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0:00:09 – Speaker 1
Hey, it’s me, Erin. Thanks for joining us on the More Love podcast. Do not tell Rebecca, but this podcast is about empathy. She likes people to think she’s dead inside, but the truth is she’s a big time feeler who has truly helped me uncover that empathy is my superpower. Here she comes.
0:00:29 – Speaker 2
Hey Bestie.
0:00:30 – Speaker 1
Hi love, what are you doing? Oh, just getting ready to host a podcast. A podcast About what Life? Our life as best friends who are more like sisters. Oh, yay, I love us and I can’t wait to share our stories with the world, Especially the ones that involve us pushing each other right To be our most authentic selves.
0:00:51 – Speaker 2
Oh man Okay.
0:00:59 – Speaker 3
Big reveal what’s it gonna?
0:01:01 – Speaker 1
be ladies. What’s it gonna be? Drum roll. Do you think people are weighing in?
0:01:09 – Speaker 2
I don’t know. Are they, can we see them?
0:01:11 – Speaker 1
They’re voting.
0:01:12 – Speaker 3
Yeah, they’re definitely voting. They’re not voting. Are they voting? Kelly of the street says I cannot wait to see what’s been shown. Kelly of the street, yes.
0:01:19 – Speaker 1
Kelly of the street. Oh we can always count on her. Wait, what’s that noise? Oh, that’s Kelly of the street vomiting before we got on today, because she was way more nervous than we were, why it’s fine, ready, all right, it goes.
0:01:33 – Speaker 3
Erin, oh Erin, first Three, two, one.
0:01:37 – Speaker 2
It’s the Golden Girls Classic. I especially love the bow.
0:01:42 – Speaker 1
Thank you oh, look at her, oh she.
0:01:47 – Speaker 2
All I see is your tips.
0:01:48 – Speaker 1
Thank you. It is really clinging in all the best places. I mean, that’s what the 80s did. Do I like the static of this? No, it is no, not it, but my shoulders have never looked better.
0:02:00 – Speaker 2
I know you actually look like proportioned. I mean they need to bring these back. What do you mean proportioned Like what does that mean?
0:02:06 – Speaker 1
Ready for Rebecca. Oh, my turn.
0:02:08 – Speaker 3
Three, two, one.
0:02:12 – Speaker 1
Oh, I’m sorry, Was that even an option?
0:02:15 – Speaker 2
Definitely not what happened there, Do you like?
0:02:19 – Speaker 1
you like what happened there? Oh, yes, yes, we got that from the MC. You know what that stands for Mom’s closet.
0:02:28 – Speaker 2
That’s right. That’s right. Do you like these shoulders that?
0:02:30 – Speaker 3
looks really nice. I like how that wasn’t even an option, I know. Come on, come on.
0:02:36 – Speaker 2
I found this later in the day.
0:02:38 – Speaker 1
Yeah, had to get it, I’m sure it was the same day it might have actually been a whole different day.
0:02:43 – Speaker 2
I mean we do, we do go to the goodwill quite often, yeah.
0:02:46 – Speaker 1
Right, yeah, so that’s what we decided on. We have the.
0:02:49 – Speaker 2
Golden Girls special. We look like we’re ready to go, like I’m working girl. Okay, you know, with the people wear the sneakers with the socks, oh yeah, and you walk to work and then you put on your pumps.
0:02:58 – Speaker 1
Yeah, that’s what we look like we’re doing that I think my favorite part was that you picked about five, six, seven, eight extra outfits that you had and then proceeded to put them on in the store.
0:03:12 – Speaker 4
Hey guys, Stop it, stop it, get out of here. I brought my stuff. I want to take out a 2023 with me.
0:03:25 – Speaker 1
Yeah, where’s your Golden?
0:03:26 – Speaker 2
Girls dress. I was just going to say did somebody not? I was just going to say did somebody not? Was this plan? You said you couldn’t be here.
0:03:35 – Speaker 1
I know you were going to work, you liar. You take the day off. I love you.
0:03:42 – Speaker 2
Oh my God, where did she sit this?
0:03:44 – Speaker 4
is my box. I was told this is my box. Oh, this is pants. What is that? It’s three minutes.
0:03:49 – Speaker 2
Okay, that’s what I got Three minutes, oh wow, okay, oh my gosh, nino’s in the house Dipses. Nino’s in the house Dipses. I don’t have this. Okay, bye, oh my God, oh my God, do we have to start? I love this.
0:04:02 – Speaker 1
I love it. Nino’s like I’m sorry I can’t be there at all.
0:04:06 – Speaker 2
She did what do you mean we’re late in the fire.
0:04:09 – Speaker 4
No, I told my boss, I had to leave. My friends were doing a podcast and I want to crash it. Stop it.
0:04:16 – Speaker 2
That’s what you told work.
0:04:18 – Speaker 1
I was even going to ask what that was on the floor.
0:04:21 – Speaker 2
I know we didn’t ask.
0:04:22 – Speaker 1
And we didn’t. I know.
0:04:23 – Speaker 4
It’s my spot.
0:04:24 – Speaker 2
We had to light the fire. Oh I love it.
0:04:28 – Speaker 1
Do you need some clips?
0:04:29 – Speaker 4
No, she’s ready, I’m ready, she’s ready, I mean I’m sure there’s more but this is what I’m trying to do.
0:04:37 – Speaker 1
How long did you keep from this secret?
0:04:40 – Speaker 4
Since I told you that I was like, wouldn’t it be funny if I did this? I’m like but I’m only joking though. And then it was Christmas, we were in North Carolina and I’m like you know what? I think it was the day before Christmas maybe and I said I messaged Scott.
0:04:56 – Speaker 2
That’s hilarious.
0:04:57 – Speaker 1
You’re like hey my name is Nina.
0:04:59 – Speaker 4
I said Hi, you know, I’m her friend Scott. What if she?
0:05:03 – Speaker 1
wasn’t our friend. What if this was like a tear mission attack or something?
0:05:07 – Speaker 4
before what You’ve mentioned me in your podcast?
0:05:09 – Speaker 1
Oh, that is true, we always in a positive way. Well, that’s true. Did you know that, scott, he’s not listening. Yeah.
0:05:15 – Speaker 3
I did, okay, I absolutely did.
0:05:17 – Speaker 4
I heard him.
0:05:17 – Speaker 1
All right, okay, good, I totally yeah.
0:05:19 – Speaker 4
Okay. And then I said I told Aaron that I was going to do it, but just joking, and she said it would be hilarious, but then I’m actually thinking about it. So it’s okay if you say no, I’m totally okay with it, and he’s like I think it’d be great, thanks for letting me. Aaron said I had to let you know first he goes definitely.
