – Speaker 2
Right alternative options.
0:43:04 – Speaker 1
Right. But, so felt much better. She took me to this hippie do shop that she really loves on Monroe Ave.
0:43:13 – Speaker 2
She’s like a legit person.
0:43:14 – Speaker 1
Yeah, oh, it’s a person and she and it’s a pink. I picked that part. Stop it, I know, I know. So she picked these dark black. What is?
0:43:29 – Speaker 3
0:43:29 – Speaker 1
Hema fight. Is that what it’s called? Are they different? No, they’re the same. Maybe some of them are mine. Hematite, hematite, hematite. It’s good Hematite, hematue.
0:43:44 – Speaker 2
0:43:45 – Speaker 1
I’m 100% positive it’s not Hematite, but we will be calling it Hematite.
0:43:48 – Speaker 2
This one’s yours.
0:43:49 – Speaker 1
No, they’re both yours. Oh OK, so Definitely the Hematite. It’s good with my narcissist flower. Yes, and so she said go over and find the one for Rebecca. So I find the black one.
0:44:06 – Speaker 2
0:44:07 – Speaker 1
And I’m like this is it. And then I say to her she can’t just have just one, she has to have two. It’s so Kelly goes one for each hand. That’s absolutely right. I said she really needs that. She probably should get five for each finger.
Then I went over and she said pick the stones for you, because she was going to buy me my stones. And I absolutely picked the stone that she thought I should have. I love that. And then I picked two other ones. And yesterday, because I was sick, I couldn’t go to a wine club.
But those girls are so amazing that they still wanted me to participate. Stop it, they zoom you in. So they put the wine into go cups and they would bring them over as the new wine. So it was like number one and they would bring it over. So Kelly was coming over to bring me the wine and the food and as I’m laying in bed basically dying of this sickness, and she comes over at one point and I’m laying on the bed like this and I got the three stones that she had purchased for me right here on my chest and she’s like so much for not being into the hippie voodoo shit. And I said they just felt like that’s where they were supposed to be. I said I feel like they’re taking the sickness out of my chest. She’s like that, checks, they’re completely checked. So then I go to take them off.
I go to take them off after they’ve been on there and I felt that they’d been on there enough time. Oh, ok, isn’t the imprint of these gems? I took a picture of it. It’s still in my chest. Stop it. And I did not push those gems on there, I did not. I literally just laid them on there. They were not on there for a crazy long time and when I took them off, they’re still imprinted on my chest. So Do you feel better? Did you feel better? I started to feel better yesterday. I feel a little bit better today. Ok, ok, could also be the pseudofed, but you know, you know, I don’t know.
I mean, it’s a combination More important than those hematiddy rocks.
0:46:23 – Speaker 2
Hematiddies yes.
0:46:24 – Speaker 1
Is she said you need this.
0:46:26 – Speaker 2
Oh yes, we talked about this. Her and I had a really beautiful phone call yesterday. She said I have to sage myself, you have to sage.
0:46:33 – Speaker 1
OK, should we light it up? Yeah, we’re going to light that up, yep, and then we’re also going to give Scott a good staging. Ok, scott needs a staging too.
0:46:40 – Speaker 2
We’ll do it. That’s how we’ll close out the show.
Oh my god, I love that With the staging yes, so her and I had a great conversation yesterday and she did a reading for me. She does like real readings. She’s not like me who’s like, oh, pick a card, it’s fun. You know, she does this really beautiful thing for me and she took a video and then we had like a three hour debrief about it and it was so nice and so validating and she’s so clear and articulate in the way that she talks about the cards coming up and her and I don’t know details about our lives, like we just know each other as like acquaintances, your friend, and so as she’s reading, doing my reading, she’s like I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’d love to know more about it. So I’m telling her my life story, which is also interesting Because, as I started to get closer to when you and I met, I would just say, you know, when I was in college and then one of my good friends was in the health department and I was a resident director moving into my new residence hall and I was called into the office and told OK, I know you just moved in yesterday, but we need you to relocate and go full time, and at the same time, my girlfriend who knew I was going through a hard time in the health department, called and said, hey, there’s a new girl in our department.
