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Erin and Rebecca had to record a quick promo to get the word out for the Live Stream on 12/29/23 at 12:00pm – but as usual, it turned into this whole thing – so here’s a mini-bonus episode. Enjoy!

0:00:07 – Speaker 1
You ready for this jelly? What the hell are you doing in the microphone? What do you mean jelly? I don’t know. It’s like a first thing I thought of to say Are you ready for this jelly? It could be one of those episodes I see. I mean, yeah, I’m always ready for the jelly.
What do you think is going to happen when we go live? Oh, no, you do. I mean not in a bad way, like excitement, like firework. Who’s invited? Everyone, everyone, really, you’re going to let everybody show up. Well, you can show up. Doesn’t mean I’ll acknowledge you. We’re talking to you. Yeah, that’s good, that’s really good, that’s really good.
So, december 29th, the Friday, one shower, two days after my birthday, two days after her birthday. You want to know what folks? She’s going to be older than I am, that’s right, that’s right. Cannot wait, that’s right. The wisdom that’s going to just pour out of my pores? Yeah, pour out of my pores. That’s funny. Yeah, pour out of my pores. That’s like a zit, 100%. Except today, when you told me that you just wash your face with dove soap every day I do. I’m like, oh, not every day, why don’t we get a little drier? Not every day, only when I take a shower. Oh good, that’s good. Yeah, that’s good. So we’re going live.
Yep, December 29th, that’s the Friday Noon, it’s a nooner Noon, noon, noon, we’re doing a nooner Noon. Yeah, and I get to watch. Yeah, you’re invited, scott, noon, noon, you never know, you never really know here, you never know. The show is called More Love, more Love, more Love, the power of empathy. That’s right, that’s right.
So here’s my thought why don’t we go to the thrift store after this and we pick each other out an outfit that the other person has to wear on our live episode? Okay, done. When do we get to see the outfit? On December 29th, when we show up? Yeah, so we have no idea. I think there’s like a little changing room right over here. You can change right in the behind the scenes curtain area. Okay, okay, do I have to pay for my own outfit and yours? Yeah, because you don’t have any money. Yeah, that sounds about right. Yeah, that’s good. 100%, you have to make sure it’s gonna fit. Okay, don’t be getting me some like extra small. You, really, I can’t, really, whatever, I can’t wait. You buy outfits for me. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. So we’re gonna go to the thrift store after this Okay, so no one’s gonna see the outfit until December 29th at 1145 am.
Okay, right before, rebecca, you can’t return it after. You guys do it on the show. I know, if it’s a thrift store, you can’t return it. I did find that. I know. Sorry about that, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay, we’ll still use it, that’s all right.
This is what I think we should do on the live episode. Okay, tell me if this is a good idea. Scott, weigh in here. Okay, I’m all about taking out 2023. Agreed, like we all done. See you later, okay, all right, bye-bye.
So I think we should have some type of massive, ridiculous fire pit. Can you make that happen? Massive, a massive one, yeah, like a bonfire Right here, right here in the middle, and I’ll meet you halfway. I mean, maybe that’s fine, it’s gotta be bigger than our incense stick. Yes, oh yeah, because we burn in some stuff. Yeah, but we can’t have. I mean, it’s a building, it’s fine, that’s Scott’s problem. Okay, I’ll have to figure that out. All right, that’s Scott’s problem. Massive fire pit right here. Okay, and what I want us to do is both have our own, as well as listeners right in. Okay, actually, include it on the comments below. Okay, what do they want to get rid of in 2023? Okay, what are we saying? See you later out of here.
Sayonara, sayonara, bye-bye, hasta la vista, peace out, bye-bye, peace out. So, point to where the pit’s gonna be Right. That’s just so everybody can see. Now, on the wide angle there, yeah, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pin Okay, like with clothes pins. Okay, all over our fancy outfits. Okay, fancy Random, well, fancy thrift store outfits With random things, okay, that people want to say goodbye to in 2023. Okay, in addition, because you know I’m forever optimistic, we need to also include things that people want more of or are manifesting or are excited about. So I’m gonna buy the clothes pins, or the pins, and one color is gonna be one version and one color is gonna be Absolutely, one’s the Sirenara and one’s the welcome. Bring it in, bring it in, bring it on.
Are you guys hiring some sort of support staff for us? A hair and makeup department? We sure are and PAs and all that kind of stuff? No, we handle that ourselves. But you’re the support staff. We’re the only support staff we have. We have, we don’t deal with anybody else. So you guys are gonna handle the pinning of everything on your-. Oh yeah, absolutely. We can’t afford it.
Unless Kelly at the street is willing to volunteer, you show up and kind of say I would think I would love to have her on the podcast. I’m still working on it. It’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen. I hope one of you wears something that’s corduroy Just oh, don’t threaten us with a good time. I mean, nobody wants to hear me walking in corduroy pants. No, you said you wanted a fire pit. Oh, I’ll start that real fast. Oh yeah, absolutely. Wee, wee, wee. It’s so true. Oh my God, okay. So fire pit right here. Yeah, thrift store outfit that no one knows what it is that we’re wearing, including us.