0:05:37 – Speaker 1
I was like, well, if you don’t just make sure you let Scott know, so we know the real reason?
0:05:42 – Speaker 2
you’re here, you want to ask the pendulum something I know you do. You have a question for the pendulum. Yeah, oh, okay, I do. Do you want to do it for her? It’s a question.
0:05:50 – Speaker 1
She almost left the pendulum at home I did.
0:05:52 – Speaker 4
I had to go back and get it Do you have no other driving around Because I needed to make sure you were actually here first before you guys saw my truck. Hilarious, oh yeah, because I was nervous I was going to pull in at like 20 to 12. And I’m like, oh no, I didn’t sit at the gas station. Wow, because I know you guys walk in last minute.
0:06:07 – Speaker 1
We’ve been here since. We’ve been here since 11. 10.55. Yeah, you got the pendulum on. I do.
0:06:13 – Speaker 2
I got it. Do you have a question? For them Now wait it needs to be like life altering questions, right, we don’t ask it simple things like should I wear jeans?
0:06:20 – Speaker 4
It’s 2024 going to be my best year yet.
0:06:26 – Speaker 2
Definitely yes. See it, I do Back and forth, I see it life altering. Well, you are getting married. That means 100%.
0:06:37 – Speaker 4
That means you guys are gonna have a lot of content to talk about on the cruise.
0:06:39 – Speaker 2
That’s true. That’s true, In fact. Scott, Scott, what are you doing last?
0:06:42 – Speaker 4
week of February.
0:06:44 – Speaker 2
We need you to come and videotape the cruise. We already have big plans.
0:06:47 – Speaker 3
No more cruises for me. Oh why? What happened?
0:06:51 – Speaker 2
Oscar, oscar, we don’t have time for that.
0:06:52 – Speaker 3
Oh, that’s a nuts up with that one. I’ll use for Carnival Cruise Lines and I got PTSD from it, so we’ll move on.
0:06:57 – Speaker 2
Okay, oh, all right. Okay, all right, all right, here she goes.
0:07:02 – Speaker 1
All right, so then we’re not gonna start with the hippie-voo. We got to start with Nina because she’s got about 50 seconds left before she gets evaporated into the aethers. So okay, you have some things that you would like to get rid of. Did you light it?
0:07:16 – Speaker 3
Yeah, you lit the fire.
0:07:20 – Speaker 2
Negative self-esteem.
0:07:21 – Speaker 4
That’s a good one, all right.
0:07:23 – Speaker 2
Erin, send it to the fire. Screw that self-esteem. That’s all right, that’s right, rip that bit no we’re all done with self-esteem.
0:07:32 – Speaker 1
I don’t know what’s about to happen here. I know we didn’t test this part, this part we didn’t get tested. I need you to be ready to run out and open the door if we need to.
0:07:39 – Speaker 4
Oh no, I’ll smother it With what. I’m just studio down. What are you gonna smother it with? I’ll take my shirt off and smother it.
0:07:47 – Speaker 2
We did discover a way to distract intruders.
0:07:50 – Speaker 3
That was I told everybody, all my soccer mom friends, well, the ones I was sitting with yesterday, I said, we have discovered a new way to distract intruders.
0:07:59 – Speaker 2
That’s right. You got your pick, your shirt off and you are tits of flair, and if you’re running with your moves out, that’s what Titters?
0:08:07 – Speaker 1
Titters are flair. Your titters are out and you’re just like I think someone came in.
0:08:11 – Speaker 2
I think someone came in.
0:08:12 – Speaker 1
Take your shirt off. Take your shirt off and you’re bra off too. Just go down like that. Are you ready? I don’t know, okay.
0:08:20 – Speaker 2
Okay, oh, okay, we’re okay. Is it good? I mean, are we supposed to do this? It’s in.
0:08:27 – Speaker 1
Oh, I’m very rule bound for this.
0:08:29 – Speaker 2
There goes the steam.
0:08:31 – Speaker 1
There it goes.
0:08:32 – Speaker 4
What’s this one? This one is past traumas oh, I like to get rid of, and not take past traumas. I’ve been working very hard. I can help with that too. I know you can. You can help with that too, fuck that, oh God.
0:08:47 – Speaker 3
Oh Jesus, I’m sorry about that, sorry about the affords on the live, oh God.
0:08:52 – Speaker 4
What you only have your trauma goes away. I mean you have to put it in there. There you go, Thank you.
0:08:57 – Speaker 1
I’m getting nervous about it all being in there.
0:08:59 – Speaker 2
It’s going to clog up, it’s fine, she needs to take a pill. She needs to take a pill, is God Wait? Is this a burn?
0:09:09 – Speaker 4
That from other people of what they are going to think of me.
0:09:14 – Speaker 2
That is a running theme, okay.
0:09:17 – Speaker 1
Bye-bye, bye-bye. Negative thoughts of what other people are going to think of me. Okay.
0:09:26 – Speaker 4
Yeah, now, you don’t know if you want to say this one.
0:09:29 – Speaker 1
Oh. I thought, you were pausing, I thought you were like, wow, this is awkward, we’re on a live show and I didn’t want to bring that one up.
0:09:34 – Speaker 4
Oh no, I can. So there’s different places that I stay away from and people that I hope not to run into, because negative things have been said about me and I don’t know how they’re going to react to me from past relationships. So I actually did run into somebody and it was terrifying, but it ended up being okay.
0:09:53 – Speaker 2
0:09:54 – Speaker 4
So there’s other things that I would like to do, and I just need to stop avoiding not doing them because of what other people I might run into or what they’re going to say or what they’re going to think, because nobody cares.
0:10:07 – Speaker 2
Nobody cares, I shouldn’t care. Good for you. That’s a hard one to wrap your heart around, so good for you, burn that.
0:10:14 – Speaker 4
Another one that’s really hard is getting frustrated with myself.
0:10:21 – Speaker 1
About the running into people. Maybe it’s the nobody cares, but also it’s maybe I know that I have the confidence to handle these situations if they come up for me, which relates to the first thing that we burned, which was self-confidence and self-doubt.
0:10:38 – Speaker 4
I’ve been working really hard on that.
0:10:40 – Speaker 2
Good for you. I love that. I do too.
0:10:44 – Speaker 1
I think you’re out of your box and Scott’s going to yell I’m in it, I’m in it, I’m in it. Okay, she’s back.
0:10:52 – Speaker 3
I think you should be proud that I’ve been able to just kind of swing with this.
0:10:57 – Speaker 2
I am, you know Well, part of having Nina here, everything we throw at him.
0:11:02 – Speaker 3
Yeah, Like come on Everything, there’s a fan at the last minute I don’t know about. I mean I’m waiting for that.
0:11:07 – Speaker 2
I mean, let me clear, you didn’t know about it, you just forgot Shut up.