I think you would be really good friends with her when you come to an Amarix game. And I was like OK, so then I go with her. We are in the car, we get to the parking garage and I immediately say I need to go pee. And I start peeing in the parking lot and she goes oh my god, that girl was Erin. I said yeah, so like I’m telling her these things and she’s bringing in because she has read the timeline and she’s like all of these aha moments are coming for her so she can put it all together. And it was so validating and cool to talk to her.
And then she gave me some amazing feedback and she said when I listened to your podcast, she said every time you say when you bring up these oils, that we do. And I say if you’re feeling resistant to it, it’s because you need it more. And she says I feel uncomfortable when you say that Because she’s like that’s your perception, because you’re always in a chaotic state and she goes. So for you that might make a lot of sense, but for the general public. Generally, you need to go things that you’re drawn to. So your experience with her in the store when she said what are you drawn to when? For me, I would never be drawn to this, it would be the most resistant. In fact I even said to you I was wearing my black Lula lemon, whatever those things are fanny pack things.
And I said to you while I was eating my rolled up fish I feel so inauthentic right now because this is not me. I would never wear black, ever, and I feel uncomfortable. I don’t like what this feels like. I couldn’t find my pink one. I think it’s because my daughter took it and she swapped it and left me the black one, and to this day, I feel very uncomfortable. So for me, I would never pick this. It’s the least resistant. So to me it’s like nope, that’s exactly what you need. And she said well, generally, that’s not how it works. So I appreciated that feedback. You know who does pick black? Yeah right, I was thinking about that in all of our podcasts. I’m like she only wears black, only wears black, and I don’t think I’ve ever worn the same thing twice.
0:49:56 – Speaker 1
I know I thought about that today because I already wore this. We talked about the fact that it cuts my boobs and I wore it again and I thought I don’t think we’re about because we’re in the same thing twice, it’s because you wear it. Then you’d return it and you buy something else. It’s true.
0:50:09 – Speaker 2
In fact I had one of the soccer dads say to me I’ve never seen you wear the same thing twice. I’m like it’s pretty normal Wow.
0:50:16 – Speaker 1
I don’t eat the same thing. He’s paying attention to that.
0:50:17 – Speaker 2
Apparently Because. I’m all yeah right, no, no, it’s because I dress the way I dress, that people are like I don’t know how you’re comfortable doing that. I also don’t eat the same thing twice. It’s very rare that we have a repeat dinner in my house.
0:50:32 – Speaker 3
Holy crap, how do you even do that? How do you even run out of stuff?
0:50:36 – Speaker 2
Ever. It’s very rare.
0:50:38 – Speaker 3
What about if you like something?
0:50:40 – Speaker 2
Yeah, I’ll make it once and a while twice yeah.
0:50:42 – Speaker 3
0:50:42 – Speaker 2
But we always knew things.
0:50:45 – Speaker 1
You want to know what we have every night Tacos or pizza? No, I legit said.
0:50:51 – Speaker 3
Chicken tacos salad.
0:50:52 – Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah, no Chicken salad.
0:50:54 – Speaker 3
Oh no, Taco salad.
0:50:55 – Speaker 1
Yeah right.
0:50:56 – Speaker 2
Taco salad? No, it’s very. No, I love to cook, so it’s always different things. In fact, I said to her, because we’re doing things giving together, I’m like I’m changing up the menu this year. She’s like, no, you’re not, I want this, this and this. I’m like, oh my god, we ate that last year.
0:51:11 – Speaker 1
I’m like I’m the only thing I’ve looked for. The only thing I’ve looked for is the green bean casserole. I don’t care, fine, but if we don’t have that green bean casserole, I’m not going.
0:51:21 – Speaker 2
But yeah, no, I do not.
0:51:22 – Speaker 1
So that’s really interesting she’s essentially saying that you are a loose cannon, your energy pulls you in a million different directions and that I’m the stable one. Oh, I mean, that was a that’s clear as day. I mean, what hasn’t been clear is that I’ve allowed myself to flow with your chaotic energy, and this is probably why this has been the worst year of my life, and so I think we need to. I mean, my year was not great either, right, well, that’s because you were just rebutting my groundedness the whole time I’m like, oh god, this doesn’t feel good, but the fact that you had to have two of those black hacks in my mind was not.