So the pins different color pins. This is basically just normal outing. Absolutely, it’s just a normal day for us, not for everybody else, right? Pins over here. One color is cyanara, 2023. One color is bring it on 2024. And then we each take turns picking them off.
Now, what I really love about that is that some random listener is like I’m saying goodbye to this in 2023. Now, do we know the backstory? No, are we going to make it up? 100%? Absolutely, that shit’s hilarious. 100%, that is hilarious. The more vague the better. Exactly, just give us what you’re saying goodbye to.
We’re going to create the whole story around why we’re saying goodbye to it and then what happens to it at the end. I’m saying goodbye to my camouflaged crocs. Are you serious? No, oh, but I want to. I’m interested in the story Castles on Rebecca. She needs those. She needs those. Don’t get rid of those. What size are those? What size are those? 11.
No, we need to go a little deeper than that. I mean, like, wait a minute, wait a minute. If we’re going to get. We can’t burn the things we want to manifest. No, just a picture. No, just a. Yeah, what the hell? We can’t burn crocs in here. I’m getting rid of my marriage. Boom, get in there, get in the fire room. No, because you said we were going to do one side, one color, is going to be the get rid of and then the other color pin is going to be the things that we want to bring in. Yeah, we don’t burn that. No, what do we do with that? That’s why I was wondering that’s a good point.
I say we put the fan up, I think this and burst into the heavens. You just let it go up Like like a dove. Do you know the only thing that came to my mind? This doesn’t even make any sense. Put it on ice. What Is it? A freaking course? Why? I thought the same thing. I was like we can freeze it. I don’t know why I thought that. Put it on ice Because it’s fire nice, no, no, I say we put the fan facing up and it goes up Like a dove. So we just let it. We let it fly like a dove, like a good one, like a good one.
Yeah, okay, as long as you’re cleaning up the confetti, because I’m not going to be doing it. Okay, scott, you’re the support staff. I don’t know how many times, how many times? This is why we go to rockbox, because we do the confetti and then we leave. It’s fine.
So, okay, we’re going to have the fire pit. We’re going to have the thrift store outfit. We’re going to have the different color thing People need to write in. If they don’t, it’s going to be super boring. Do you think anyone’s going to show up? I mean, I got. I hope so. Just kill him.
Show up online to the live stream. Don’t show up here. I mean, just say it out. No, don’t come to the freaking studio. Did that sound comfortable? You want to be, you want to be real life. Oh, my God, I’m first. Okay, okay, guys, stay on the couch. You know who’s going to be there. It’s fine. You know who’s going to be first, or there who? Nina? Oh, yeah, she better be. She better be taken off. She better be taken off. Yep, yep, yep, I love it. I love it. Take my mom’s going to be there, maybe, hi, ellen, hi, ellen, hi, it’s going to be awesome. We will 100% be doing hippie voodoo shit. And if you do have any questions, yeah, you need us to ask the pendulum. You put that in the comments below as well, or just ask live, listen, and if you’re a little more introvert, you know, like some of us, it’s okay. You can reach out to us at themorelovepodcastatgmailcom and we, if you would like to remain anonymous, you can just write that in the subject line. Completely fine, and we will do that as well. Yep, okay, you want to set the intention for our live show, for our live show? Sure, here we go. It’s really interesting Hippie voodoo.
So you hate these cards and I love them so much. I hate them. They’re so corny, but they’re so cute. The picture is beautiful, I know, and the corny the reading of them is corny, but I. That’s what I like about them. It’s hilarious. So we haven’t had this one. These are so new that we haven’t had these. That one looks like a little heart. He’s one of those dragons. Oh my God, you know what I thought of this.
This is that casino game. Sure is, it’s that casino game with that, with that, what is this thing called the Chinese? Yeah, the Yang and the Yang, the Chinese dragon that comes down and he brings down those, um, the Yang Yangs, yes, and you’re like bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, and you’re like those are going to be wild. Those are going to be wild, I know, I know, and I hate going to the casino. This is that shit you do all the time and I’m just sitting in the corner. I’m like I am so uncomfortable. You won 20 cents. Check out. Remember the one time we went? We went one time and I brought $100. And it got down to 20 bucks and you were like that was groceries, that was groceries, that would have paid for groceries, and then I got right back up to 160.
I’m like this is called gambling. You got to be willing to like that shit on fire. I don’t know, I’m very uncomfortable. I know you didn’t like it. I’m like. You know what I do like. You know what I do like. You know what I do like the free drinks. I know you do like the free drinks. I drink yours and mine. Yeah, mm-hmm, yeah, you like the free drinks.
Well, I just sit there, press the button, press the button and the whole time you’re so annoying. You’re sitting there the whole time being like, oh my God, you just lost $10. True, you just lost $10. True. Well, anyway, oh my God, oh my God, this is for you. Yeah, it’s orange juice too, it’s orange juice. No, that’s beer. No, it’s my beer, absolutely not.