0:11:12 – Speaker 3
So we are now live on Facebook? We have not been, but now we are Okay. However, I don’t think we’re going to see any comments from Facebook, only from YouTube.
0:11:23 – Speaker 2
Okay, all right so. Facebook was kind of doing this dirty.
0:11:28 – Speaker 1
Yeah, because Facebook wasn’t working. But you know what, nina?
0:11:30 – Speaker 2
Nobody cares, nobody cares, nobody cares.
0:11:32 – Speaker 1
Nobody cares. I’m sorry, I told you to go to Facebook. Facebook doesn’t work, so go to YouTube. Thank you, kelly up the street. Oh yeah, for our mugs, mugs, yeah, those are nice, absolutely.
0:11:41 – Speaker 2
Where’s mine, kelly?
0:11:43 – Speaker 4
When are you going to have Kelly up the street on?
0:11:45 – Speaker 1
here. She won’t come out, she won’t. We’ve already talked about it.
0:11:47 – Speaker 2
She won’t do it. Maybe she’ll do it in 20.
0:11:49 – Speaker 3
Sorry to interrupt your car’s being towed.
0:11:52 – Speaker 2
You gotta go, nina, we love you. We love you Bye.
0:11:57 – Speaker 3
Thank you.
0:11:59 – Speaker 1
That was great. That’s awesome. I didn’t think it was going to be that, did you no?
0:12:05 – Speaker 2
I have no idea. Remember when we read the script this morning and we’re like are we supposed to do a surprise Shoot? What was the surprise, I forgot.
0:12:11 – Speaker 1
I forgot what it was.
0:12:14 – Speaker 2
Okay, so are we on time.
0:12:16 – Speaker 1
Officially well, or we’re doing well. Wow, mailin’ it. We’re doing well, all right. But just so we’re clear, you did pick out an outfit from the Goodwill that was not on script. It was not one of the ones that I was showing. I think it came a couple days later and we just decided that was very true to your personality and we were going to roll with it.
0:12:33 – Speaker 2
In fact, Scott had a reaction when he was like, well, that’s not one of the choices.
0:12:37 – Speaker 1
What do you mean? It wasn’t Aztec Princess.
0:12:39 – Speaker 2
It wasn’t any of those. I don’t go with what we’re supposed to do. Ever Is that? Asmr, asmr. I put some snacks in your skulls. Yeah, we got it, because I knew you’d be hungry.
0:12:53 – Speaker 1
It’s lunchtime. I like that you took the sweet ones next to you.
0:12:57 – Speaker 2
I asked you if you wanted to switch. That’s fine. Okay, that’s fine. Are you ready for your hippie view? Hippie, are you going to burn that wig? What wig? Scott’s wig? What wig? That’s not a wig. You mean my puff. That’s my real puff. That’s Scott’s real hair.
0:13:11 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, he just usually has a bald cap on your husband’s on.
0:13:15 – Speaker 2
He just made a cut. Nice, how nice. Okay, hippie, voodoo, which one I brought? All of them. Does anybody have a preference? I have a question.
0:13:24 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, Is there any part of you that is nervous about this? What’s going on here? No, not at all.
0:13:30 – Speaker 2
0:13:30 – Speaker 1
Nothing. So talk to me about what you’re feeling. You’re feeling nothing. You’re just like whatever, that’s a normal thing, that’s happening. What fire? No, the fact that, like, we put something in the fire that you’re probably not supposed to put in there and you don’t have any feelings about it.
0:13:44 – Speaker 3
Hey, don’t forget, there’s something in the drawers for you too. Oh yeah.
0:13:47 – Speaker 1
But we can do that later. For real. You don’t have any feelings.
0:13:50 – Speaker 2
I’m not sure what the concern is. You don’t put shit in candles.
0:13:54 – Speaker 1
I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s set on the outside of the box. Don’t put anything flammable near this, Like don’t don’t put something that flies up there’s alcohol in it. This makes me very nervous. I can’t. It’s fine, whatever, whatever, just living on the edge today. Let’s look in our drawer. What do we got in the drawer?
0:14:16 – Speaker 2
Is it this box? What’s this? It’s a vibrator. Ah.
0:14:23 – Speaker 1
Oh, what was that? Lion King? Uh hi, oh, how does this work?
0:14:34 – Speaker 2
Oh, it’s a love tuner, stop it. What does that mean?
0:14:37 – Speaker 1
When I play this, it’s you fall in love with me. I just made that up.
0:14:47 – Speaker 2
I might not have Rebecca poke the fire with the lighter See.
0:14:50 – Speaker 1
Why? Because people are nervous and Adrienne’s like me, because she’s, she’s, I’m gonna do a pen.
0:14:56 – Speaker 2
Okay, I wasn’t poking the fire, I was moving the. How does this work?
0:15:00 – Speaker 1
Oh, I think I got it. Yeah, I got it. Put your finger in the hole. Yeah, shove your finger in the hole. What do you know? You’re good at that, rebecca. Oh, look it. Oh, wow, look at this. This is beautiful. Can’t wait to wear this.
0:15:14 – Speaker 2
Stop it, let me play it first. Okay, okay, I heard, nothing.
0:15:20 – Speaker 3
I did that myself, take the thing off. What? Take it off the cover, off the handle. What? Pull the white thing out. Pull the out of the white thing. Scott don’t yell at me. I’m not yelling at you, talking loudly toward you, oh.
0:15:36 – Speaker 1
That is the love tone. What’s what just happened to you when I did that? My vagina to what here’s?
0:15:47 – Speaker 2
here’s what I picture from now on. We’re in the store and I’m out of control and she’s like, it’s like a dog call.
0:15:57 – Speaker 1
That you do before you’re about to start like a band. You know, like everyone’s out here and you’re like, let me give you a Pitch.
0:16:06 – Speaker 3
0:16:26 – Speaker 2
You. This is very.
0:16:29 – Speaker 3
I got a three-pack.
0:16:31 – Speaker 4
What is?
0:16:31 – Speaker 1
this the price of the love to know what happens with the love tuner.
0:16:36 – Speaker 3
I don’t know, read the manual.
0:16:38 – Speaker 1
It’s about the breathe be present and invite love.
0:16:42 – Speaker 3
It’s about the frequency. The frequency is supposed to bring you some sort of measure of calm mindfulness tool. If you take the time to sit here and blow into this thing, it helps you to actually, you know, center yourself and do all that kind of do you see this monkey blowing it?
0:16:58 – Speaker 1
Yeah, he’s centering himself. Yeah, wow, oh wow, it’s at 528 Hertz frequency.
0:17:06 – Speaker 3
Yeah, that’s it, I couldn’t remember.