It was non-negotiable, it had to be balanced. You had to have one in each hand. I was drawn to the black. It was so clear to me. It was not purple, it was not gold, it was not anything else. It was solid. And the ones I picked for myself purple, light pink and like a silver metallic color and the silver metallic one whose name I can’t remember right now, is the one she’s thinking that is the one I would have picked for you all day. The other two are just more like an amethyst and more starter gems that they’re just generally helpful for everyone.
Rose quartz, things like that. And so it’s really interesting that when I saw those black ones, the hematiddy, I was so clear that you needed two of them.
0:53:03 – Speaker 2
Yeah, yeah, it’s funny. So her and I had this great call yesterday and we talked about a lot of things and then this morning I had a bunch of aha moments, specifically because I mean, we’ve alluded to the fact that there are a lot of things going on in our lives, specifically for me and my career, and we’ve had a couple of different readings and each time the hermit has come up numerous times. And I do consider myself an introvert in the sense that I like to be alone and I like to play a role, but I’m an extroverted introvert. I’m very crazy, I’m very loud, I’m happy to put on a show, but what I don’t like doing is authentically engaging with people. It’s very awkward and uncomfortable for me. So we’re chatting about these kinds of things and I’m starting to see very clear where I need to spend time, and it’s more with myself and really honing in on what’s important and staying in that lane. And that’s difficult for me because I’m not good at that.
Ironically, I get up this morning, I take my daughter to school and I say Sawyer, go start the car for me because there’s frost on the windshield. You’ve got to turn it on and turn on the defroster. She’s like OK. And then she comes running in and she yells mom, there’s bug on the windshield. I go no, there’s not, it’s a winner, it’s probably just ice or leafs or something. She’s like no, I swear there’s a bug. I’m like that’s gross, no, not true. I go out there and I go, where is it? And she’s like it’s on the inside. I said there is not a bug on the inside of the car. On my dashboard there’s one of those Junebugs, those beetles, those Junebug beetles that only come out in the summer at night. Dead is a Dornel on my dashboard. Where did that come from? Immediately, I think, kelly, up the street. So of course you know me.
0:54:53 – Speaker 1
What does?
0:54:54 – Speaker 2
Junebug symbolize. Yeah, and it symbolizes every single thing we talked about yesterday. It was as though she planted that thing there. She came to your house, but the Junebug’s there, honest to God.
I was like what? And I you know because I always look up blue jays were very prominent in my life when I had a communication problem and they just kept showing up, showing up, showing up. And once I started listening, everything and made adaptations, everything changed. Then little weird signs. I remember I was having a conversation in my own head about something and a bird pooped on my shoulder when I was walking and then I thought about what I was thinking of in that moment when that happened and then, of course, I looked up what that meant and it said that’s a sure sign you need to go forward. That was something. It was crazy, like all these things.
0:55:39 – Speaker 1
We could not be any more different. And then my life changed when I went into that.
0:55:43 – Speaker 2
I’m telling you. This is why I go with the pendulum.
0:55:45 – Speaker 1
Have you ever done that?
0:55:46 – Speaker 2
Scott what.
0:55:47 – Speaker 1
Have you ever got a chat on by a bird and then looked it up on Google to find out what was that meaning, what did that mean and what was I thinking about in that exact moment? I know, I swear to God.
0:55:56 – Speaker 2
And then so I’m looking up all these things and as I’m going down the rabbit hole of the June bug, it specifically said that I need to focus on the intention of abundance. And abundance can mean multiple things. It can mean wealth, it can mean fulfillment in your life, anything and I immediately bought an abundance candle.
0:56:15 – Speaker 3
And now I have a plan to have a whole meditation session every day with my abundance candle, an abundance candle, yes, and in the candle are certain. Abundi.
0:56:25 – Speaker 2
No, certain crystals and things like that, and you have to say certain things and you open your heart to abundance and wealth, and it shall come forward.
0:56:35 – Speaker 3
But you know, I love that stuff and I really want to believe in it. I really want to. But I really have difficulty believing in that and I don’t know if it’s like just my innate skepticism or what it is. But I go back and forth between being in that mindset Abundance and there’s plenty of work to go around, like just one day where I’m like everything’s gonna be fine and then the next day I’m like, oh my god, I gotta go get a job at Walmart.