What’s the name of it? Cup of what? Ace of Cups? Okay, and it’s in a heart. Yeah, it’s really sweet. Okay, it is sweet. Set our intention. This is for the live show, folks.
Looks like the bartender of the heavens just served you a free compassion fruit kool-ada. Chug it down and enjoy the emotional fulfillment that flows follows. You might be starting a new relationship likely, though not necessarily romantic, and this potion will help give you, will help you give and receive when the know, open heart. Whatever the case, your cup runneth over with affection, purity and beautiful new possibilities. Do you want to order another round? There’s the affirmation Can I have a maraschino cherry in that? Yes, it’s like a Shirley Temple.
I was starting a new relationship with 2024. That’s right. That’s right and ready for the affirmation. My heart is wide open and love flows freely in both directions. I embody a level of sweetness that is usually only reserved for videos, for videos. What the hell does that mean? 2024 is going to get real hot and heavy. Hello, I’m here to install the cable. What does that even mean? A sweetness that’s reserved for videos? What videos About interspecies, friendships, interspecies, friendships what?
This is getting awkward, getting all sorts uncomfortable. Here’s my best friend, the platypus Interspecies like cat videos, interspecies relationship yeah, like when you’re in love with your cat and you’re like I just love you, tysie, you’re my favorite with your paws, like that. I don’t know, but I don’t know what videos we’re watching, but I’m not so sure that’s what it says. What happens when this shit happens, when we’re alive? What? The same thing that’s happening right now. I’m like that’s weird. Stop talking about that. That’s uncomfortable. And you’re like I saw this one video one time Like these cats with their paws With their paws. Let me read my affirmation card. You can’t say it normal. I don’t say it normal. You did it the last. You just said it, I said paws. But then the second time you said paws, paws, paws I said paws Idiot. This is.
I am the main character in 2024. I sure was not in 2023. I was a backstage dancer in 2023. You know what you were? Dirty London. Oh yeah, just like I was in the play Cinderella in fifth grade. Sweep me off. Sweep me off.
I was not the main character. I know that. I am the only one who discern, who determines how my story unfolds. Bring it on 2024. That’s right. So we’re going to send 2024 through the fan to the heavens. That’s right. We’re going to burn the heck out of 2023.
Yep, if anyone had a good 2023, don’t come to the live show. You don’t want to hear any of that. You’re not welcome. We don’t need your kind. Yeah, don’t bring your crazy. Yeah, happiness, yeah, yeah To 2023. 2023 was a shit show. That’s all we’re talking about. I can’t wait to see what you pick me out at the thrift store. Oh, it’s going to be good. I already know what it’s going to be. All right, when is that happening again? Right now, friday. No, not the thrift store you clown. I cannot, scott. Hello, steve Arsall, I thought when you made the Facebook group invite and I said, hey guys, hey guys, december 29th, 12 o’clock it’s a Friday, you know, let us know.
And I invited a whole bunch of people, including me. And then what shows up? Rebecca Herzach can’t go, I can’t. And you know, this was all of our personalities at one, because I was the one who sent the invites to people. You were like I pushed the wrong button, I can’t be there. And I said Scott, save us. And what did Scott do? I don’t know what’s going on. He thought, oh no, I did something wrong. I just, oh no, classic Scott thinks it’s his fault. I know you pushed the wrong button and I’m trying to get ahead of it.
If that’s not the whole show, I mean it’s true, it’s true, right there. I’m like what do you mean? I said I clicked a recent RSVP. I’m like I can’t. Oh my God. Two things are possible. She either clicked the wrong button, which is par for the course, or two, she was like I gotta go to soccer. I forgot, I gotta go to soccer at 12 o’clock on a Friday, I’m going to be like I can’t. We determined this entire thing, so, yeah, I’ll be there.
He’s not asking what time we’re going to the thrift store cloud 1229, 1212, 12 o’clock, 12 PM. Oh yeah, 12, 29. The date on 12 29. Don’t get there at 12 30. You’re already halfway in. That’s not the time to show up. Right, right, right, right. December 29 at 12 PM. New year Rebecca will be 42 years old. 42?, 42?. I will still be 41. If you don’t think that’s coming up every five minutes of the live podcast. In fact, I’m fully aware of what you’re picking for me at Thrift Show. Oh, I’m real clear. Thrift Show, thrift Show. Welcome to the Thrift Show. Yeah, yeah, you ready for this, scott? You ready for this jelly, scott? Oh, yeah, I’m ready for the jelly. Okay, as long as it’s like spicy pepper jelly. That’s the good stuff. Well, it sure is that Rebecca’s going to be here. She might not be here, though. She doesn’t know if she can make it. I can’t. Time to go, time to go, bye 2023. See you later, 2023. Don’t miss the live show. Don’t miss that. Can’t stop, can’t stop, can’t stop, can’t stop.

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