0:17:07 – Speaker 1
Yeah, that’s great. This is very cool. That’s. It’s a meaningful frequency.
0:17:11 – Speaker 2
Yeah, this will now be incorporated into everything we do.
0:17:15 – Speaker 1
Absolutely. Thank you. Wow, just full of surprises today. Alison said she hates it. Oh, yeah, there’s no doubt that Allison hates it. I mean, excuse me, lady, yeah, there’s no doubt she hates it. She’s in fact I’m gonna play it again Just because she hates it so much. Oh, bronx, I’d now she’s laughing at me. I was very hot. It’s beautiful, is it, elton? Is it too high for you, elton? This show feels so much different than a normal show, you know, wow, it’s so different.
0:18:03 – Speaker 2
Which deck do you want?
0:18:04 – Speaker 1
me to do. We have the stupid one, not the one that has the stupid. Read because it’s small and do your mermaid one. Okay, the other one. I hate those so much. Did you give me my oil, yet yeah, I’ll give it to you in one second.
0:18:21 – Speaker 2
Okay, so how do you want to do this? Do we want to set an intention for 2024 for the group? Do we want yours? Do you want the damn group? The damn group? Don’t for the damn group.
0:18:32 – Speaker 1
Okay so, today for everyone who’s here. That’s how many people I mean. Wasn’t it hard to get in today? Was hard to get in today? I mean so many people out there asking for our signatures. I mean, it just pushed through people. You had your sunglasses on. It was rough, wasn’t it? I mean, I know we made it, though.
0:18:47 – Speaker 3
We made it. We’re one dude. It was looking for Rebecca socks, I know.
0:18:51 – Speaker 1
I know that was uncomfortable. He’s actually at every. He’s at every show, so it’s fine. Um, I did have a mammogram today.
0:18:58 – Speaker 2
Yeah good, little squish squish, little squish squish, it actually wasn’t that bad.
0:19:03 – Speaker 1
Oh, I’m sorry, Let me undo my Golden girls, my golden girls I used to.
0:19:08 – Speaker 2
I can’t get high enough.
0:19:09 – Speaker 1
This is uncomfortable.
0:19:12 – Speaker 2
So listen. Oh my god, this is really runny today we’re doing the runny. I chose the bliss on purpose. We probably did the bliss last time, but we’re. I chose the crown chakra because Wow, because, even though we are burning shit today and Deciding to not bring into 2024 whatever Was not serving us for 2023.
0:19:37 – Speaker 1
Did we decide that, or you think you’re gonna be able to do that Because you know me, I’m all done. I know I’m gonna try really hard 31st at midnight.
0:19:44 – Speaker 2
I’m gonna try really hard, but Um, so I thought let’s just be positive in our crown chakra head voice. Oh, Okay, thank you that was the head voice is really nice. You like that.
0:20:00 – Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah it’s really excellent. You’re really doing a great job with that.
0:20:05 – Speaker 3
You play it next time so I can, you can imagine.
0:20:07 – Speaker 2
Okay, all right, this is it right here. This is it so we’re.
0:20:13 – Speaker 1
0:20:14 – Speaker 3
What one is it it?
0:20:15 – Speaker 1
was bliss.
0:20:16 – Speaker 2
Yes, the crown chakra is bliss.
0:20:18 – Speaker 1
Okay, okay.
0:20:19 – Speaker 2
Oh, that’s not good. Yeah, everything I you love, okay, whatever. Oh, it’s not the swords guys.
0:20:25 – Speaker 1
What is it? Oh, cops. That’s great, that’s good news. This is sadness. Oh, okay, all right then, thanks for coming everyone. It was good. Good See you. Energy, energy as a group, oh.
0:20:40 – Speaker 2
Oh boy, but it has a dolphin. Oh good, and they do look like wine glasses, so that’s what we’re gonna call it. Oh okay, here we go, ready.
0:20:48 – Speaker 1
The five of this is for all of 2024. You’re about to hex people. I mean sorry guys, it’s not good, this is.
0:20:54 – Speaker 2
It’s the group energy. I was the color purple.
0:20:56 – Speaker 1
I got a rubber rock. Is it purple? Yeah, thank you.
0:21:04 – Speaker 2
This is not. This couldn’t have gone worse. Oh, no, the meaning of the five of it. Drop it on the floor. I can’t find it. Oh, I don’t know where it went.
0:21:11 – Speaker 1
Yeah, whoops.
0:21:13 – Speaker 2
Oh, maybe it’s okay.
0:21:14 – Speaker 1
Oh boy.
0:21:15 – Speaker 2
This five reveals sadness due to the loss of a relationship, work, friendship or due to bereavement. Unlike the eight of cups, which shows a natural moving on, this card often reveals an unexpected break from a person job, leaving you bear bearfeit. I swear how you say this be er eft, bereft.
0:21:39 – Speaker 3
Google it.
0:21:41 – Speaker 2
Okay, bereft and confused. An additional meaning is being able to let go of the past being hunted by guilt or regret. Maybe it’s very appropriate.
0:21:49 – Speaker 1
Yeah, we’re telling you the street we’re breaking up with 2023 Kelly.
0:21:52 – Speaker 2
At the street Weyan. It says advice, look for, accept, look for and accept support. The situation is not hopeless and you will heal.
0:22:00 – Speaker 1
See, that’s fine. We’re just breaking up with our boyfriend of 2023.
0:22:05 – Speaker 2
Hmm, do you love this?
0:22:06 – Speaker 1
smell I can’t. It is making me. It’s not good. I’m wondering when I can take it off.
0:22:12 – Speaker 2
Okay, guys, so this is our card. You know what? That’s not that bad, it’s not terrible. I’m gonna put it right there it’s not terrible. Kelly says it’s not appropriate. Okay, your energy. Energy is good, all right.
0:22:24 – Speaker 1
Affirmation Where’s my cards? You Didn’t take them out.
0:22:29 – Speaker 2
I just had to do your hair. I just had to remind you of everything to bring.
0:22:33 – Speaker 1
I’m sorry. Did you remember the cards today? Did you have to go back home? Did I have to get the rubbing alcohol? Did you know what time has started? What the podcast?
0:22:43 – Speaker 2
podcast no okay, I told you I wasn’t coming. I’m not coming.
0:22:47 – Speaker 1
Excuse me, I I’m gonna blow that every time I need you to get in line. What would you do? Yeah, I gotta ready.
0:23:02 – Speaker 3
You guys might, might want to stop blowing on that, because there’s like 17 geese outside. They’re trying to get in okay, yeah it’s weird.
0:23:09 – Speaker 1
This one flew out, this one flew out, that’s it. So just do that one. Mm-hmm. Okay, here’s our affirmation, guys. Okay, I Am evolving. I Know that each sunrise brings an opportunity to make a different choice. It’s my voice, perfect for this. I can’t thank you for coming. I know that each sunrise like this is a little meditational, is that?