0:57:10 – Speaker 1
You know what it is for me, scott, because we’re real clear, I’m not. I’m not that far in. Really dipping your toes to the pool really clear for me what it is is. I like to use it as a tool and, as I tend to be much more scientist, practitioner minded, you know I tend to be much more like. Show me the proof associated with that, or it’s not just based on your gut response, you know?
0:57:40 – Speaker 3
let’s, let’s it’s all face. It’s faith-based, though, so you have to have faith in it for it to actually work for you.
0:57:48 – Speaker 1
Well, I don’t know so leave.
So let me use the example of those gems that I put on my chest yesterday. I had a gut feeling while I’m at home and I’m not feeling well and I’m in my bed and I’ve been in bed for two days because I really don’t feel well and I see the gems and I remember just thinking in that moment I would like to put these right here on my chest right Now I’m not. I’m not attributing to that, I’m not as far as Rebecca would be in that moment, which she would have taken. She would taken all the stones out she would have. She would have planned you know, I need to do this cleansing ritual Associated with being my bed right, she would have gone through all of that for me.
I see the stones, I put the stones on my chest and I use it. I realize in that moment it’s more meditational for me that I’m in that moment and I’m focused on the energy that’s in my chest. I’m focused on mentally pushing the energy from my body into the rocks. Do I think that’s absolutely happening? No, okay. Again, you see by Rebecca’s face that she’s 100% clear. Those, those rocks, took on my virus and that’s why I feel better today. Okay, it’s fine, because we all are who we are.
You’d be totally clear, it’s the Of that meditational aspect of that was comforting to me. That was something that allowed me to mentally get the anxiety out of my body and into these rocks. I took the rocks off when it felt like the wrong time, the right time, and then I thought I need to cleanse these in salt. Why do I need to cleanse them in salt? Because kelly told me that you cleanse your rocks in salt. Is that because I so clearly believe that? Well, water is another option, apparently. But is it because I so clearly believe that if I don’t rinse these off, the next person who touches this is getting the cold virus? No, it’s because I was told that’s.
The next step in the process is to cleanse your rocks. I mean, rollbound person, I got to cleanse my rocks and it there that I use that as a tool to be able to go through a difficult Moment of illness and to just be present in that moment. I don’t see any harm in that, right? I don’t feel any harm in that. I’m not hurting anyone else. I feel I feel good about it, right? It’s funny when I think about it or talk about it.
1:00:15 – Speaker 3
You’re still. You still have the presence of mind that if it got worse, you’d go to the doctor, whereas some people would be like add another rock.
1:00:22 – Speaker 2
Oh yeah, I’m not like, I’m gonna do nothing and wait for the universe to tell me.
1:00:28 – Speaker 3
Yes, I’m praying for your cancer to leave your body.
1:00:30 – Speaker 1
No, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Exactly right. And and there are people who do that too, and so there is for me. That’s not, that’s not me, that’s not my my mo, it’s more. You know, I don’t need to go so far as to always run to the doctor for every single thing that’s going on, but I need to have the feel, mixed with the scientific evidence, mixed with just logic for me in order to feel okay, and that’s why I feel okay in this space. I also think it’s fun when Kelly up the street gives me a reading and I love thinking to myself oh my god, how does that totally fit in? And I use that information as a tool to help frame what I have been feeling very clearly.
1:01:14 – Speaker 2
That’s what she helped me do yesterday. It was, and because she doesn’t know me Right, you doing a reading to me could be interpreted very different, because you just know when you’re able to connect the dots a little bit differently than me, right? Yeah, it’s again, I feel the same way. It’s just a tool, it’s just another tool.
1:01:31 – Speaker 3
That’s the way it should be done. And if you think about back in the medieval days or whatever, where they, you know, they believed one thing and then that was it and it came down to some of those superstitions, there were some actual scientific proof to it and if you kind of combine the science with the superstition, you’re better off, yep.
1:01:56 – Speaker 2
But I also think it’s that concept of mindset right. So if you have the gratitude mindset or the positive mindset, you’re just more open to seeing things in that particular light. If you have the victim mentality or you have the poor me’s mindset, you’re always in that mentality that I 100% believe in, but to me, it’s the same thing.
If I’m sitting here and I’m in the abundance mentality and I’m in the wealth comes to me, I’m going to make very different decisions in that mindset than I would in the desperation mindset. I’m going to take whatever I can because I’m feeling desperate and fear based Right.