0:23:43 – Speaker 2
close your eyes. No, we’re not doing that. Brings an opportunity.
0:23:48 – Speaker 1
To make a different choice.
0:23:51 – Speaker 2
Why is this your boom? I’m gonna flat my boob on the thing. It’s gonna be gay sex. What do you call it? What is it the gay sex I have? Some are? Brandtrip knows all about that. Oh, yeah, yeah.
0:24:01 – Speaker 1
Yeah, okay, okay, that was it Okay. Does anybody else Do we do? We invite people to absolutely. If anyone needs some cards, everyone. Anyone needs to ask the pendulum a question.
0:24:12 – Speaker 2
This is an interactive show, so if somebody has an Intention or they need the pendulum, yeah asked, we can draw a card for you all the things. Yeah, this is what I do at yeah conferences. Yeah, I read your tarot. I have no freaking clue what I’m doing. Yeah, just consult the book. Yeah, you can choose from the mermaids or the one I can’t read, which is called the Starseeker, or the Affirmation tarot with super QE animals.
0:24:37 – Speaker 1
They are hate those, but I’m Rebecca will, or she’ll pick it for you. No, right, right, okay. So so here we are, in front of us, we have pinned Some of the listeners, as well as ours, as well as scots, as those people who wrote to us separately, maddie both things that they are excited about and want to bring into their life in 2024, as well as things that they want to say goodbye to, as you saw nina do in 2023. Kim was a mermaid. You got it. You got a happy Kim.
0:25:11 – Speaker 2
Thank you. Okay, happy Kim. Alright, she’s gonna keep talking. Well, I I’m going to channel you and you want to start with a burn, burn, burn, sure. Okay, yep, and I’m going to channel Kim while I’m doing this, and then Kim, after she does her first burn session, I will tell you Burn number one Burn.
0:25:29 – Speaker 1
Number one Self doubt. Hmm, nina talked about that Self doubt. We are getting rid of self doubt in 2024. That’s a good one.
0:25:42 – Speaker 2
That is a good one. I like that one. It’s a running theme. Yeah, all right, all right. Happy Kim, are you ready?
0:25:48 – Speaker 1
Yeah, nice Again. This is why you go to Rockbox. This is absolutely why you go to Rockbox, because we asked for a big old burn pit and what it’s got to do, he bring a little bit.
0:25:58 – Speaker 2
Nailed it. Yeah, okay, kim, this is interesting. This is the hanged man, the hanged man.
0:26:05 – Speaker 1
Limbo. He’s being hung by a fin, his own fin.
0:26:09 – Speaker 2
Oh no, he’s just upside down going, like this.
0:26:12 – Speaker 1
I just got all like mouthful of the. Um, the smell, the smell of the bliss, oh, and now I gotta go. Oh my God, are you just resistant? It’s not good to bliss.
0:26:27 – Speaker 2
Yeah, I am Okay already happy, kim. When the hangman arrives in your reading, you cannot move forward. Stuck in limbo, you may be waiting for a decision to be made or generally feel that some aspects of your life are on hold, as relationships and projects remain static. This lack of control can leave you frustrated and you may decide to reach a compromise rather than hang around much longer. However, the hangman asks you to stay calm and think through your options rather than rush to find an instant way out of the bind. This need not be time wasted, after all. So here’s the advice Use this waiting time to see your situation in a new light, find alternative perspectives. You may find an ingenious situation or gain a valuable insight.
0:27:10 – Speaker 1
Oh, very nice, Wait, wait.
0:27:17 – Speaker 3
Yes, can I hope happy.
0:27:20 – Speaker 2
Kim, I hope that resonates with you in subway. You know I hate lack of control, so does Aaron, get on the bus.
0:27:30 – Speaker 1
Kim, right in the back. I drive that bus.
0:27:34 – Speaker 2
When you you know we could also ask the pendulum. The pendulum only takes heavy, serious questions, that’s right, Only the most important.
0:27:41 – Speaker 1
So the ding. Yep. What’s that procrastination? Oh, something else we’re getting rid of in 2023. Scott, you got anything to say about that?
0:27:50 – Speaker 3
I’ll let you know later, okay.
0:27:51 – Speaker 1
Now. I told you I’ll let you know later. I told you I’m not getting rid of that. No, I’m embracing that you actually said you appreciate it.
0:27:59 – Speaker 2
You’re a fan, I am a fan. I’ll let you know later. My turn Okay.
0:28:02 – Speaker 1
Why do you have to do all of that? I forgot that you had them on. I’m sorry, thought it was a part of your outfit.
0:28:09 – Speaker 2
God, all right, I’m taking it to a different level.
0:28:12 – Speaker 1
I don’t like your negativity, oh, you’re going to fly it up to the heavens? Yep, we also took people’s. Are we really clear that the way to do this, the correct way to do this, is that we do all the reds first and then we move on to the others? That’s fine, the wrong way. Are you going to do it that way? Nope.
0:28:29 – Speaker 3
Why do we have to be? Why do we?
0:28:31 – Speaker 1
have to because we go in order, because then people’s brains have to go from what am I getting rid of? Oh my God, do I like that? Do I not like that? Do I like that? Do I not like that? It’s fine, do it your own way. You’re going to do it anyway, just like at the Goodwill. That is not how you do it, okay, yep, fly it up to the heavens, guys, just so you’re clear. This one, we’re flying up to the heavens. This one is something we’re actually embracing. If you could just take a minute and make that brain switch. Now we’re in the positive. Okay, we’re doing positive things just for this time, because I’m about to go back to negative here in a minute. So, yes, rebecca, please, everyone, take a moment. Perfect, bring in.
Okay, and now everyone’s positive.
0:29:12 – Speaker 2
This is what we’re bringing in. Yeah To 2024. Yeah, open your hearts, fly it up. Just because you’re in bitch mode, oh, my God.
0:29:26 – Speaker 1
Whatever we’re seeing these crackers Go ahead. What are you flying up?
0:29:29 – Speaker 2
Allowing myself to dream.
0:29:34 – Speaker 4
Okay, that one was 100%.
0:29:36 – Speaker 2
That one was yours, that was 100%.
0:29:40 – Speaker 3
Maybe this is why you’re miserable all the time.
0:29:43 – Speaker 1
Listen to me, look at me. Was that yours? Yes, I knew it. I knew it. Shut the hell up, let myself dream Ready, let myself go to bed at night. Wow, that was great. That was really great. Let myself dream, I go to bed and I close my eyes.
0:30:03 – Speaker 3
Not, dream like that All the beautiful things that can come out of my life.
0:30:08 – Speaker 1
Let myself do dreams.
0:30:09 – Speaker 2
This is maybe why you’re miserable. Whatever it’s called realistic.
0:30:14 – Speaker 1
How about we go back, guys? Now we’re switching, we’re going switching again. Deb wants a card To the red.
0:30:20 – Speaker 2
Okay, hold on. A red means Hold on Deb. Do you want a mermaid, animal affirmation or a sightseeker?
0:30:28 – Speaker 3
a starseeker. I’ll let you know what she says. Go ahead, okay, great.
0:30:30 – Speaker 2
Go ahead. Back to the angry Scott. Back to the angry. Wait, I had to ask her, scott.
0:30:37 – Speaker 1
I’m leaving Bye. I can’t Hurry Go, I can’t Read your thing. Someone needs to play that stupid thing for me. What the noise I need? The frequency noise? It didn’t help. I had to feel exactly the same.
0:31:01 – Speaker 2
Are you still playing it? Oh my God, he’s doing that.
0:31:08 – Speaker 1
I can’t. What am I doing now? I’m sorry, I forgot it was your show.
0:31:12 – Speaker 2
What would you like to do? Angry, angry, bitch mode. Okay.
0:31:15 – Speaker 1
Okay. So again back to the negative Thanks for getting rid of. I’d like you to now spend some time getting back into that frame of mind, because we’re going to go back to that again. And let me just show you a visual cue. It’s the red heart. Okay, it’s teaching 101. Teaching 101. Managing other people’s emotions.
0:31:40 – Speaker 2
You’re going to throw that away. This is mine.
0:31:41 – Speaker 1
Yours is Dreamin’ at Disney and mine is managing other people’s emotions. I’m going to try real hard, real hard, in 2024 to stop being the keeper and the holder and the manager of everyone else’s emotions. Now. That means that I need to stop myself before. I either want to fix for someone, or I want to jump in and help, or I’m really going to do my best to allow people to sit with their own emotions, regardless of what comes up for me.
0:32:13 – Speaker 2
So even not just in social situations, right In your work life, your family life, out in the world. Yep.
0:32:25 – Speaker 1
Absolutely Doesn’t matter who you are. Your emotions will no longer be managed by me in 2024.
0:32:32 – Speaker 2
Good job, look at that one burn. Oh yeah, that’s a big. That’s a big old burn. That was a good one. That’s a big old burn.
0:32:40 – Speaker 3
There’s one on the side. I think you have to push it over.
0:32:43 – Speaker 2
I was told I can’t do it with the lighter.
0:32:45 – Speaker 1
You want me to stick my hand in there, yeah.
0:32:48 – Speaker 2
You won’t do it, I’m done. Whoa, whoa. You were real worried about the fire. Now you’re all in. I don’t care. Now you’re all in.
0:32:59 – Speaker 1
I don’t care until my arm catches on fire. You do have flammable oil on there. I can’t, because if I catch on fire on the live show, that’s not good. That’s not good.
0:33:13 – Speaker 3
0:33:14 – Speaker 1
What would you like to do next, rebecca? Yes, oh, yes, okay, staying with it.
0:33:23 – Speaker 2
She’s staying with the theme I got to put. You put this one on my nipple there. Okay, angry, throwing away, lessening myself so others feel better.
0:33:36 – Speaker 1
That’s good. That’s a good one too. I like that one. Yep, yep, see you later. Expecting or assuming people are going to be like me. We’re saying goodbye to that in 2023.
0:34:00 – Speaker 2
So are you going to just flip the narrative and assume no one’s like you?
0:34:04 – Speaker 1
Yeah, I feel like part of the problem I personally have had in 2023 is that I thought I thought that people were like minded, equally empathic, cared at the same level that I do, were willing to go to the same extent that I was, and that led to a lot of disappointment this year. Okay, so I’m going to hopefully try and let go of the fact that people are not like me. I am me and people are who they are and maybe, instead of making those assumptions, I will either allow them to show me who they are or I will just take them at face value. I like to say to Darnell, instead of putting the filter on it, that is how I want to see everybody. Maybe just allow people to be who they are and show me who they are.
0:34:53 – Speaker 2
That’s just good advice in general. I think it’s harder to do. Yes, but it’s hard to do. Did you practice it? Yeah, I know.
0:35:02 – Speaker 1
Just so we’re clear, you’re going to struggle a little hard with that one, you know. I know I was going to listen and also said the first one that I was going to struggle with. Guys I’m trying to dream in 2024, allowing myself to dream Whatever. Okay, she’s like. Good luck with that empathy. Whatever, guys, I’m trying my best. Awesome, cease Me. You know what all mine are. Try to be a worse human being, erin. I mean. Try and just hate people. Try and set better boundaries. Try and let people be as horrific as they really are. Stop trying to help people. That’s what all mine are. You know what yours are. The opposite.
0:35:40 – Speaker 2
She says what do you want to let go of? I’m like I don’t know.
0:35:44 – Speaker 1
I said really want to let go of 2023. She’s like I don’t have anything, I can’t, I can’t, can’t. Okay, ready, yes, this is a blue one. Great, okay, everyone switch your train of thought.
0:35:59 – Speaker 2
This is what we want to send up to the heavens. That’s right, everyone. That’s what Allison says.
0:36:05 – Speaker 1
Okay, allison loves these blue ones.
0:36:08 – Speaker 2
I don’t know if you meant to write this, but it’s fine. What? This is what we’re sending to the heavens as a goal for 2024. This is doing enough, just enough. Yeah, that’s how you wanted to write it, Absolutely.
0:36:20 – Speaker 1
Okay, doing enough, just the bare frickin minimum Doing. Doing Just enough. It’s what I’m really trying to bring into 2024. Okay, are you ready? Yep, do you think it’s going to nail? This time the games will come true. Wow, good, that one landed right in your lap. That’s a little better. That’s beautiful. Yeah, it’s fine. Yeah, it’s fine.
0:36:45 – Speaker 2
It’s fine. Okay, wait, let’s take a break and do a card. What did Deb pick? She said whatever you pick, oh, I picked the animals, deb oh boy. Deb sees me. Okay, all right, deb, I’m calling into your. Okay, you can do one while I’m channeling Deb.
0:37:10 – Speaker 1
It’s a red one. Of course that’s what we do. What else are we saying goodbye to in 2023? The weight of other people’s opinions Like that one. The weight of other people’s opinions.
0:37:26 – Speaker 2
I already got rid of that, because when you had a feelings about how I was doing this, I didn’t care about it. I don’t care I don’t care, I don’t care.
0:37:34 – Speaker 1
I don’t think you care at all. This is definitely a fact. Oh, Deb, this is so cute.