1:02:35 – Speaker 3
It’s a hard mindset to maintain 100%, but that’s why it’s a practice. That’s why meditation is a practice. It’s a good point.
1:02:42 – Speaker 2
Yeah, I mean, I’m the worst meditator. Can you see, let’s start for two seconds, and I’m like what’s happening over there. I’m bored yeah.
1:02:52 – Speaker 3
I tried meditating this morning when I got in, and how long that lasts, well, let’s see. The first time it lasted five minutes, and then I went and did something and they came back. And then the second time, when my head hit the wall behind me, I woke up and realized. Yeah, but I did get about 10 minutes of actually just concentrating on my breathing and that’s it. Every time I would wander, I’d be like no breathing. Bring it back. But yeah, my mind goes walkabout often.
1:03:23 – Speaker 1
But the common misconception of meditation and mindfulness is that, the minute that you sit down to be able to do it, you should be able to do it for 20 minutes at a time and be fully present in that moment.
Yeah, that is unrealistic. Just the simple practice of putting the gems on your chest and focusing for a moment on what’s in your body and what you’re moving into. The rock is the state of mindfulness and presence, and the goal is you do that for 30 seconds, you do it for a minute, you do it for a minute and a half, you get up to whatever your body is able to successfully tolerate and that’s going to be different for each person, right. And then you will move into a place where, before you walk into a job interview, right, you might be in your car, you might take some breaths, you might say something out loud, you might notice yourself just going through the interview process. That is all a part of presence, yes, and that presence is grounding. Yeah, and that’s the beauty, in my mind, of what meditation, mindfulness, presence brings into everyday life. It does not need to be sitting with your legs crossed hands like this in a quiet Buddha sanctuary, right, you can do it literally anywhere, yeah.
1:04:39 – Speaker 2
But it’s a practice. That’s what makes it intimidating, because you see people who are really really advanced and practiced and all of it. It’s the same concept of listening. Listening is not a skill people hone in on enough. They are so worried about what they’re going to contribute and what they’re going to say and it’s sad, it’s really sad, and nobody spends enough time with their youth, including families, learning how to listen and really truly hear each other.
And so I think that meditation can help with that. And it’s funny we always talk about discipline in schools, right, and how. You’ve done research and I’ve just read research studies on schools specifically with at-risk youth have shifted a little bit not lots of them, but some of them have shifted a little bit to putting yoga in. When the room becomes chaotic, the snap of the finger means everybody go into a downward dog. It’s just a natural thing. And then all of a sudden, people just realign and re-energize and I think to myself why is this not talked about more? Instead of getting punished and having to sit in the corner, we remove the child and we go through meditation and yoga, or we create those sensory things where it’s like gel or whatever with glitter in it and you have to watch it go up and down and up and down and you have to be thinking about your breathing. Those skills are so much more important than detention and discipline and it’s a shift, it’s a big shift.
It’s really sad for me that people don’t buy into that.
1:06:11 – Speaker 1
I don’t understand Well, it’s such a drastic shift from where we have been to where we are going, and those shifts take a tremendous amount of time. Just look at the difference between my parents’ thought process on a lot of things and my thought process.
on a lot of things they’re drastically different. There’s not a tremendous age gap between us. I mean the span of 40 years, 30 years, that’s not crazy. But you’re having to really change the mindset of a whole paradigm of what is discipline, what is social-emotional learning, what is teaching. What belongs in the classroom, well, even in the workplace. It’s very interesting.
1:07:00 – Speaker 2
When I shifted careers and left higher education and I went to go work for a private company, the shift in culture was mind-blowing to me. I remember I started working remote 10 years ago, so this is pre-COVID. Now I think a lot of things have changed since COVID because people realize we don’t need to be the way we’ve always been. But anyway, when I first started working in this new environment, we were all remote and my boss would say if we’re having a meeting and you’re not outside walking, that’s unacceptable. And I remember thinking I can’t do that because I need to take notes and I need to remember what we’re talking about. And he’s like that’s what video recording is for. I’m like what?
And then I remember we went to a staff meeting in person. We were doing a retreat and it was like he would be presenting something and then all of a sudden be doing yoga while talking and I’m like this is so weird. But that’s just the culture that has been created in that environment. And now that’s so normal to me. To think that if I go out to somewhere and I can’t just excuse myself or do what I want to do when I want to do, it is weird. It is very normal for me to just do what I need to do in order to maintain my own health, and if I don’t want to go to a meeting because I’m not feeling energetic that day, I don’t need to go.