0:37:40 – Speaker 2
It’s the Six of Wands, but it’s a little mousey mouse. I didn’t guess we. I can Look at him. He’s got your Jordans on with wings. Okay, wands, six of Wands. You just scored the coolest ever, world’s best mug, and it’s here to honor you and your many splendid victories. Do you feel weird about it? Knock it off. You deserve to be proud of whatever that mug is applauding. So enjoy the recognition from yourself and others and use it to keep on moonwalking like a champ to more triumph ahead. This slow clap is just about to get started. Nailing it, deb. Nailing it. Here’s your affirmation I’m not a slow clap.
0:38:26 – Speaker 1
Aren’t slow claps like rude, isn’t it like great job?
0:38:34 – Speaker 3
Start slow and then it picks up.
0:38:36 – Speaker 2
It’s like oh my God, we are the champions. That’s what it is. All right, here’s your affirmation. I am openly, unabashedly, shattered out of the windows all the way down, proud of myself, and I’m going to keep on being the fabulous me that got me here. That’s right, deb.
0:38:58 – Speaker 1
That’s right, deb. You do you. It’s true, you do you. Don’t let nobody tell you. Don’t be throwing any bagels at the wall, deb. It’s a little inside joke.
0:39:09 – Speaker 2
I was going to say that’s a little inside joke Okay. That’s fine, okay, okay. I have somebody more red Did anybody else want a card that we missed? No, you’re not working, adrienne wants one, adrienne?
0:39:19 – Speaker 1
do I have any more red? Do not lie to me, I have somebody more red.
0:39:26 – Speaker 2
Do you hear that?
0:39:26 – Speaker 1
You hear that Me, me, me me me, me, me, me, me, me, your feedback, do no, I have no more red, no more red. You have some red to do, okay?
0:39:33 – Speaker 2
Adrienne, what card? Do you want, oh wait what is this?
0:39:37 – Speaker 1
You need to prep them.
0:39:39 – Speaker 2
I was just going to. Okay, you think that when I read something I’m just gonna spit it out.
0:39:45 – Speaker 1
I know it’s very You’re judgmental. It’s very odd for me to think you would go off script and just do something random. You’re absolutely right. My apologies. This is my apologies.
0:39:56 – Speaker 2
This is what we’re getting rid of in 2023.
0:40:00 – Speaker 1
Mm-hmm, was that good enough? It was, I needed it prepped before you took it off, but it’s okay.
0:40:06 – Speaker 2
I was before I took it off.
0:40:07 – Speaker 1
Yeah, there’s rules in that too. I have to mentally prepare for what you’re about to tell me, what we’re getting rid of.
0:40:16 – Speaker 2
Disbelief and confusion about others.
0:40:20 – Speaker 1
Mm, that one’s mine too.
0:40:22 – Speaker 2
Are we real clear that you’re not ready to get rid of any of this stuff?
0:40:26 – Speaker 3
You guys the staff.
0:40:27 – Speaker 2
You are actively acting out everything you wanna get rid of Ha ha ha.
0:40:34 – Speaker 1
You mean I’m still embracing and doing all the things we’re just clear it’s you and it’s okay.
0:40:38 – Speaker 2
It’s okay, it’s not.
0:40:41 – Speaker 1
I know how bad you want to get rid of it. I don’t like it I know how bad you.
0:40:44 – Speaker 2
maybe we need to talk about just embracing. No, these things.
0:40:48 – Speaker 1
No, it’s not working for me. It’s not working for me. Yeah, I use this thing real open. What?
0:40:53 – Speaker 2
does it say again? What does it say? Getting rid of disbelief and confusion about others?
0:40:58 – Speaker 1
No, I gotta go home. Ha ha ha. I don’t like it. I know cause I. That led to a lot of heartbreak this year. I constantly found myself in a place of like confusion how did that person get here? How, why are they acting like that? Did that really happen? I didn’t expect that person to do that. Why did that happen? It was really hard for me. So that one, I think, goes hand in hand with just allowing people to be who they are. Okay, how’s?
0:41:35 – Speaker 2
your chunky coffee over there. You know, here’s the tip you don’t put powdered creamer into iced coffee.
0:41:43 – Speaker 1
Thank you, that’s a tip, that’s good, that’s good, all right. Oh, I cannot with you stirring that in there. I can’t. All right, do you have all these so that you can function we have like four more minutes before we gotta move on, okay, so what’s next?
0:42:00 – Speaker 2
We are gonna burden the curse of the capable.
0:42:03 – Speaker 1
Yep, that is a word or a phrase that I use. I like to say just because you can doesn’t mean you have to or doesn’t mean you should and I find myself in that situation. A lot you do as well. Just because you can does not mean that you have to be the one who’s doing it, true?
0:42:26 – Speaker 2
Feeling the shame for the behaviors of others.
0:42:31 – Speaker 1
Feeling shame. Burn that shit For the behaviors of others. I like that one. That one was from a listener.
0:42:39 – Speaker 2
How about we’re gonna burn untethered energy?
0:42:43 – Speaker 1
Oh, why don’t you say something about that, Rebecca?
0:42:46 – Speaker 2
I am never grounded.
0:42:49 – Speaker 1
0:42:51 – Speaker 2
That’s not healthy, yep.
0:42:54 – Speaker 1
And so your untethered energy leads to the toilet paper to be unwrapped at the hotel room. Whatever, it leads you to burn the dresses that we wear. It leads to a frantic phone call that was your phone To Kelly, up the street to rein you in. Remember when she said it was your energy and not mine. I remember that.
0:43:21 – Speaker 2
This is the last one that I have right Of red, Of red. Yeah, my parents’ standards.
0:43:28 – Speaker 1
I love that one. Yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about that and about the generational differences between who I am versus who my parents are and then who Carter is going to be, and really just trying to embrace the fact that so much has changed in such a short amount of time that you can’t really parent the same way. It’s not. You’re not parenting the same types of kids in the same type of environment, and if we’re constantly holding on to these other expectations of who people need us to be or expect us to be, we’re not doing the best we possibly can in the environment that we have. I’ve thought a lot about that, so I really like that one Getting rid of my parents’ expectations.
0:44:11 – Speaker 2
All right, you’re going to send it up to the heavens?
0:44:13 – Speaker 1
No, we’re going to flow up? Okay, I have one to flow up.
0:44:17 – Speaker 2
We can’t forget to do Adrienne’s card.
0:44:20 – Speaker 1
Not taking no for an answer, hmm.
0:44:23 – Speaker 2
That’s right. Float her up, screw you and your negativity. That’s right, there’s mine, Ain’t no no, over here we’re going to float up healthy families.
0:44:36 – Speaker 1
Oh, that’s good.
0:44:36 – Speaker 2
Healthy families Very important.
0:44:38 – Speaker 1
That’s a good one. No, we’re not burning that. Oh boy Scott, that’s uncomfortable.
0:44:46 – Speaker 2
Oh no, that guy. He must not have got the shift. That was a good one, but we must not have perished.
0:44:50 – Speaker 3
I’m trying to deal with some problems here, so cut me some slack.
0:44:53 – Speaker 1
Well, you’re going to be dealing with more problems, since we just burned that one.
0:44:58 – Speaker 3
Well, just because I put the burn screen up doesn’t mean it was burned.
0:45:01 – Speaker 1
Well that’s what I’m going to point. I mean, it’s insinuated.
0:45:04 – Speaker 3
If you would have put it in the flames, that would have been a different story. It insinuated it. No, I just hit the wrong key here. Do it again. What, oh, you already did. It’s on the floor, Never mind, yeah.
0:45:16 – Speaker 1
Go ahead, it’s done, it’s done. We’ve lost healthy families.
0:45:22 – Speaker 2
We’re going to send up to the heavens protecting my energy.
0:45:26 – Speaker 1
Oh yeah, that was mine. Send that baby up. Oh, that fell real flat. That fell real flat.
0:45:33 – Speaker 2
Wait, let me do one. You’re going to end us on a bang. We’re going to send up to the heavens good decision making. That one’s yours, Even if it’s not that one’s yours.
0:45:46 – Speaker 1
That one’s yours now. What? Now you want mine? Yeah, oh, you’re taking us home Abundance of wealth. That’s right, that’s to be set up. And actually that was a double. That was a double in fact. So more than one person said that one Great, you, greedy bastard. And then the last, oh no, I got another one over here being more grounded that one’s 100% yours. You needed that, you definitely need that. Good luck, make sure that thing doesn’t go flying into the fan. Look how good that one went up. Yep, yep. And then the very last one that we are embracing for 2024 is embracing my creativity, nice.
0:46:35 – Speaker 3
Love that.
0:46:36 – Speaker 1
Well, it’s our first live show. We need to do her card. Okay, but which deck does she want? She wants that one in the front. Oh, good, the hard one to read. In fact, you’re going to read it.
0:46:50 – Speaker 2
Okay, I’ll channel her. Yes, protecting your energy is everything you know. That’s a good one. That’s a bad cast in and of itself. Hard to do, it is very hard to do. Particularly early surrounding empathy, because how do you protect your energy, which can come across as being negative to someone, when you’re not trying to be negative, you’re trying to set boundaries. Boundary setting is very negative. I talked to Kelly up the street about this once on a walk.
0:47:20 – Speaker 1
Kelly, kelly. Kelly walks with someone else now.
0:47:29 – Speaker 2
Oh wow, you’re too much to have Whatever.
0:47:32 – Speaker 1
Whatever, and we were talking about a meme that we liked that basically says the one about plowing your mom. Yeah, that one, that’s the one. What? That’s the one. It was about plowing my mom.
0:47:46 – Speaker 2
She said my husband had a meme that said the side roads don’t get plowed during a snow storm, but your mom sure does Ouch.
0:47:55 – Speaker 3
That’s funny, and he wrote back you.
0:47:58 – Speaker 1
What an idiot. No, it was a meme about how boundary setting is for you. It’s the way that I can honor myself and love you at the same time. I’m like God. I love that. Okay, give me my card for 83 years.
0:48:11 – Speaker 2
It’s about. The rest of the world doesn’t see it that way. Well, we don’t care, it’s not about time. No, I don’t have to give it to you. You have to look it up. You don’t read this card, you read the notes.
0:48:18 – Speaker 1
I don’t know where I put that. All right, what is it? Oh?
0:48:21 – Speaker 2
my God, it’s the eight of cups. Looks like the Grim Reaper. This is going to take forever. My camera’s gotten there. There it is, oh, eight. So this person is cloaked, covering themselves, holding a stick like a staff. Eight of what I almost said shaft. Yeah, eight of what? Eight of cups, and there’s a bunch of chalices behind them, so it looks like a party night. You had a really good party night. Those are your wine glasses behind you. Peace out.
0:48:54 – Speaker 1
All right, a Eight of cups Yep. A wise old traveler stands at the gateway to another world. To cross through this portal and into the land of brightness, he must leave everything he carries at the door. He gladly unburdens himself and walks forward feeling lighter than he has in years. In fact, he wonders why he didn’t discard these heavy items sooner. With nothing but his staff and his clothes on his back, he steps out of the shadows and into the world of light.
0:49:30 – Speaker 2
If there’s not a better way to end this podcast.
0:49:33 – Speaker 1
I love that, especially for Adrienne. I love that.
0:49:36 – Speaker 2
I love that. That’s it, because reality is we talk about this all the time. We learn things in our formative years and we respond as we did as a child. That’s how you generally respond to reoccurring similar situations. So reality is, the arguments and the things that aggravate you and make you angry today in your adult life are really. That particular problem is really not the problem. It’s that carried burden from way back.
So if we could all, as human beings, learn to shed those things and deal with them in the moment and completely get back to the core. Imagine the weight lifted in everyday life, just imagine that?
0:50:17 – Speaker 1
Yep, I love that too. Thank you for joining us on our first live show. Hopefully you didn’t feel it was a whole lot different than just a normal podcast. Huge shout out to Rock Vox and Scott, our Scott, for really making this a super special experience Next time.
0:50:36 – Speaker 2
He’s already planning another word.
0:50:38 – Speaker 3
We have to do this again. Yeah, I love it.
0:50:42 – Speaker 2
I mean we got to buy another Bermont because I got to return this one.
0:50:44 – Speaker 3
Oh my God, first we need to do something about Facebook, but then YouTube. Thank you, thank you for being awesome.
0:50:50 – Speaker 1
Nobody cares. Comedy at Chin. 2024 is season number two of the More Love podcast. We have some tightened up episode timelines, we have some interesting twists and turns that we’re going to take, we have some things we’re going to do with guests and we might have a nice special, little fun kind of sort of offering that we will be offering to everyone in 2024. If you have been a loyal fan of the More Love podcast, you will get first access to that, and we cannot thank you enough for being with us on our journey. I cannot end this podcast without saying hello to my Carter. Hi Carter, he told me he would be tuning in, so I’m sure he was bored out of his mind Exactly.
He probably was. Thank you for joining us on the More Love podcast, where always we want to spread more love. I love that. Me too, isn’t?
0:51:47 – Speaker 2
empathy amazing. Well, we’re amazing. I don’t know about all this empathy stuff.
0:51:52 – Speaker 1
That’s fine. I accept you wherever you are. Oh God, I love you. I love you too, and if you love us, please like and subscribe to More Love the power of empathy podcast, wherever you get your podcasts. See you next time.

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