1:08:13 – Speaker 1
I’ll figure it out later. There is the shift right, because how many times have I said to you you can never go back to working in a standard place of employment, not that kind of employment, no way. In a standard, more traditional place of employment, there’s not a chance.
1:08:27 – Speaker 2
No, because the expectations would be so drastically different than what I’m used to and it would not only kill my spirit, it would make me very unproductive. It would not be great because I figured out what works for me, because I had been stifled for so long being forced to fit into that standard way of expectations.
1:08:48 – Speaker 1
And where I think we have spent a lot of time coming together on this and other issues is it is not the case that that way you were just talking about is 100% the way that it needs to be, and it is not the case that the sit in your cubicle stay from nine to five is exactly how it needs to be.
But the reason that change doesn’t happen quicker is that this side is judging this side for the fact that you’re not allowing me to be free flowing, and this side is looking at your side and saying look how unproductive you are, and it’s because we’re not spending enough time talking about. Just let’s, curiosity wise, look at this shift and take what we want and leave what we want and create something new. We’re in such a place where we have to be battling against each other that it stunts the growth of something beautiful because we’re so uncomfortable with what we have come to learn and feel and the fear of going back there or what we fear as being a new way of doing things and what that might mean for my sense of self. All interconnected.
1:09:57 – Speaker 2
And it’s so interesting because it makes sense to me why people would be on an entrepreneur, because it’s very rare that an entire company would make the tiniest shifts that would need to happen. So instead, what are your other options? You can work for yourself. If I don’t like my kid being in that rigid school system, what are my other options?
1:10:18 – Speaker 1
Home school, do it myself and, as an entrepreneur, I can’t wait to someday go back to working at Target Right.
1:10:30 – Speaker 3
Amen sister.
1:10:30 – Speaker 1
Yeah, all right, it’s time. We’re 10 minutes over. This is where Scott comes in and he lays the smack down, so we don’t have time to do your hippie do.
We will pick one card here and this will be the affirmation for today. Okay, here it is. Do-da-do-do-boop. I know, scott, I gotta blame it on someone. It can’t be me, okay, oh, I love this. Okay, I am doing what feels good. I know that exploring my passions will lead me to my purpose. Stop, I am doing what feels good. This card right here. You wanna talk about a tool could not be more true for both of us in the most opposite ways possible.
Yup, that was our aha. I am doing what feels so good to me, that makes you so uncomfortable, and you are doing what makes you feel so good and I wanna vomit, yeah.
1:11:38 – Speaker 2
I have to read this card now. I have to do it. My card. Hurry up, scott’s gonna yell, so you don’t need him, scott. Yes, scott, I’m gonna yell you still play the card too.
1:11:45 – Speaker 3
Oh my God, he’s gonna come in, he’s gonna go for the future.
1:11:48 – Speaker 1
How many times, oh my God.
1:11:50 – Speaker 2
Okay, I’m gonna do real quick Two of pentacles options. Yup, this two shows a decision is underway. You’re considering your options, rehearsing all the possible outcomes, rather than taking action. The choice may concern jobs, places to study, potential homes or where to travel. In personal finances, there are demands on your resources, so you may find yourself juggling income and expenditures in order to balance the books. Advice pay attention to the details of any financial agreements or offers. Look for the long-term benefits rather than going for the short-term name Game.
1:12:26 – Speaker 1
I’m all in for the hippie voo now. Yup, I’m just kidding. Yup, I’m all in. I’m the total tool. Love that, it’s so true. Yup, yes, rebecca and Ruth here today. All right, we’ll be staging after With your hippie voo. Come on in for a sage. Ooh, that smells good, ooh Scott, come bring it on in for a sage. Come on, sucka, have a good day Bye.
1:12:52 – Speaker 2
I loved that. Me too Is an empathy amazing. Well, we’re amazing. I don’t know about all this empathy stuff.
1:12:59 – Speaker 1
That’s fine. I accept you wherever you are. Oh God, I love you. I love you too, and if you love us, please like and subscribe to More Love the power of empathy podcast, wherever you get your podcasts. See you next time.

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